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What Exactly Makes You A Foodie?

We're always hearing people these days describe themselves as foodies, but what actually constitutes a foodie? Well, that certainly does depend, but it seems a lot of people feel they meet the criteria.

A new survey finds that 74% of Americans believe they have a sophisticated palate, while 56% believe they are foodies. As for what makes people a foodie, 56% of people think it’s the willingness to try new foods, while 47% say it’s about wanting to learn about a food’s origin. Other signs you’re a foodie include:

  • Being able to cook a quality meal (42%)
  • Having an awareness of what foods are in season (32%)
  • Knows how to pair cured meats with cheeses, wine and beer (30%)
  • Always have a restaurant you should try (24%)
  • Being able to pronounce difficult food names (19%)
  • Eating healthy (19%)
  • Having traveled to a country to try their food (17%)

But just because you don’t feel like a foodie now, it doesn’t mean things may not change. In fact, the poll finds that the average American won’t have their “taste awakening” until they are 31, which is the age they feel their palate really matured.

Source: SWNS Digital

Mothers-In-Law Reveal Their True Feelings About Their Children’s Spouses

We’re always hearing stories about women dealing with mothers-in-law from hell, but now some MILs are speaking up, and it sounds like some may have a good reason for not exactly welcoming their kids’ spouses with open arms. 

A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has mothers-in-law revealing why they secretly hate their sons and daughters-in-law, and in some cases we have to say, we don’t necessarily blame them. 

Reasons MIL’s hate their sons and daughters-in-law include:

  • ”I feel awful to saying this but I’m happy my daughter-in-law is my soon to be ex-daughter-in-law. She is the most vapid person I ever met and I am glad my son is realizing it too.”
  • “My daughter married the guy you have fun with in college, not spend your life with. He is such a moron I’m honestly embarrassed for her.”
  • “My son-in-law is a lazy bum. I am not sure he will ever provide for my daughter especially if they have a child one day.”
  • “My son and daughter-in-law are horrible housekeepers. I won’t even use the bathroom when I visit. I can’t help but judge their terrible hygiene.”
  • “My son-in-law hit on me so I sent him to the ER.”
  • “My son’s wife and him live with us. She steals form me every single day. I just found a bag of treasures from my dead mom in her room. Currently freaking out.”
  • “My daughter’s husband physically harmed her while holding their baby and I wish there was more that I could do. I hate him so much for doing that to her.”
  • “I detest my son-in-law. I wish he would meet another woman and leave my daughter and grandson forever.”
  • “Just found out my son-in-law cheated while my daughter was having a miscarriage. I broke toothpicks off in his door locks and changed the access code on his car doors.”
  • “I always hoped I could love my daughter-in-law but she is crazy and mean.”
  • “My daughter-in-law won’t let me see my granddaughter. My heart hurts.” 

Source: Whisper

Teenagers Too Focused On Social Media To Read

It’s no secret that most kids these days are completely obsessed with technology and social media and it seems all that time wasted on screens is taking them away from the pleasures of reading, and we mean books, not Facebook feeds.

A new study out of San Diego State University finds that one third of teenagers haven’t actually read a single book in the past year. Overall only 6% of those between the ages of 17 and 18 have read a book for pleasure every day, which is shocking when you think 60% of the same age range did so in the late 1970s. And it’s not just books that they aren’t reading. The study finds that only 2% of 15 to 16 year olds read a newspaper daily, down from 31% in the nineties.

So what are they doing instead? Well, not surprising the study finds teens are usually spending most of their day online. Between 2006 and 2016, social media use among 15 year old's went up 75% to five hours a day. And for those ages 13 to 14, it went up 68% to four hours a day. 

Source: The Mail

Most Parents Admit To Losing Control Of Kids By 13

While parenting can certainly get frustrating, for at least the early years of your kids’ lives you have a lot of control. Thing is, as they get older...that starts to fade, and a new study suggests that control is completely gone by age 13. A study of 2,000 parents of teenagers aged 13-18 finds that 60% of those polled feel like they’ve lost control of their kids, with 10% suggesting they started losing that control as early as 10.

And that control can cover who they're friends with, or even what they eat. In fact, 39% of parents say they don’t know who their teens hang out with, while 40% don’t know what their kids are eating and drinking when they’re not with them. But a lot realize their kids are hiding what they consume, since 43% say they’ve found sweets and food wrappers hidden in their child’s bedroom or school bag.

Of course, there are also some dangerous habits parents say they are clueless about. The poll finds that while about 40% of parents think their kid has tried an alcoholic beverage, 44% of kids say they actually have. What’s more, while only 16% of teen parents think their kid has tried a cigarette, the truth is about 20% have. Or at least admitted to.

Source: SWNS Digital

Most Americans Have A Travel Bucket List

While not everyone loves to travel, there are plenty of people out there who would love nothing more than to spend their days visiting all sorts of exotic places, and a new survey reveals where exactly those people are dying to go to.

A new survey by Love Home Swap finds that 77% of Americans have a travel bucket list, but unfortunately only 3% of Americans have actually visited destinations on that list. Not surprising, the top reason most people haven’t checked places off their bucket list is cost (85%), followed by not being someone who follows through (21%) and not having anyone to travel with (19%).

As for the destinations topping most people’s bucket list, Japan is the top choice (55%), followed by Finland (34%). Other top bucket list destinations include:

  • Thailand (34%)
  • Portugal (28%)
  • Argentina (26%)
  • Singapore (19%)
  • Croatia (14%)
  • Slovenia (5%)

Source: Biz Journals

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