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We know that these days a lot of people like to sit on the couch and binge their favorite Netflix series, but, if you believe a new report, it seems a lot of people are doing that instead of spending time with their family.

A report by the Streaming Observer set out to discover just how much time people are spending watching Netflix and the numbers are a bit startling. According to the site, the streaming service has 117.58 million subscribers who watch 140 million hours of content each day, which means the average Netflix watcher is spending one hour and 11 minutes, or 71 minutes, each day watching Netflix.

And while that doesn’t really sound all that bad, the site notes that two recent studies say families only spend about 34 to 37 minutes of undistracted quality time together each day, so if you take that as an average of 35.5 minutes a day, that means folks spend 35.5 more minutes watching Netflix than they spend with their families. The report also suggests we are spending more time on Netflix than we are socializing (39 minutes), exercising (17 minutes), or hanging with friends (16 minutes)

Of course, there are a few issues with these calculations. For example, Netflix’s subscriber number doesn’t account for multiple users on one account. Plus, there’s no way to really know how many people are actually watching those 140 million hours a day, since one person could be watching say 10 hours, and another watching none. And let's not forget, a lot of those people watching could actually be childless. And finally, just because people are watching Netflix, doesn’t mean they aren’t also spending time with their kids, as they could be watching it together.

Source: Moneyish

As we previously told you, a new report suggests that people in the world are more miserable than ever, but it turns out, even in misery, a lot of us are optimistic about the future.

The 2018 Life is Good Optimism and Positivity Survey finds that 85% of Americans would say they are optimistic, with 44% of folks saying they are more optimistic now than they were five years ago, mostly due to a strong personal relationships.

And in even more good news, 86% say they are hopeful for a kinder and gentler future, with both optimists and pessimists agreeing that there is a need for more compassion (63%), honesty )62%) and love (57%) in the world.

But not everything is so rosey. The survey also finds that 54% of Americans have anxiety, mainly due to heightened violence and an unstable economy.

Other tidbits from the survey:

  • The younger generation, those 18 to 29, are 9% less likely to be optimistic than those over 60.
  • People who exercise at least once a week are 41% more likely to be optimistic than those who don't.
  • People who take time to meditate are 10% more likely to be optimistic.
  • Dog owners are 4% more likely to be optimistic than cat owners.
  • Respondents who used tech for 5+ hours outside of work are 38% more likely to be pessimistic 

Source: Biz Journals

It’s no secret that both parents and kids feel a lot of pressure in their lives these days, but it seems parents are a little bit clueless about where there teens are getting most of that pressure, namely them.

A new Harris Poll survey finds that on a scale of one to ten, both teens and their parents rate the amount of pressure they feel a “7,” with more people saying they feel “high pressure,” or an “8 to 10” than low pressure “1-3.” Now as for the leading cause of all that pressure, parents say it’s saving money for the future (57%), followed by managing household finances (56%). But when you ask teens, they’ll say schoolwork (74%), and fitting in social with peers (49%). 

But while most teens say a lot of the pressure they feel comes from themselves, when asked to identify the single external source of pressure they feel, most say it's their parents (22%), followed by teacher/school (19%), and friends (11%). Meanwhile, if you ask parents, they think that other than the teens themselves, their kids feel most pressure from friends (21%), with only 10% of parents admitting they are the cause of the pressure their kids are feeling. 

  • And parents could be doing a lot to help their kids deal with all that pressure. The survey finds that 82% of teens say their parents influence how they choose to deal with pressure, while 71% of teens wish they could handle it better, and 38% think everyone is handling pressure better than they are.

Source: Global News Wire

While we’re always hearing reports about the latest diet or exercise craze, it seems as though most Americans aren’t really focused on getting themselves healthy. In fact, a new report suggest America’s obesity problem is worse than ever.

Data from Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation finds that obesity rates top 35% in seven U.S. states, which is up from just five two years ago. What’s more, at least one in five adults in every state is obese.

As for the states with the highest obesity rates, they include Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia, and the two new additions, Iowa and Oklahoma. West Virginia is the absolute worst, with more than 38% of adults considered obese. As for the state with the lowest obesity rate, that’s Colorado, at just 22.6%

Source: CBS News

We love it when M&M’s gets creative and comes out with a new flavor and it’s about to happen again. Brent Timm, of the SnackChatLive food vlog, just shared a photo

of some as yet unreleased M&M’s and they sound pretty exotic. The wrappers say they’re “Internationally Inspired Flavors,” which include English Toffee Peanut, Mexican Jalapeño peanut and Thai Coconut Peanut.

While M&M’s hasn’t given any further information about the new flavors yet, according to Brent, these M&M’s are set to be released in 2019. So while the rest of us have to wait, he’s been lucky enough to try the English Toffee Peanut ones and says the toffee flavor is “super pronounced.”

Instagram user @candyhunting posts a photo of the Mexican Jalapeño flavor and claims these will be the next M&M’s flavor vote contenders. Now we just have to wait and see.

Source: Delish

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