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While you’d think women would look out for each other at the office, especially considering how badly they are often treated by men, a new survey suggests the opposite is actually happening.

A new report published in the “Journal of Development and Learning Organizations,” finds that two-thirds of women say they feel bullied by fellow females at the office. What’s more, 70% say that bullying came from female professionals trying to block their workplace ambitions.

The study suggests this is an example of “Queen Bee Syndrome,” in which “women use their social intelligence to manipulate relationships or damage colleagues’ reputations,” which can be the “biggest hindrance to women advancing in the workplace.” The study adds that such Queen Bees “are women [who] treat colleagues in a demoralizing, undermining, or bullying manner. They are adult versions of the mean girls from school.”

And companies may want to keep an eye out for such Queen Bee scenarios because it can be bad for business. The study notes such behavior can result in reduced productivity, lower profitability and reduced rate of employee satisfaction.

Source: New York Post

Social media influencers can get their followers to do and buy a lot of things, and it turns out tobacco companies are counting on that. A new study released by the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids finds that cigarette companies are paying social media influencers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, to promote cigarettes and smoking to young people in more than 40 countries. 

The study finds that companies go out of their way to find and pay young people with a large social media following to post photos featuring certain cigarette brands. Such influencers are trained on when to post pictures for maximum exposure, as well as how to take “natural photos” so they don’t come across as advertisements. Not only that, tobacco companies also have influencers use hashtags to promote cigarettes in posts, with most of them in English suggesting they are marketed specifically towards American youth.

And it appear the companies’ tactics are working, with tobacco’s social media campaigns being viewed more than 25 billion times, with 8.8 billion of those views in the U.S. alone. Because of this, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids and other organizations has just filed a petition with the FTC to require tobacco companies to disclose when a social media campaign is actually paid advertising, using hashtags like #Sponsored, #Promotion or #Ad in the content

Source: Tobacco Free Kids

In fashion, trends come and go and right now there are some 90s looks coming back in style. Etsy knows exactly what shoppers are looking for and what sellers are making and you may be surprised by the classics from the 1990s that are having another moment.

Etsy’s trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson knows her stuff and says “Today’s 90s looks have been modernized with a touch of sophistication.” Get ready to see more of these old school looks making a comeback.

  • Handmade shell necklaces - If you’ve still got any of your old puka shell chokers or necklaces, don’t toss them yet because they’re back in style. The iconic 90s jewelry is popular once again, with an almost 5,000% increase in searches on Etsy over the past year for “handmade shell necklaces.”
  • Butterfly clips - The 90s hair accessories are making a comeback, but instead of the neon and glittery plastic ones from your youth, todays are more realistic and delicate. Over the last year, searches for “butterfly clips“ on Etsy have increased almost 400%.
  • Glasses chains - Get your granny on because searches for “women’s glasses chains“ are up more than 5,500% on Etsy this year.
  • 90s-style windbreakers - You may have spotted this trend on a few stylish celebs, like Hailey Baldwin, because the retro colorblock windbreaker jackets are cool again. Searches for “90s style jackets“ have increased 27% on Etsy, so get ready to see these on racks once again.
  • Fanny packs - These days they’re calling them belt bags, but they’ll always be fanny packs to us. Fashionistas of all kinds love these practical pouches, which is why there are over 18,000 listings on Etsy for “belt bags.“

Source: Huffington Post

From Carrie and Mr. Big from “Sex and the City” to Ross and Rachel from “Friends,” to your college roommate and her annoying boyfriend, we’ve all known one of those couples who seems to fight and break up frequently, only to get back together a week later. It’s annoying just to watch that on-again, off-again cycle play out, but it turns out it can really mess with your head if you’re one of the people living it.

According to a new study, breaking up and getting back together can seriously affect mental health in a negative way. Researchers from the University of Missouri-Columbia reviewed data from over 500 people in both hetero and same-sex relationships to find out what these on-off romances do to us psychologically. And it turns out, habitual breaking up is linked to negative things like anxiety and depression.

Study co-author Kale Monk points out that breaking up and getting back together isn’t always a bad thing for a couple, like if ending things helps one partner realize the importance of their relationship and they reunite to a healthier, more committed union. It’s the couples who cycle through reconciling and calling it quits over and over that experience the negative aftermath.

“The findings suggest that people who find themselves regularly breaking up and getting back together need to ‘look under the hood’ of their relationship to determine what’s going on,” Monk explains.

So if this sounds like you and your on-again, off-again partner, think long and hard before going through another cycle of breaking up. It may be time to walk away for good to protect your well-being.

Source: New York Post

Not much feels as good as getting into bed at night and finding your comfy position to drift off. And if you’re a side sleeper, you’re not alone. Certified sleep science coach BillFish says lying on your side is one of the most common sleep positions, but what does it do to the body? It turns out, it can be a good way to keep your spine aligned, if you’re doing it right.

Fish points out that side sleepers need a pillow that doesn’t make them crane their neck. So if you curl up on your side, make sure you have a pillow big enough to support your head so you don’t pull any muscles in your neck getting cozy. And physical therapist Dr. Jasmine Marcus warns that “people with chronic shoulder, hip, neck, or back pain may find that their symptoms are aggravated when sleeping on their side, especially women with hips wider than their shoulders.

Aside from any aches side sleepers may wake up with, the position does have another drawback - it might not be great for your skin. Fish points out that when we sleep on our backs, the skin stays in place naturally, but when you’re snoozing on your side, half your face is pressed into a pillow for eight hours a night, which can cause sagging and stretching. Thankfully, there’s a quick fix: satin pillowcases, which don’t form those lines in your face.

As far as the best position to sleep in, Dr. Marcus says for most people it’s on the back. That keeps your spine aligned in the most consistent way. If you want to try to make the transition from side sleeper to back sleeper, Fish advises using an extra pillow between your knees to make it harder to roll over in your sleep.

Source: Elite Daily

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