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Taking a week, or even a few days out of the office for vacation can certainly put anyone in a good mood, but it turns out all those positive effects of a few days without work don’t actually last long.

There’s no doubt taking vacation time is a positive thing, with a new survey finding that 68% say they return to work with a more positive mood, while 66% have more energy, 57% have more motivation and 67% are less stressed. And that positive outlook definitely affects a person’s job, with 58% of folks saying they are more productive, while 55% feel their work quality is better.

Unfortunately, for quite a few people, those positive effects are fleeting. In fact, the poll finds that 24% of workers say the positive effects disappear as soon as they return to work, while 40% say they only last a few days. 

  • Of course, not everyone returns from vacation relaxed and rejuvenated, because they aren’t exactly relaxing on their trip. The poll finds that 21% of people say they're tense and stressed out on vacation, while 28% tend to work more than they planned, and 42% say they dread returning to work.

Source: News Wise

No matter how much we know it’s bad for us, most folks just simply love fast food, and that’s pretty evident when you consider how many fast food restaurants you come across on a daily basis. There’s no doubt there are certain parts of the country where you can find a fast food restaurant on almost every block, and now a new report reveals which states are being overrun by them. 

According to Datafiniti, there are about 500,000 fast food joints across the country, and they’ve also calculated which states have the most per capita, and it turns out the South and Midwest are the best places for your fast food fix.

Overall, Alabama has the most fast food joints, about 6.3 per every 10,000 residents, while Nebraska is second with 5.4, followed by West Virginia with 5.3. As for the other end of the spectrum, Vermont has the least with 1.9 per capita, with New Jersey right behind them with 2.0.

Top Ten States With The Most Fast Food Restaurants(click here to see the complete list)

  1. Alabama 6.3 per capita
  2. Nebraska: 5.4 per capita
  3. West Virginia: 5.3 per capita
  4. Oklahoma: 5.3 per capita
  5. Tennessee: 5.2 per capita
  6. Indiana: 5.0 per capita
  7. Washington, DC: 5.0 per capita
  8. Georgia: 4.9 per capita
  9. Missouri: 4.9 per capita
  10. South Carolina: 4.9 per capita

Source: Thrillist

We all know that carrying extra weight around isn’t good for our health, but it seems most of us are really clueless when it comes to what needs to be done to take off the extra pounds.

A new report finds that while 85% of Americans believe they know how to eat right, more than half have actually flunked the MDVIP Fat Survey about basic dietary facts and weight loss. Overall, 56% of people failed the quiz, with 32% getting a “D” and less than 1% scoring an “A.”

So, what are folks getting wrong? Well, it turns out 50% of people underestimate, and 35% don’t know, how many calories they need to burn in order to lose one pound of weight (the answer is 3,500).

When it comes to getting healthy, 75% of Americans say they’d feel better if they tried harder to stay fit, but most people are failing at it. In fact, 58% say they lack motivation to stick with a diet or exercise plan, while 55% don’t have the willpower to resist tempting foods. What’s more, 35% believe they can’t lose weight because of bad genetics. And most folks don’t seem to have hope that they can succeed at a diet even if they tried, with 64% of obese Americans believing that most diet plans will ultimately fail.

Take the quiz HERE.

Source: MDVIP

 Anyone with kids will tell you that there a lot of things to consider when looking for a place to raise your family, and there's no doubt certain states make it easier for parents to take care of their children than others. 

The 2018 KidsCount report was just released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, revealing the Best and Worst States to Raise a Family. The non-profit organization rates the 50 states based on things like economic well-being, education, and health, as well as family and community, and also poverty, death rate, alcohol and drug use.

Overall, New Hampshire tops the list as the best state to raise a family in the U.S., with five of the Top Ten states in the Northeast. New Hampshire gets high marks for its low child poverty rate (8%).

Top Best States To Raise A Family

  1. New Hampshire
  2. Massachusetts
  3. New Jersey
  4. Minnesota
  5. Iowa

On the flipside, New Mexico was named the worst state to raise a family, thanks to the highest child poverty rate in the country (30%). The state, along with West Virginia, also has the highest rate of parents without secure employment, and 75% of New Mexico fourth graders are not reading proficient.

The Ten Worst States To Raise A Family

  1. New Mexico
  2. Louisiana
  3. Mississippi
  4. Nevada
  5. Alaska
  6. Arizona
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Texas
  9. Alabama
  10. Arkansas

Source: Annie E. Casey Foundation

Kids’ birthday parties have become much more than a cake, ice cream, some games and balloons. Some parents are shelling out thousands to give their little ones perfect parties with fancy foods and intricate themes, and the gift giving etiquette has gotten more complicated too. So when Canadian mom Sarah Schultz wrote about “fiver parties” on her blog Nurse loves Farmer, the idea created a lot of buzz.

So what is a fiver party? Where each guest brings $5 for the birthday boy or girl and they put their pile of cash together to buy a bigger gift they really want. It’s a great concept because with little kids, the whole class is often invited to each student’s birthday party and all those $20 presents for 18 of those parties really add up. Plus, this way the kid gets to pick out a gift they actually want instead of getting a bunch of stuff they’ll never even play with.

Some parents try to avoid that by asking guests to bring “no gifts” but that’s hard for some to accept, especially if it’s a kid’s party. So fiver parties are a great alternative because you get to give a little something without breaking the budget buying presents.

But if you decide to have a fiver party, or ask for donations to a specific charity or even go “no gifts,” keep in mind it’s really just a suggestion and not all guests will follow it. “Gift giving is a choice by the giver,” explains etiquette expert Lizzie Post. “Telling people that they can only donate to a certain charity or that they can only give a certain type of gift is not really in the spirit of generosity that gift giving represents.”

Source: Moneyish

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