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No More Snow Days In One South Carolina School Districts

August 01, 2018

There are few things better for kids than waking up, seeing tons of snow on the ground and finding out that school’s closed because of the weather. I mean, who wouldn’t love a free day off to play in the snow? Well, in case you missed it, one school district is now putting and end to that, and you can thank technology for it.

Starting this year, Anderson School District Five in South Carolina is doing away with snow days, although they won’t be making parents and kids trek to classes in dangerous weather. Instead they are implementing what they are calling “eLearning Days,” with teachers sending parents digital assignments that kids will have to complete from home, with teachers having the ability to monitor children remotely.

Kids will get their eLearning assignments at the same time parents find out school is closed, and they can’t make excuses to get out of it. If there’s something keeping kids from connecting to the Internet during those days, they’ll still be required to complete the assignment within five days on their own time.

"With today's technology, it makes so much sense, from the practical standpoint and financially," District 5 Superintendent Tom Wilson explains. "Technology has changed every profession, and we have the technology in place to keep kids working during the snow days and eliminate the makeup days."

Source: CBS News

You Can Now Vacation On A Women’s-Only Island

August 01, 2018

We bet there are plenty of women out there who sometimes wish they could get away from men for a little while, and there’s now an island where you an do just that.

Last month something called SuperShe Island opened off the coast of Finland in the Baltic Sea, and as the name suggests it is for women only. The retreat consists of four renovated cabins, that can accommodate about 10 women, along with spa amenities and Finnish saunas.

And the island is more than just about getting away from men. Guests can enjoy yoga, meditation, fitness classes and more. There are talks from motivational speakers, cooking and nutrition classes, and farm-to-table dining, with a Paleo-friendly menu. But, in addition to lack of men, there is also no alcohol allowed on the island.

  • If this sounds great to you, know that a visit isn’t cheap and the booking process is selective. A week-long stay will set you back about $4,680, and guests have to actually apply for a spot, and explain why they want to visit. “The stories that impress me are authentic, come from the heart,” island owner Kristina Roth says. “They’re honest. They’re putting their cards on the table.”

Source: USA Today

Most Workers Agree – Meetings Are A Waste Of Time

August 01, 2018

These days a lot of people spend a good portion of their work day in meetings. And while they can be an essential part of the job, more and more people think they are simply a waste of time. 

A new survey by AccounTemps finds that workers spend about 21% of their work hours in meetings, and feel that a quarter of that time is simply wasted. Employees’ biggest issues with meetings is that they usually start late (66%), with 63% finding them unnecessary, because the stuff discussed could be handled over email instead. Other complaints about meetings include:

  • Too much or not enough time allotted (57%)
  • Attendees distracted (using phone, checking email, doodling, etc.) (57%)
  • Attendees interrupt each other (55%)
  • Not sticking to an agenda when one is provided (49%)
  • Attendees unprepared (47%) 

And if you want folks to be engaged in your meeting, you shouldn’t allow for remote ones. The survey finds that 37% of workers admit to being less engaged during remote meetings.

Source: Accountemps

The Wackiest Health Fads Of The Past Decade

August 01, 2018

It seems as though we are constantly hearing about a new health fad that’s all the rage, like say the Keto diet, or CrossFit. As long as folks are trying to get healthy, there will be some willing to do anything to reach their goal, and over the years there have certainly been some crazy things people have done in the name of health.

Well, vitamin supplement company Swanson Health is celebrating their 49th anniversary by looking back at some of the crazier health fads of the last five decades and while some of us may remember some of them, there are plenty of folks out there who’ll be left shaking their heads.

Crazy health fads from the past five decades include:

  • 1960s – The Buttermilk Diet – Had folks drinking six glasses a day
  • 1970s – Air Shorts & Air Jeans – These inflatable shorts put pressure on the waist, hips and thighs, allegedly massaging and soothing muscles as people move.
  • 1970s – The Cookie Diet – Folks got to eat six cookies a day.
  • 1970s – The Grapefruit Diet – You had to eat a grapefruit at every meal.
  • 1980s – Buns of Steel – Exercises that emphasized the booty
  • 1980s - The Cabbage Soup Diet – Cabbage soup for 10 days. Wouldn’t want to be in a room with that person.
  • 1990s – The Thighmaster – Six million of these were sold in the first year
  • 2000s – Christian Bale Diet – Followed the actor’s apples and tuna only diet for “The Machinist”
  • 2000s – P9OX – A 90-day intense workout
  • 2010s – The Shake Weight – A device that shook while you held it, allegedly to tone your body
  • 2010s – Prancercise – A combo of dancing while walking, made famous in this viral video.

Click here to check out some more wacky health fads of the past five decades.

Source: Swanson Vitamins

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