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We all know that teenagers are addicted to their cellphones, and lots of parents are worried about that, but a new Pew Research poll finds that teens may actually be a little worried about their addiction as well. 

The survey finds that 54% of teens, ages 13 to 17, believe they spend too much time on their cellphones, and some are actually doing something about it. Believe it or not, 52% of U.S. teens have attempted to scale back on their mobile phone use themselves, with 57% trying to limit their time on social media and 58% trying to cut back on their game playing.

But even with that, it’s pretty evident that screens are taking over teens’ lives. The survey notes that 72% of teens say they often or sometimes check their phones as soon as they wake up, with 40% feeling anxious when they don’t have their phone with them. What’s more, 56% of teens admit that not having their phone with them causes them at least one of three emotions – loneliness, being upset and feeling anxious. 

  • And as you can imagine, parents are worried about all this phone time. In fact, two-thirds of parents are concerned about how much time their kids are in front of a screen, with 57% setting screen time restrictions. Of course, parents aren’t exactly that much better when it comes to phone addiction, with 36% admitting they themselves spend too much time on their cellphones.

Source: Pew Research

We get a lot of advice on how to get a good night’s sleep, which usually includes avoiding technology before bed and getting lots of natural light during the day. But a sleep expert warns there’s a bigger threat to getting our precious sleep and this one wasn’t even on our radar.

According to Dr. Michael Breus, the biggest mistake we can make before turning in for the night is trying to talk through any relationship issues with our partner. “Having big emotional discussions with your partner right before bed is one of the worst things you can do before trying to fall asleep,” he explains. “It can set off this whole level of autonomic arousal; you’re angry, you’re upset and you can’t stop thinking right before bed.”

Makes sense, right? For some of us, trying to turn off our worrying is what keeps us awake anyway, so trying to address relationship issues right before bed won’t help us catch more z’s.

So what should we do to ensure a good night’s sleep? Dr. Breus advises setting an hour aside before bed to spend on “sleep hygiene.” He suggests taking 20 minutes to finish up your last task of the day, another 20 minutes to complete your nighttime skincare routine and brushing your teeth, then the last 20 minutes should be spent relaxing your body with meditation or stretching. All of that sounds way more relaxing than discussing the state of your union, so it’s worth a try, right?

Source: Harper's Bazaar

 If you are looking to get away this fall or winter but don’t have a lot of cash, today’s the day to start booking some flights. Today is actually known as “National Cheap Flight Day,” which is when airfare begins to decrease, since with kids back and school and summer almost over, we are heading into off-peak travel season. 

So, what kind of deals can you get? Well, according to CheapOAir, in the coming weeks, popular international destinations can be about 7% cheaper, while domestic flights can decrease as much as 9%. The site notes that those looking for less expensive flights will likely find during a four-week period that begins in the third week of August (a.ka. now), through the second week of September. Flights will then start increasing, all the way through Thanksgiving.

As for which destinations will likely see the best deals, the site revealed the Top Ten domestic destinations for Cheap Flight Day. They include:

  • Los Angeles (average airfare, $266)
  • Las Vegas ($261)
  • Denver ($228)
  • Orlando ($251)
  • Miami ($291)
  • Fort Lauderdale ($254)
  • San Francisco ($304)
  • Boston ($295)
  • Seattle ($299)
  • Phoenix ($308)

Source: Travel Daily News

We’re always interested when we hear of something can reduce stress in our lives because most of us experience too much of it. A recent survey finds that 32% of people are stressed every day, with women reporting feeling stress several times a day. Sound about right? Well, it turns out, there’s an easy fix that could help ease our mental anxiety: flowers!

That’s right, living with flowers can significantly reduce daily stress, according to a new study from the University of North Florida’s Department of Public Health. Researchers asked 170 women about their stress levels at the beginning of a 12-day study and had them describe their daily moods. After five days, participants received either flowers, a luxury candle, or nothing at all.

At the beginning of the study, all three groups had similar stress levels, but at the end, the flower group reported significantly less stress. Researchers explain that adding elements of nature, like flowers, to our environment helps promote well-being. So treat yourself to some fresh blooms when you’re on your next grocery run and see if it helps ease your tension. And if it doesn’t, at least you’ll have something lovely to look at.

Source: The Kitchn

Picking out a name for your baby is a big deal and some parents really struggle with choosing the right one. It’s not uncommon for expecting parents to ask for name suggestions from loved ones or even strangers on the Internet. But when one woman wanted advice from folks on parenting site Mumsnet, people were pretty harsh.

The future mom asked what she probably thought was a fairly harmless question on the site. “Hit me up with your upper class/well to do baby girl names that are still used today,” she wrote. And it seems people were not impressed.

“What does this matter to you?” someone responded. Another added, “So are you old money and posh or wanting to be pretentious? Call your kid a name you like.” Which seems like solid advice.

And then came the actual name suggestions, most of which had to be a joke: “Chlamydia,” “Candida,” “Cosima Urqhuart Upwardly Smytherooni,” “Jocasta le plume puffball,” and “Henrietta Dubois Phlange a rillo,” were among the best. There were also sincere responses, like “Victoria,” “Jacinda,” and “Cressida.” Someone also suggested “Lettice,” which could have been a joke, but who can tell anymore.

Source: MamaMia

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