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Who knows marriage better than the people that have to help dissolve them? Their clients spill all the issues on the table. So when divorce attorneys were asked to give advice on keeping a union together it was spot-on listen up.

  • Be the first to say “I’m sorry.” The saying is “you can be right or you can be happy.”
  • “Secure your own oxygen mask in the event of marital turbulence.” In order to figure out where the negative emotions are coming from you need to take care of yourself.
  • Be honest, but not that honest.
  • Plan a monthly “state of the union” meeting. Poor communication will torpedo any marriage.
  • Have “unsexy” conversations about finances and keep them business-like. Money trouble is the number one cause of divorce, so being on the same page is huge.
  • Remember that not everyone is as happy as they look on social media. Don’t compare.
  • Make your own couple focused holiday. Make some up.
  • If you always win arguments, you may lose your marriage.

Source: Huffington Post

So you want to go on a vacation to Hawaii or even Disney, but you can’t handle the big expense all at once? It used to be that you just didn’t go until the money was in the bank. Times are changing and now you can pay over time.

Lenders are popping up that help you specifically pay for your fun over time. You can even pay for your airfare that way. There are plenty of companies like Affirm, UpLift, Airfordable, and PayDelay. Remember, though to do your research on fees and interest rates. You don’t want to pay 30% interest and strap yourself into years of payments.

Traditional lenders are getting in the game too, so rates should be getting competitive. Of course, your credit rating comes into play, so make sure it’s decent.

When is it a bad idea to take a vacation loan? For some experts, the answer is ALL THE TIME. It’s one thing to pay for a home or car over time, but a trip… It’s best to save up. After all, who wants to come back from a trip...just to keep paying for it?

Source: Market Watch

Sometimes it take a life change for a great idea to be born. Author Jake Knapp left a great job with Google Ventures to become a writer. Lofty goal, right? It was when he followed the traditional to-do list process. Too many things were prioritized the same.

That’s when he figured out the “Burner List.” Think of it as a stove top!

  • The Front left burner is on the left column of your list. Only one project goes there. But you leave blank space for the to-dos that go with it.
  • The Back Burner is in the right column and your second priority project goes here. One item only!
  • The Kitchen Sink is where your least important action items go. They have nothing to do with the Front or Back burner lists. Limit what goes here.

Here’s why it works; you won’t try to do everything at once. Human beings are not, despite what you’ve heard, multi-taskers. As a bonus, the list helps us say “no” more.

Source: NBC News

Going without human contact for too long can literally break your heart. That’s the result of a new study in the Journal of the American Heart Association. It’s well known that being alone affects your heart health. But social isolation, regardless of your health, can increase your risk of death anywhere from 50 to 90 percent. That is huge. Especially considering social isolation is becoming more of a trend.

Other affects are becoming more negative and aggressive, high blood pressure and developing inflammation. Social isolation is so bad for you that just two weeks of being alone changes your brain chemistry in a negative way. As for loneliness, which is the feeling of being alone, it can also speed up your demise if the feeling lasts much longer than the typical short bout.

The best cure for social isolation and loneliness? Yes! Connecting with people! Go dip your toes in the water and build up your social network.

Source: Business Insider

Sometimes even when you’ve had a healthy breakfast and a full seven hours of sleep, your energy is still zapped. If you’ve had a long week and today all you want to do is nap, try these quick fixes to get your energy back up.

  • Scrub off the slump in the shower - Use this time to wake up with an energizing coffee scrub. You’ll get out cleaner, more refreshed, and exfoliated.
  • Move your plants closer to your workspace - Plants help clean our air and filter out toxins, so having a few near your desk could help you fight fatigue. Plus, the greenery will liven up your boring office.
  • Swipe some lemon behind your ears - Not the wedge that you’d squeeze into a drink, but a lemon essential oil can help give you a pick-me-up when you’re feeling less than perky. Lemon is a stimulating scent and it’s a proven mood booster, too.
  • Do some light research for your next vacation - It’s easy to run out of steam when you’re stuck doing some boring work thing, so distract yourself with a little change of scenery for a few minutes courtesy of Google. Check out a place you’d like to visit or look up fun activities to do on an upcoming trip and you’re bound to feel more energized.
  • Stretch out in downward dog - Yoga gets your blood flowing and research shows it could help fight anxiety and depression as well. So find a quiet spot and do a little stretching to channel some energy while you alleviate stress at the same time.

Source: PureWow

If you regularly fight the good fight with the clutter in your home and still feel overwhelmed by all the stuff, you’re so not alone. We look around and wonder where all this stuff comes from, but a better question may be “why are we keeping it.” Because it turns out, there’s probably one thing that’s holding most of us back from eliminating our clutter for good.

We’re hoping we’ll use something again. That’s it. It’s that simple. We keep stuff “just in case” and we’re practical people, so we keep a lot of stuff, just in case. And over time, that means we fill up our spaces with a bunch of things we really don’t need, but we might one day. No wonder we can’t achieve out minimalist lifestyle goals.

So unless you’re going to start making ice cream from scratch anytime soon, it’s really okay to get rid of the ice cream maker you’ve never once taken out of the box. Sure, it seems scary to pitch something now that you may legitimately need down the road. But getting rid of if doesn’t mean this object will stop existing in the world, and if you need it later, Amazon will probably have it. Or your bestie will let you borrow hers.

If the clutter really is taking over, this is a good way to flip the switch on what you NEED to keep and what you can let go. And it gives you an excuse to shop for it later by getting rid of it, so you get to reward yourself for clearing clutter.

Source: The Kitchn

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