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Most people like to get compliments, but not every compliment is created equal. While some are actually nice, others can be questionable, and now, on the anonymous Whisper app, some people are sharing the odd compliments they received, and some of them will have you shaking your head.

Odd compliments people received include:

  • “Even though you have red hair, you don’t look soulless…thanks, dude from Tinder.”
  • “I would say you’re hot, but I’m Arabic so you’re the bomb! By far the funniest compliment I have ever received.”
  • “My grandmother’s friend told me I have a cute butt.”
  • “A guy in Starbucks told me my hair looks like it defies gravity and I giggled. A few seconds later he nervously laughed saying, ‘promise I’m not racist, just awkward.'”
  • “A stranger once told me, ‘You would make a great gay man,’ as I was wearing heeled boots and a kilt.”
  • “You’re crazier than I’ll ever be jealous. A friend in high school told me that. I was flattered and confused.”
  • “You have a big mouth. My dentist said it. So funny yet so awkward.”
  • “'You’re so pretty you look like a banana,' said a random drunk dude as I was walking around Barcelona.”
  • “You’d make a really good drug dealer. You’re so pure no one would suspect anything.”
  • “Funniest compliment I ever got, ‘you got some sexy ankles.’ LOL I’ll take it.”

Source: Whisper

Thanks to our reliance on the Internet for everything, folks are forced to remember tons of different passwords, and answer a variety of security questions,and  it seems many of us are fed up with it.

A recent poll finds that 81% of U.S. adults think all these extra security procedures are unnecessary, while 47% are sick of answering tons of security questions when they call customer service. When it comes to passwords, 64% have had enough of elaborate ones made up of numbers, symbols and more, which could explain why 78% of folks struggle to remember all their passwords. What’s more, 48% can’t stand two-step verification and 71% get annoyed by captcha codes.

Of course, it’s understandable that folks would be upset by all these extra security measures, when you find out that most people have an average of 34 different online accounts, including email, social media, shopping accounts and more.

  • But apparently, it isn’t only online security that folks find unnecessary. Surprisingly, 46% of people think airport security is a hassle, while 38% think mobile PINS are also annoying.

Source: New York Post

These days companies are offering all sorts of perks to keep employees happy and staying put, but at the end of the day, there's one thing that is more likely to get employees to stick around – money.

A new poll by OfficeTeam finds that the biggest reasons employees will quit a job is for more money somewhere else (44%). When it comes to gender, women are more likely than men to leave because of money (47% to 44%). Of course that isn’t the only reasons employees will quit. Others include: 

  • For a company with a higher mission (12%)
  • Don’t feel appreciated (12%)
  • Bored/unchallenged by work (12%)
  • Bad commute/want something closer to home (7%)
  • Corporate culture is not a good fit (7%)
  • Unhappy with boss (6%) 

But folks have to remember, how you quit is important. A survey of HR managers finds that 83% say how someone quits can affect future opportunities.

Source: OfficeTeam

There are some lucky folks out there who work in offices that give their employees off, or at least let them leave early, on Fridays, but while nobody would begrudge a day off, for some people the idea of a summer Monday sounds even better.

Turns out, there are a lot of benefits to taking off the Monday after a weekend instead of a Friday. Of course, you’ll still have the same three days out of the office, but since so many people take Fridays off, travel costs tend to be more expensive. For example, Noah Potvin, a Pittsburgh-based assistant professor of music, tells Moneyish, he and his friends saved $200 per flight, and $100 per person on an AirBNB by leaving Monday, instead of arriving Friday.

What’s more, since more people leave Fridays, staying until Monday can result in less crowded airports and restaurants, making a trip a more memorable experience. Plus, some hotels even offer upgrades to those who stay Sunday night, or cheaper rates if they stay Saturday through Monday, and even free meals for booking off peak.

Not working Monday can also be good for your mental health, since a recent poll suggests 76% of people get bad cases of the “Sunday Blues,” which probably wouldn’t exist if there was no work on Monday. 

Source: Moneyish

It’s hard to get motivated to work out in general, and it’s even harder in the summer heat. When the temperatures get really high working out isn’t easy, and in some cases it could be even dangerous, if you don’t take the necessary precautions. 

Well, now UK trainer Andy Vincent is sharing his tips on how to survive working out in the summer heat, and they’re fairly simple, so you really have no excuse to not get off the couch….except for being lazy.

Tips to survive your summer workout include:

  • Stay Hydrated – This seems fairly obvious, but Vincent reminds folks to drink water before, during and after working out in the summer. He even suggests drinking warm water with lemon and salt to replace any electrolytes have lost while sweating.
  • What to Eat – Eat foods high in water content, like leafy greens, strawberries, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers and watermelon, as well as nuts and lean meats for breakfast for protein.
  • Plan Your Workout – Train either early in the morning or late at night when the temperature will be at its coolest. He also suggests short bursts of exercise.
  • Know When to Stop – Make sure you can recognize when your body wants you to stop and do so. If you feel dehydrated, dizzy or light-headed, stop and rest on the ground. Plus, schedule rest periods so you don’t push yourself too hard. 

Source: Daily Mail 

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