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Unless you are a CEO making high six figures, there’s a good chance you wish your paycheck was a bit bigger each week, and it turns out you are not alone.

A new survey by Robert Half finds that while 49% of professionals think they compensated fairly at their job, 46% think they are underpaid, and only 5% actually think they are overpaid. Overall, workers over the age of 55 are more likely to think they are getting paid fairly (52%), as opposed to those 18 to 25, where only 44% are happy with their salary. And not surprisingly, women are more likely to feel underpaid (49%) than men (44%).

Source: Robert Half 

Although the U.S. economy is supposedly doing well, that’s likely news to a lot of people, since a new report suggests many Americans are struggling to get by.

The study by the Urban Institute reports that 39.4% of Americans are struggling to pay for their basic needs, experiencing difficulty paying for at least one need, whether it be housing, utilities food or healthcare. What’s worse, 14% say they’ve struggled to pay for at least three of these needs. And the struggle is real not only for the poor, but for the middle class as well, which the group found surprising.

The biggest issue for most struggling families is food insecurity, with 23.3% of people saying they don’t have access to enough affordable and nutritious foods. Medical bills were also a huge issue, with 18% of respondents having trouble paying them, while 17.8% have trouble getting medical care altogether. Meanwhile, 13% have missed utility bill payments, while 10.2% have missed rent or mortgae payments.

And young adults may be struggling the most. The study finds that those under 35 where 8.6% higher to report a financial hardship. In addition, women, black Americans, Hispanic Americans and single adults are also more likely to struggle with basic needs.

Source: New York Post

Thanks to technology, there are a lot of modern conveniences that make our daily lives better, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still have things to complain about.

A survey asked folks to reveal their biggest gripes about modern society, and the responses ran the gamut from a phone battery dying to people taking up more than one seat on the train, to cancelled or late trains to drilling on a Saturday morning.

But the biggest modern gripe seems to be a pretty simple one – people not listening to you. Coming in second was people pushing in line, followed by someone not saying please or thank you.

Top Ten Modern Gripes (click here to see all the gripes on the list)

  1. People not listening to you
  2. People pushing into a line
  3. Someone who doesn't say please/thank you
  4. People thinking rules don't apply to them
  5. Splashing your favorite top/jeans with something
  6. People eating loudly/sloppily
  7. Lateness
  8. Drivers who don't stop at a cross walk
  9. Washing clothes with a tissue in the pocket
  10. Paying to withdraw cash

Source: SWNS Digital

We’re all used to seeing Candy Corn at Halloween, but now the holiday staple, which a lot of people hate, is getting a makeover courtesy of Sour Patch Kids. Frankford candies has come out with Sour Patch Kids Candy Corn, which are orange and grape flavored, and, of course, very sour. Instagram account JunkFoodMom described them as having a "taste like a gummie but have that crumbly candy corn texture."

Pumpkin Spice Latte fans must be in their happy place right now because the seasonal drink is back at Starbucks. And if you’re one who likes everything from your coffee to your bagels to your pretzels to taste like they came from a pumpkin patch, you probably already know that pumpkin spice generally contains cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and allspice. But you might not have known that these spices actually come with some health benefits. Now, drinking a PSL probably won’t cure a cold, but these classic pumpkin spice flavors have some health benefits, so let’s focus on the positive.

  • Cinnamon - A study on this tasty pantry staple found cassia cinnamon may help with controlling blood sugar levels.
  • Nutmeg - According to WebMD, people have used nutmeg to treat all kinds of things, from stomach issues to kidney disease. But WebMD also points out that there’s not enough evidence to support this spice being used as a medicine.
  • Ginger - Some use it to treat nausea and morning sickness and science backs that up. A study finds that “ginger is an effective and inexpensive treatment for nausea and vomiting and is safe.”
  • Allspice - Research has found allspice contains compounds that “collectively possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cancer-fighting, sedative, antiseptic, antiviral, and antifungal properties.”
  • Pumpkin - Not all pumpkin spice lattes contain actual pumpkin, but Starbucks added it to theirs back in 2015, so it makes this list. WebMD reports pumpkins are high in vitamin A, which is good for eyes, skin, and fighting infections.

Source: Bustle

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