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No matter how hard people try, and how early they leave your house, they're bound to be late for work on occasion and for some folks it happens way too often. While there are definitely legitimate excuses for being tardy to the office, the real reason some punch the clock late may shock you.

Well, now folks on the anonymous Whisper App are confessing to the real reasons they couldn’t make it into the office on time, and some of them are pretty funny, and in a few cases downright embarrassing.

Real reasons folks were late for work include:

  • “I was late for work because I couldn’t find my bra in a sea of clothes on the floor. There’s a reason your mom says clean your room…So you don’t wind up being a grown women losing your job over a bra.”
  • “I was late for work because I stopped to cuddle a stray cat.”
  • “I was late for work this morning. The reason? I had to poop. I never poop in the morning. I didn’t realize how time consuming poop is.”
  • “I was late for work today, wasn’t gonna lie to my boss. I told him straight up I didn’t set the alarm because I didn’t want to come.”
  • “A few months ago I was late for work because the quickie wasn’t as quick as I thought it was going to be.”
  • “I’m grown as hell and I was late for work because I was watching 'Bob’s Burgers.'”
  • “I was late for work because I stepped on a snail. I felt so bad about it had to bury it.”
  • “Today I was late for work because my cat was sleeping on me and I didn’t want to wake her up.”
  • “You know you’re not a morning person when you might be late for work because you couldn’t figure out the damn maze on the captain crunch box.”
  • “I was late for work. The reason? Because a tune came on the radio. I couldn’t leave until the bass line dropped.”

Source: Whisper

It certainly isn’t uncommon for parents to worry about their kids, but how much they worry is another story. A new study finds that parents spend an average of five hours and 18 minutes a day worrying about their children, which amounts to a whopping 37 hours a week. And all this worrying isn’t good for their health, with 59% of parents saying they grow so concerned it keeps them up at night.

Overall, 54% of parents say being a parent is harder than they actually thought, and other parents aren't helping, with 48% of moms and dads saying they feel judged by other parents.

And it seems sending kids back to school often increases a parents worrying. In fact, 71% of parents say they worry more when their kid starts classes. So, what are the biggest things worrying parents of school children these days? Well, the most common, and somewhat obvious worry, is their child’s safety (48%), followed by whether their child is happy (43%) and whether they are being bullied (43%). Other concerns include:

  • If children are keeping up in class (41%)
  • Getting good grades (39%)
  • How well children will fit in with others (36%)
  • Whether children are eating okay (30%)
  • That children are enjoying their childhood (28%)
  • How easily children will be able to make friends (27%)
  • Coming home with lice (27%)

Source: SWNS Digital

We’re not all the world’s greatest mom, so when we try to be on top of work and life responsibilities, we can feel like failures. And there are a lot of parenting hacks that don’t help because they’re too good for their own good. Some days we’re just trying to keep everyone alive and survive the day, so there’s no time to make our own yogurt.

Australian journalist and mom Alissa Warren gets that and offers up her own dirty little mom secrets - aka her “lazy mom” hacks to help us be the okayest moms out there:

  • Give up your vacuum cleaner for a leaf blower - She claims to have ditched her vacuum and just uses the leaf blower inside and outside her home.
  • Skip bath time - Some nights she just has the kids wash hands and faces, brush teeth, get in their jammies and head to bed.
  • Make sandwiches ahead of time and freeze them - Then she has lunches ready to go all week long.
  • Use a garden rake to clean up your kids' Legos - Alissa says she actually rakes her kids’ toys into the corner every night and only bothers picking up tiny Legos and puzzle pieces once a week since they’re just going to spread them all out by six the next morning.
  • Feed the kids outside in the summer - The kiddos like it because they can be outside eating in their undies if they want and they can make as big a mess. Mom likes it because she can hose the table off when they’re done and the house is still clean.
  • Make the bed twice with a mattress protector between the sheets - That way if your kid has an accident in the middle of the night, just strip the top layer and viola! A fresh set of sheets is ready to go underneath and everyone gets back to sleep sooner.
  • Don't unload the dishwasher - Save the steps to the cabinet and just grab what you need from the clean dishwasher load.
  • Put kids to bed in their clothes for the next day - This saves precious time on those days you have to be up early.

Source: The Stir

While the idea of being attracted to someone who looks like your parents may gross you out, a new study suggests that when it comes to settling down with someone, that’s exactly what folks are looking for. 

A study out of Charles University in Prague finds that when looking for a long-term partner, men and women, for the most part, go for partners with the same or similar eye and hair color as their own parents. 

But it’s not like men and women are purposefully seeking out partners that look like mom and dad. Instead, scientists suggest we are subconsciously “imprinted” to find partners that look like our parents. Another reason we could be subconsciously picking a similar looking mate is that by doing so there’s more of a chance of producing children with similar features as previous generations.

Although it seems there are some cases where folks may actually shun anyone who looks at all like their family. Apparently, women whose father was not a part of their life during childhood are less likely to seek out someone with similar traits as their dad.

Source: The Mail

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