Proof the Darwin Award Stories are REAL

Here’s a thought…try being able to drive well if you’re going to start stealing vehicles. Security cameras outside a Pennsylvania caught a thief trying to make off with a truck. Only problem was there was a mini-van behind it, so a k-turn (three point turn) was needed to make off the the real prize. He repeatedly hit the other vehicle and finally gave up, just walking away. 


A Mississippi woman, amazingly, is going to be fine after a wild crash. The unnamed woman was going as fast as 100 mph when her car left the road. She over corrected, went airborne and slammed into the brick sign at a gas station. But she wasn’t done. She then rammed into the gas pumps. Surveillance video caught the most dramatic parts. The Rankin County Sheriff’s department said “she was coming from work and admits to having several beverages.” We’re guessing alcoholic “beverages” since she was charged with DUI. 


People taking a ferry to work in Jersey City, New Jersey on Thursday got a bit of a surprise. A man was on a paddleboard. That’s slightly odd, but what was amazing was the man was dressed in a business suit and dress shoes. Of course all kinds of video was shot, then the man revealed himself.

Scott Holt is from Jersey City and was on his way to New York City to meeting a potential manager for his budding comedy career. Holt says it was tough to keep dry and almost fell into the water a couple of times. He ended up at a closed water taxi port where a police officer and irate water taxi captain where waiting for him.

The captain cursed him out because of how dangerous his stunt was, but luckily the cop let him go the meeting. He made it on time, but he still doesn’t have a manager. On the up side, the creative guy says "I got a free commute and a free shoe shine out of it."

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