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These days kids are involved in all sorts of afterschool sports, and anyone who’s gone to cheer their kids on has probably noticed a few parents who take things a little too seriously. More and more parents are exhibiting some really bad behavior at games, with some even getting into brawls, and fighting with refs, and now a new Facebook page is calling those unruly parents out.

In case you missed it, 44-year-old Oklahoma youth soccer referee Brian Barlow has created what he calls the Offside Facebook page, where he posts video of such appalling parent behavior at games, paying $100 for any video he decides to use on his site.

The videos can be humiliating, and sometimes even funny, but he posts them for one major reason – to shame parents about their behavior. “I do it to hold people accountable — to identify and call out the small percentage of parents who nonetheless create a toxic environment at youth sports,” Barlow says. “It’s a very visual deterrent, and not just to the person caught on video but to others who ask themselves: Do I look like that jerk?”

And while you may think Barlow’s over exaggerating the abuse referees receive, he’s not. The National Association of Sports Officials says that 70% of referees quit the job within three years, with the chief reason being abuse from parents and coaches.

Barlow has also launched an initiative, Stop Tormenting Officials Permanently a.k.a. STOP, which allows clubs and even individuals to purchase signs warning that bad behavior towards reps will not be tolerated.

Source: New York Times

When you go to the doctor you want someone who is going to listen carefully to what ails you so they can make a proper diagnosis, but the truth is, that’s probably not happening. In fact, you likely only have a few seconds to get your doctor’s attention.

A new study, published in the "Journal of General Internal Medicine," suggests doctors spend an average of only 11 seconds listening to a patient before interrupting them. The study looked at the response time after doctors asked a patient “What can I do for you today?” or “Tell me what brings you in today?” and 67% of all patients were interrupted by their doctors, while 36% of doctors didn’t even ask the questions.

And getting to explain the reason for your visit depended on what type of doctor you’re visiting. For example, for primary care doctor visits, 49% of patients were able to explain why they were there, but with specialty visits, only 20% were. And with specialty doctors, even if they do get to share why they are there, 80% are interrupted, possibly because those doctors may have been informed of the reason before the patient got there.

And patients shouldn’t expect to spend a lot of quality time with their doctors in general. The study finds that the average length of an appointment is 30 minutes, although they did tend to be longer when patients were asked to explain the reason for their visit at the beginning of an appointment.

Source: Newsweek

We love our spouses and S.O.s, but according to a surveydone by pet food brand Purina, half of female dog-owners say they’d rather spend time with their dogs than with their partner or family members. And of the 1,000 dog owners surveyed, 95% say they consider their dog a part of the family, 62% agree their fur baby helps them de-stress after work, and 55% think their dog provides emotional support after getting bad news.

Some pet owners, like Taylor Napoli, feel spending time with their dogs is better than being with other humans. She likes hanging with her black lab when her husband isn’t there because there’s no stress. “He has no expectations of me,” she explains. “He’s just there and so reliable in a way that people aren’t sometimes.”

And like a lot of pet owners, Napoli admits that her pooch sleeps in bed with them. Another survey by the American Kennel Club reveals that 45% of American pet-owners say they let their pets sleep in bed with them.

Pet owners are also spending more than ever on their furry friends. According to the American Pet Products Association, pet parents spent close to $70-billion on their pets last year, up 4% from 2016. Most of the expense is pet food, especially as more pet owners are splurging on fancier pet foods. Some people are even putting their pets on human diets. “Paleopet,” the nutritional book for pets, has gotten popular for its no-starch, meat-centered diet. And on the flip side, 40% of those surveyed by Purina have bought their dog a birthday cake to celebrate their big day.

Source: Moneyish

For those who love Coke and Diet Coke, there’s nothing better than an ice cold one on a super hot day. Well, there may be one thing that’s better – getting one of those drinks at McDonald’s. Most folks who frequent the fast food chain will tell you Coke and Diet Coke just seem to taste better there, and there are several reasons for that, none of which have to do with the food you’re drinking it with. 

Turns out, McDonald’s takes some steps in their soda preparation that other restaurant chains don’t. First, their syrup is stored in stainless steel containers, not plastic bags, which is the way most places do it. They also filter their water differently than other fast food restaurants, and they keep their soda extra cold, and even pre-chill the syrup to make it taste better. 

Another thing making Coke and Diet Coke taste great at Mickey Ds? Believe it or not, it’s the straws. While a lot of places are beginning to outlaw them, McDonald’s straws are important to the taste of their soda. They’re straws are actually thicker than ones in other restaurants, which allows or more flavor to hit your tongue when you’re drinking it. 

Source: Buzzfeed

When expecting mom Falon Griffin started having contractions, she and her hubby Robert decided to head to the hospital. On their way, the couple stopped at a Chick-fil-A parking lot in San Antonio, Texas to drop off their two daughters with a family friend. Mom had to use the restroom, like pregnant women tend to do, and went inside before going to the hospital, but they never made it.

Instead, baby Gracelyn was born inside the fast food chain’s restroom, delivered by her dad. And get this, three months before their little bundle of joy arrived, her parents bought a pink onesie that reads “Little Nugget.” It’s like they sealed her fate with that outfit.

Falon had to be let inside the bathroom by an employee because the restaurant was closed at the time, and when she realized her baby was not going to wait to get to the hospital, the store manager, Brenda Enriquez, got some towels and Robert told his wife they were having their baby right there. And dad did a great job, even without medical training. He was able to get her umbilical cord, which was wrapped around her neck twice, free and deliver her safely.

Gracelyn was able to wear her “little nugget” onesie for the first time when EMTs arrived and brought them to the hospital. And the best part? Franchise owners offered Gracelyn food from Chick-fil-A for life, a Chick-fil-A themed first birthday party, and guaranteed her a job when she turns 14. Sweet perks for that “little nugget.”

Source: PopSugar

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