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While traveling can be fun and exciting, there are always things that can put a damper on a great trip, and one of those things can be an annoying fellow traveler. Well, a new Agoda survey asked travelers which habits are most annoying and we doubt anyone will be all that surprised.

Globally, respondents of the survey dubbed the noisy traveler the most annoying (57%), followed by travelers glued to their devices (47%) and those insensitive to cultural nuances (46%). Also landing in the top five are mass tour groups (36%) and selfie-takers (21%). When it comes to American travelers specifically, they too find the noisy traveler most annoying (53%), followed by those glued to their devices (48%) and those insensitive to cultural nuances (41%).

Traveling alone can be a bit lonely, which is why it isn’t surprising that solo travelers spend the most time on their devices, nearly two hours (117 minutes), compared to those traveling with friends (100 minutes), and those traveling with family (100 minutes). Interestingly, American travelers are the only case where those traveling alone spend less time on devices (62 minutes), as compared to those who are with their family (66 minutes) or friends (86 minutes). 

Source: Agoda

When you’re trying to watch what you eat, portion control is important. But when you’re hangry or just really craving your favorite food, it’s way too easy to pile your plate full and overdo it in a hurry. And that’s why the old school trick of serving your meal on a smaller plate is so popular. The idea is to trick your brain into eating less, but new research shows it might not work as well as we thought.

The smaller plate thing is based on the Delboeuf illusion, which suggests that if you take two identical circles and put a big ring around one and a small ring around the other, the circle inside the smaller ring appears bigger. But a new study finds that the diet hack inspired by this illusion isn’t helping us eat less after all.

In the study, researchers split participants into two groups - one was told to eat in the hour before the test, the other was told not to eat for at least three hours prior. Both groups had to look at images of pizzas on large and small trays, as well as hubcaps in large and small tires, then identify the bigger options in both examples. And it turns out, the unfed folks were more likely to correctly identify the bigger pizza, but both groups were equally wrong about comparing the larger hubcaps.

Researchers say this shows that hunger stimulates stronger logical processing that can override the trick of the illusion. And the study’s co-author explains that means plate size doesn’t matter as much as we think. So even when we’re hungry or use a smaller plate, we can still tell how big a serving is, no matter what size plate its on.

Source: Women's Health

Somehow it’s almost back-to-school time once again and that means your kids will need new supplies for the new year. But before you head out to add to the estimated $83-billion spent on back-to-school shopping this fall, here’s how you can make the whole experience easier on the planet and your wallet.

  • Think before you buy all those new notebooks and folders - Chances are your kids have leftover notebooks they didn’t finish off last year, so tear out and recycle the used pages and let them use the rest to start the year off. And when it’s time to get new ones, there are eco-friendly options like Sustainable Earth sugarcane notebooks and folders made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, so you can save some trees.
  • Reuse backpacks - Instead of running out to get a new backpack every school year, play around with fabric paint, patches, or stickers to spruce up last year’s. And when you do need a new one, consider getting one from places that offer a lifetime guarantee, like Patagonia and JanSport.
  • Go for a PVC-free binder - If you want to avoid PVC, a plastic that lingers for decades in the environment and has been linked to health concerns, check out alternatives from Naked Binders that are made from earth-friendly materials like wood and recycled plastic.
  • Make lunchtime more sustainable - You can skip those single-use items, like plastic baggies and water bottles, in kids’ lunches if you have the right essentials. A small reusable water bottle and reusable bags made of silicone that can hold snacks and sandwiches go great with a plastic-free lunch box and they’re kinder to Mother Earth.
  • Be mindful of tossing last year’s stuff - Don’t just throw old school supplies in the trash if you can recycle them. Elmer's will take old glue sticks for you and TerraCycle will take used pens, pencils, and markers.

Source: Mind Body Green

You already know a Magic Eraser can help you get your little artist’s “masterpiece” drawn in crayon on your dining room walls off, but there are so many other ways this little tool can help you clean the house. These are some of the best Magic Eraser hacks around.

  • Get red food stains off Tupperware - Don’t toss that plastic container with soup stains in it, scrub it with a Magic Eraser and watch them disappear forever.
  • Clean dry erase boards - When you can’t get last year’s chore chart off the white board, this super sponge can help you get it done so you can start fresh and clean.
  • Make sneakers bright and white - Your kids’ kicks will look almost like new with a few rubs with a Magic Eraser.
  • Clean your oven - Scary oven stains are no match for the grime-removing power of a Magic Eraser.
  • Get stains out of clothing - This handy sponge works on grass stains, baby formula stains, and more.
  • Remove labels from glass bottles - Save your fingernails and get those pesky labels off with your handy dandy Magic Eraser.
  • Remove slow-cooker stains - Scrubbing the inside of your slow cooker used to be a pain until you knew this power sponge could get it looking as good as new.

Source: Popsugar

Hey dating app users, here’s some friendly advice: If you’re looking to hookup, maybe skip mentioning that you’re planning to cheat on your wife and don’t include a photo of your baby’s bassinet in the background. Those “goodies” probably aren’t going to inspire many to swipe right.

We mention that because that’s what some jerk identified as “P” did. To be fair, he’s up front. His Tinder bio leads with “Married.” He then goes on to say that he’s “home alone tonight, looking for someone to call in to share a bottle of wine, beer, and more” with. Sounds shady, right? Well, Twitter user @Dizzydub1 thought so too, so she called him out and shared a screenshot of his profile.

The profile pic doesn’t include his head, because he says that’s “too risky” (duh) but in the background you can see one of those Moses baskets that babies sleep in. EXTRA douchebag points, sir! The Twitterverse agreed.

“Out of shape father seeks escape own life choices,” one tweeted. Another pointed out that “His partner is bound to recognize her dress hanging up in the background.” And one user tweets what we’re all thinking, “He’s obviously as thick as he is sleazy … who in their right mind would invite a random into their marital home.”

So if you’re looking for love - or a good time - on dating sites…stay away from profiles like this one and certainly don’t be this person.

Source: Fox News

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