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Now that the weather is nice and we’re wearing a lot less clothing, a lot of people are probably realizing they may have put on a few pounds during the colder part of the year. A lot of those people are blaming that extra weight on their jobs.

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 57% of workers say they are overweight and 45% are blaming their jobs. Overall, 26% of workers say they've gained more than 10 pounds at their current job, while 11% gained more than 20. 

So, what is causing all this extra job-related weight gain? The biggest reasons include: 

  • Sitting at a desk most of the day (53%)
  • Too tired from work to exercise (49%)
  • Eating because of stress (41%)
  • No time to exercise before or after work (34%)
  • The temptation of the office candy jar (21%)
  • Eating out regularly (21%)
  • Workplace celebrations (13%)
  • Having to skip meals because of time constraints (12%)
  • Happy hours (6%)
  • Pressure to eat food co-workers bring in (6%)

But it’s not as though some companies aren’t trying to help their employees stay healthy. The survey finds that 30% of employees say their company offers some sort of wellness benefit, but 19% of folks don’t take advantage of them. Meanwhile, 61% of people say their employers offer no benefits, but if they did, 37% of those people would use them.

Source: Market Watch

Have you ever had that absolutely perfect day? It’s true it takes a lot for a day to be perfect, and what constitutes a perfect day for some is completely different for others. But now a new survey has set out to determine what the average perfect day looks like, and exactly what things can boost someone’s mood enough to make a day simply perfect.

 The study by the U.S. Highbush Blueberry council finds that the average American has 204 good days a year, but only 15 of them can be described as “perfect days.” So, what actually constitutes a perfect day? Well, based on responses, the average person’s perfect day starts by waking up at 8:15 am, and going to bed at 10:50 pm. Skies, of course, will be clear, with a temperature of 74 degrees, and they’ll spend about three hours of their day outside. A perfect day also consists of about four hours of family time, and three hours spent with friends, as well as three hours of relaxing in front of the TV to unwind. 

The survey also looked at what particular things could boost a person’s mood, giving them more of a shot at achieving the perfect day, with finding money in a pocket unexpectedly the top mood booster, followed by being able to sleep without setting an alarm.

Top Mood Boosters(click here to see the Top 40)

  • Finding money in your pocket you didn’t know you had (58%)
  • Being able to sleep in with no alarm set (55%)
  • Lying in bed listening to rain fall outside (51%)
  • A small gesture of kindness from somebody in your life (49%)
  • Petting a dog (48%)
  • Performing a small gesture of kindness for somebody in your life (47%)
  • Realizing it’s a beautiful, sunny day (46%)
  • Long, hot shower (44%)
  • A meaningful, long hug from somebody you love (42%)
  • Seeing a friend you haven’t seen in a long time (42%)

Source: SWNS Digital

We all know that there are some things we need to avoid to reduce our risk of getting cancer --  like say cigarettes, or too much sun. There are even some foods that people think may increase a person’s cancer risk. But believe it or not, a new study now suggests that it’s not necessarily what you eat, but when you eat that could increase your risk of getting the disease.

A study published in the “International Journal of Cancer” suggests there’s a link between the time a person eats dinner and their risk of getting certain cancers like breast and prostate. Specifically, researchers believe that those who eat either before 9 pm, or a couple of hours before bedtime, can reduce their cancer risk by as much as 20%, as compared to those who eat after 10 or just before they call it a night. 

At this point, scientists have yet to figure that out why. One thought is that a person’s circadian rhythm may have something to do with it.

Source: New York Post

For lots of families out there, summer means taking a road trip together and if you’ve ever dared to take one, you know how hard it can be. Since minivans don’t come with those cool limousine partitions that we could slide up and turn the front grown-up area into a quiet zone while the kiddos duke it out in the back, we do our best to make it work. So try these tips for keeping the little ones happy and maintaining your sanity on your family road trip this summer.

