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These days a lot of us struggle with juggling our home life and our work life. Getting the right work-life balance isn’t always easy to accomplish, although a new report reveals that folks in some cities are better at it than others.

A new poll finds that 74% of employees believe they’ve achieved a good work-life balance, with 43% saying things are improving from just three years ago. Overall, 25% of workers would describe their work-life balance as “excellent,” while 49% rate it “good,” with just 22% saying it’s “fair,” and 3% calling it “poor.” 

As for who’s responsible for work-life balance, 39% of employees put the responsibilities on the company, yet 26% of business leaders say it falls on employees. 

So, where in the country are people achieving the best work-life balance? Well, the survey finds cities with the best work-life balance include:

Source: Robert Half

Most people these days just can’t live without their phones, and a new survey finds that our devices are just as essential as water and food are to some people.

Asurion just released their 2018 Consumer Tech Dependency Survey, revealing that 97% of people think Americans are addicted to their devices, but surprisingly only 59% of people think they themselves are addicted.

People are so addicted that 70% say they have their phone within reach when sleeping, which goes up to 88% for Millennials. As for how long people could live without their phone, all generations report that the most they could go is one day, which is shockingly the same amount of time they say is the maximum they could go without food and water.

  • Our addiction to our phone is so bad that 32% of married couples say they check their phone the first thing when they get up, while only 10% kiss their spouse when they wake up. And in a gross statistic, 23% of folks say they have taken a business call in the bathroom, with that number going up to 31% for Millennials, with 38% of that generation saying they’ve dropped their phone in the toilet. 

Source: Market Watch

Although fast food isn’t necessarily good for us, very few people have given it up completely, and while McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell will always be around, it seems some new chains are starting to molve in on their territory.

A new report reveals the fastest growing chain restaurants, and some of them you may not of even heard of…yet. Overall, the report finds that the bakery-café chain is the fastest growing restaurant segment, up 7.7%, followed by chicken restaurants (7.3%) and counter-service Mexican (6.8%).

As for the fastest growing specific chain, MOD Pizza, a fast-casual chain with more than 330 locations serving individual, artisan style pizzas, tops the list, followed by Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza and Shake Shack.

Top Ten Fastest Growing Chain Restaurants

  1. MOD Pizza
  2. Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza
  3. Shake Shack
  4. First Watch
  5. Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant
  6. Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers
  7. Fuzzy's Taco Shop
  8. Tropical Smoothie Cafe
  9. Black Bear Diner
  10. Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

Source: National Restaurant News

When it comes to adequate healthcare, not all states are created equal. While a recent CDC report says 88.1% of Americans have a regular place to go for medical care, conditions are certainly different across the country, and in some states way costlier.

Well, WalletHub set out to determine the best and worst states for healthcare in the U.S., judging all 50 states and the District of Columbia on 40 factors in areas of cost, accessibility and outcome, including average monthly insurance premiums, physicians per capita, hospital beds per capita, life expectancy and more. 

With all that taken into consideration, Vermont tops the list as the state with the best healthcare, scoring a 66.31 out of 100 and coming in first for outcomes and cost, although it does rank 23rd for accessibility.

Top States For Healthcare

  1. Vermont
  2. Massachusetts
  3. New Hampshire
  4. Minnesota
  5. Hawaii 

Worst States for Healthcare

  1. Louisiana
  2. Mississippi
  3. Alaska
  4. Arkansas
  5. North Carolina

Click here to see where your home state falls on the list. 

Source; WalletHub 

We all know how important sleep is for our physical and mental health, but some nights we toss and turn, or wake up hours before our alarm goes off and can’t get back to sleep. When that happens, getting through the next day can be tough. Sleep deprivation can make us feel loopy and grouchy, but sleep experts say little things like these can help make the rest of your day run smoothly, even when you’re totally exhausted.

  • Try to be aware of your mood - Being tired can make even the friendliest folks more moody and grumpy, so remember you may be edgy and try to readjust. Take a deep breath, focus on the positive, and just get through it.
  • Stick to your routine - Get up and going like you usually do, drink extra water, take your vitamins, and go for a complex-carb and protein-packed breakfast.
  • Drink your coffee or tea - Like we said, stick to your routine, so if you’re a coffee drinker, have your usual pick-me-up in a cup, just don’t overdo it to compensate for your lack of sleep. Instead of reaching for a fifth latte later in the day when you can’t stop yawning, try drinking cold water, getting fresh air, or using essential oils to perk you up.
  • Get moving - If you need some energy, get up and move around. Stretching can help get blood flowing and sunlight is energizing and can give you a mood boost. Even if you’re really busy, taking a minute to focus can help you feel more alert.
  • Take a short nap - The key word is short, like only 20 minutes. According to experts, a short nap can increase energy and boost mood without leaving you groggy or messing with your sleep later that night. You could also try a coffee nap, where you drink a cup right before laying down for 20 to 30 minutes, so you get up right when the caffeine kicks in. It’s supposed to pack more punch than either a nap or coffee on its own.
  • Be cautious - If you’re actually so tired that you can’t keep your eyes open, maybe don’t get behind the wheel after a long day at work. And make sure you hit the sack at your regular bedtime tonight, if not a little earlier.

Source: Bustle

We find things to complain about all the time, from traffic to our coworkers, and we like to vent the negative. Complaining may feel good in the moment, but it’s a bad habit that’s not really helping. And even worse, psychologist Adam D. Borland explains “Research has shown that repetitive complaining can actually rewire your brain so that negativity becomes somewhat of a default setting.”

Complaining can also keep us from seeing the good, so here’s how to break the habit:

  • Before you complain, take a sec - Think about what you can do to improve the situation and understand what’s in your control and what isn’t. That can give you time to come up with a more constructive plan than venting.
  • Spot dysfunctional thoughts - Try not to overgeneralize, like “this train is ALWAYS late,” or assume you know what others are thinking. Instead focus on actual evidence and look for proof or lack of it to keep things in perspective.
  • Put yourself in someone else's shoes - Instead of unloading about what someone did to you, think about what they’re going through.
  • Say thanks - Focus on what’s right in your life and be thankful for it. That “attitude of gratitude” will help you complain less.
  • Clean up your vocab - Watch “loaded phrases,” like “should,” “could of,” and “would of” and try to compliment yourself and others more.
  • Be a little confrontational - If something is really bothering you or you feel an injustice needs to be settled, speak up. It’s not complaining if you’re being constructive and sharing your feelings.

Source: Shape

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