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"The Pink Tax" is something women are all too aware of, having had to spend more money than guys on things like razors and lotions for years. But apparently now the Pink Tax is also being applied at the hardware store, and people are not happy at all.

Ace Hardware store is currently selling two identical “hotel personal care kits,” although one is blue for men, and the other is pink for women. Despite them both having the same exact items inside, the men’s kit costs $7.59 while the women’s kit is $2.40 more, at $9.99. While you may think the price is higher because the women’s kit contains so-called feminine items, it doesn’t, the only thing differentiating the products is the color.

After a Twitter user named Tom McDermott shared pictures of the two items and their pricetags Twitter went off. “Unbelievable. So glad I don't shop there anymore,” one person wrote, while another added, “Um, pink plastic is more expensive??? Ace out here wildin.”

Source: Woke Sloth


We all know that life can be pretty stressful, and a new survey reveals that all that stress is causing a lot of anxiety for women.

A survey conducted by “Women’s Day” and Healthy Women, finds that 96% of women say they’ve experienced some level of anxiety, with 81% suffering at least weekly. And the older they are, the more anxiety they feel, with those surveyed saying they’ve had more anxiety in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, than they did in their 20s and 30s. Things can be so bad, that 61% of those surveyed say they’ve experienced a panic attack at some point in their life.

As for what’s causing all of this anxiety, finances are the biggest source followed by work and their relationship with their significant other. And when it comes to dealing with their anxiety, 43% admit they haven’t spoken about their concerns with a healthcare professional. Instead, they are using coping mechanisms, with 44% saying they watch TV, 41% turning to food, 33% exercising, and another 33% avoiding social situations. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

There are only a few weekends left of summer, so most people will be eager to be outdoors, preferably at the beach, but it sounds like a lot of folks are going to be otherwise occupied this weekend. That’s because, according to The Knot, Saturday is the most popular day of the year to get married, which means plenty of folks are going to be donning their best dress or suit to watch someone get hitched. 

According to The Knot’s registry, a whopping 28,633 couples are getting hitched on Saturday, which means, with an average invite list of 136 guests, about 3.9-million people will be spending this weekend at a wedding.

And things are going to add up financially for all those guests. Each guest spends about $261 for a wedding, including gifts, attire and more, but if they're traveling to a wedding, that number goes up to $901. When it comes to gifts, about 1.3-million will buy gifts off a couples’ registry, and some of those can be quite pricey too.  According to The Knot, the most popular registry gifts for couples getting married Saturday include:

  • KitchenAid stand mixer
  • Ninja blender
  • Dyson vacuum
  • iRobot Roomba
  • Air Fryer

Some couples do add some out-of-the ordinary gifts to their registry, including a sushi rolling kit, Wi-Fi pet camera, "Star Wars" "Death Star" waffle maker and the What Do You Meme? card game.

  • And while some people just hate weddings, it turns out most people actually love them. The Knot’s 2018 Guest Survey finds that 70% of guests report enjoying the last wedding they attended, while 65% are already looking forward to the next wedding they’ll attend.

Source: Business Journals

Girl Scouts adding a new cookie for 2019: The Girls Scouts just gave us another reason to get excited for cookie selling season. The organization just announced they’ve added a new cookie for 2019 – the Caramel Chocolate Chip cookie. The latest addition to the lineup is a gluten-free offering that will be available in selected cities. It is now the second gluten-free option, following the returning Toffee-tastic cookie, which is also available in select areas. Both will be available for the new cookie season, which kicks off January 2nd, 2019. 

Source: Girl Scouts

Starbucks adds protein-blended cold brews: Starbucks is once again adding to their menu. The coffee giant just added two new protein-based cold brews, which are made with 10 to 12 grams of pea and brown rice protein.  The drinks include the Almond Protein Blended Cow Brew, made from a mix of cold brew and almond milk, plant-based protein, almond butter and banana date fruit blended with ice, and the Cacao Protein Blended Cold Brew, with coconut milk replacing the almond milk, and cacao powder replacing the almond butter. But you may not want to get too attached. The drinks will only be available for a limited time. 

Source: People

Many kids have tried to order stuff online behind their parents’ backs, but most of the time they don’t get away with their sneaky shopping. But one little girl in Utah managed to load up her mom’s Amazon cart, place the order, and have it all delivered before her mom and dad had a clue.

Caitlin is an Internet-savvy six-year-old who was allowed to order a Barbie doll from Amazon for her birthday. She coyly asked her parents if she could go back online to find out when her present would arrive. And that’s when she treated herself to dozens of toys, video games, and more. Her mom and dad had no idea what she’d done until the delivery driver showed up and started unloading boxes.

Ria Diyaolu, Caitlin’s older cousin, shared the story on Twitter, along with a photo of “how everyone found out.” It showed the adorable little girl standing next to a stack of packages that was literally as tall as her. Turns out, when the secret shopper’s mom checked her Amazon account, she found three pages worth of items ordered by Caitlin, with a grand total of $350 spent. Consider yourselves warned, parents.

Source: PopSugar

Back-to-school time is a frenzy of preparation for moms, but while we’re busy getting ready, our kids may be feeling nervous or anxious about the upcoming year. But as parents, we can ease their worries and help them feel more relaxed with these pointers from child adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Karen Stewart.

  • Remember that going back to school is stressful - It’s important for parents to remember that back-to-school anxiety is real and you can help your kids understand, manage, and overcome their worries. Remind your child it’s okay to be nervous and try to find out what it is they’re feeling nervous about so you can ease their mind.
  • Anticipate your child’s needs - Kids want to be reassured that nothing bad is going to happen and Dr. Stewart says it helps to talk through your kid’s worries and let them help problem-solve through them.
  • Focus on the positives - Help your kiddos get excited about the school year by talking about good experiences they’ve had in the past. When kids feel more included, they deal with change better, so take them school shopping and let them choose their own supplies.
  • Get back into your routine - Start getting them up earlier and getting them to bed earlier a few weeks before the first day of school so it’s not a shock. And if they’re starting a new school, take a tour to find their classroom and bathrooms so they know where they’re going on day one.
  • Reassure them - Organize backpacks and set out clothes the night before to make mornings easier. And offer lots of praise and encouragement, especially during the first week, reminding them that they’re doing great and things will get better. A nice note tucked in a bag or lunch box always helps brighten their day, too.

Source: Momtastic

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