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The Best (And Worst) School Systems In The Country

July 31, 2018

When looking for a home, the quality of the schools in the area is an important factor to a lot of parents, but in some states you can look as hard as you want but you won’t find many that are that good. Certain states just have better school systems than others, and now a new report reveals how states rate. 

WalletHub has just come out with their list of the Best and Worst State School Systems in the country, looking at all 50 states and the District of Columbia on 25 key metrics, including blue ribbon schools per capita, high school graduatation rates among low income students, math and reading test scores, SAT scores, pupil-to-teacher ratios and more.

With all that in mind, Massachusetts easily earns the top spot with a score of 74.16 out of 100, and landing at number one in both quality and safety rank. The Northeast is actually represented quite well, with the top five school systems all in the area.

Top Ten Best School Systems in the Country

  1. Massachusetts
  2. New Jersey
  3. Connecticut
  4. New Hampshire
  5. Vermont
  6. Virginia
  7. Minnesota
  8. Maryland
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Colorado

As for the worst school system, New Mexico earns that honor, with a score of just 31.53 out of 100, ranking dead last for quality, and in the bottom five for safety.

Ten Worst School Systems in the Country

  1. New Mexico
  2. Louisiana
  3. District of Columbia
  4. Alaska
  5. Arizona
  6. Nevada
  7. Mississippi
  8. Alabama
  9. Oregon
  10. West Virginia

Click here to see how your state ranks.

Source: WalletHub

Most People Lie About Their Sexual History

July 31, 2018

When you’re at the beginning of a relationship, things can get awkward when you start talking about sex, specifically your sexual history. And that may be why a new survey finds that most people aren’t exactly honest with their partners. The new survey by EdenFantasys finds that 29% of people admit to lying to their partner about their sexual history, with men more likely to lie than women (37% vs. 25%).

Now, do we really want to know everything there is to know about our partner’s sexual history? Well, 53% of people say yes, and 76% are curious about it, but others are not quite sure (and we think they're fibbing).

  • What happens when they find out? A third of people say that they get jealous finding out about their partner’s sexual past, while 18% actually don’t want to know anything, and 19% say they actually ended a relationship because of their partner’s history. 
  • For those who do want to know their partner’s sexual past, the thing they are most curious about is the number of sexual partners they had (56%), followed by how many people they dated (40%), what sex acts they’ve done (30%) and funny or embarassig sex stories (23%). 
  • When it comes to how many partners, folks disagree on what is considered the “right” number, with men thinking six is too little, while women think three isn’t enough. Interestingly, but not at all shocking, men are twice as likely to lie and say they’ve had more sexual partners than they've actually had. 

Source: SWNS Digital

Most Americans Support The Legalization Of Marijuana

July 31, 2018

While marijuana still isn’t legal everywhere in the United States, it seems more and more people think it should be, at least for medicinal purposes, if not for recreational purposes as well. 

A new survey finds that 85% of U.S. adults think pot should be legalized for medicinal purposes, with 57% supporting its legalization for recreational use. But even if it’s legalized, most Americans do support some restrictions on it, with 80% saying it should be regulated like other medications.

Of course, there are some folks who still don’t support legalization, but why? Seems 57% of those against legalization for medical use are worried that the ganga would wind up in the wrong hands, like say, children or pets. Meanwhile of those who don’t support it for recreational use, two in three have the same concern. 

Source: Harris Poll

Will A Drug One Day Reverse The Signs of Aging?

July 31, 2018

We all would love to one day be able to take a pill that could reverse all the visible signs of aging, like gray hair or hair loss, and it seems scientists may be one step closer to developing one. 

A new study out of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine decided to test a previous study that suggested that fatty foods affect the production of fats called glycosphingolipids, which are in the cells on the top layer of the skin and those that control the pigment of the skin, eyes and hair. They wanted to see if disrupting those GLSs would result in changes to the skin and eyes.

Researchers tested their theory out on mice, and those that were fed a Western diet filled with fats wound up losing their hair and getting skin lesions. After 36 weeks they were then treated with D-threo-1-phenyl-2-decanoylamino-3-morpholino-1-propanol (D-PDMP), a man-made drug that stops the production of those GSLs, and the mice were able to not only regrow their hair, but it turned from gray to black, and their skin inflammation lessoned.

Of course, this doesn’t mean this will necessarily work on humans, but scientists are hopeful. “Further research is needed,” Dr. Subroto Chatterjee, co-author of the study and professor of pediatrics and medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine says, “but our findings show promise for someday using the drug we developed for skin diseases, such as psoriasis, and wounds resulting from diabetes or plastic surgery.”

Source: Newsweek

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