  • Give each kid a bag of quarters. When they whine or pick on a sibling, have them pay you a quarter. When they do something good, they can earn a quarter back and at the end of the trip they get to spend the money on anything they want.
  • Leave early in the morning, like 3 or 4 a.m. so the kids fall back to sleep for hours and no one else is on the road. Just make sure you have lots of coffee.
  • Have tablets, chargers, coloring books, and sticker books at the ready.
  • Play audio books or podcasts everyone will enjoy. Here are some family-friendly podcasts you might like, but the hard part is getting everyone to agree.
  • Bring cookie sheets with magnet builder sets. Fun for little hands for hours.
  • Stock up on dollar section books and toys because you won’t care if they get destroyed or left behind along the way.
  • Play “Lip-Sync Roulette.” Turn the radio all the way down and hit the tune button until you find the next station. Whoever’s turn it is has to lip-sync to whatever song is playing just like they were on stage performing. Everyone will be entertained for at least 20 minutes.
  • Unlimited screen time. It’s summer, mama, and you’re on the road. It’s all about survival, so don’t feel guilty about all the screen time. And make sure each child has headphones that work.

Source: Scary Mommy

Sometimes headaches are caused by environmental or physiological factors and we can’t control pollution or change our genes, but we can control what we put in our mouths and research shows that diet can have a big effect on headaches. If you suffer from frequent headaches or migraines, here are the top foods to avoid and to load up on to ease your pain.

Worst Foods for Headaches:

  • Alcohol - You already know that a hangover can bring on a nasty, pounding headache, but migraine sufferers can experience a headache after just one small drink.
  • Excessive coffee - A Norwegian study found that those who have the highest caffeine intake were 10% more likely to get headaches, so experts advise limiting yourself to around four cups a day, which is still a lot. And be consistent with drinking coffee, going cold turkey after drinking it daily can definitely lead to a headache.
  • Chocolate - No one wants to see this one on the list, but it is debatable if chocolate brings on headaches. It contains a couple amino acids that could trigger migraines in some but not others.
  • Artificial sweeteners - Research suggests artificial sweeteners, especially the popular aspartame that’s in Diet Coke, may increase the risk of migraines.
  • Citrus - Sure, it’s a healthy source of vitamin C, but one study found 11% of migraine sufferers reported symptoms after eating citrus fruit. It’s probably the amino acid tyramine that does it and other foods like pineapple, soy, kimchee, and raw onions are high in it, too.
  • Aged cheese - The fermentation process of cheeses like blue and cheddar raises levels of tyramine and other amino acids, so these could bring on headaches.
  • Processed meat - It’s the preservatives, the nitrates in these meats that could cause migraines.

Best Foods for Headaches:

  • Water - Dehydration is one of the biggest causes of headaches, so getting your eight glasses a day can help ward them off. And fruits and veggies with lots of water, like cucumbers and watermelon can help quench your thirst too.
  • Low-sodium foods - Cutting back on processed foods and meats is a good way to consume less salt and avoid potential headaches.
  • Leafy greens - Kale, spinach, and the like are high in the B vitamin folate, and early research on women suggests that a diet low in folate could increase the risk of migraines. Avocados and seeds are a good way to get your folate fix too.
  • Almonds - They’re a great source of magnesium and some studies suggest low levels of this essential mineral could be to blame for headache symptoms.
  • Milk - It’s high in calcium and vitamin D, which can play a part in headache prevention.
  • Small amounts of coffee - Yes, coffee makes both the naughty and nice list, but it’s all about how much you’re drinking. Research suggests small amounts of caffeine, like the amount in a small cup, along with pain meds could provide more headache relief than just the medication alone.

Source: Whimn

If one of your little ones isn’t willing to try new foods, or starts saying no to some of their old favorites, don’t worry. Kids go through “seasons” where they’re more picky than others and they don’t usually last very long if we keep our cool as parents. But vacation just so happens to be the best time to get your picky eater to try new foods because everything from screen time to sugar intake is more relaxed when you’re traveling.

Here are a few ways to encourage adventurous eating on vacation:

  • Shop local markets and try new produce - Peaches will never taste sweeter than at a farmers market in the Southeast in summer, so push your picky child to give them a try then. Lots of vendors offer free samples, so encourage your kid to try these “vacation” fruits and veggies.
  • Eat with the locals - Find a local event that’s focused around or features local food and it may make your finicky eater more willing to try new things.
  • Try new restaurants and skip the kids’ menu - Pick a local dining spot and tell your kiddos it’s a special night and they get to order from the grown-up menu. Try not to fret if they choose a burger, they are still kids. But offer to split an appetizer of your choice, so they get to taste something new and different as well.

Source: The Kitchn

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