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A 12-year-old boy from Halifax, Nova Scotia was so unhappy when his parents served him up a leafy dinner last week that he made his displeasure known — by calling 911.

When the cops did not respond to his emergency in a timely fashion, he called again, just to reiterate how much he hates crunching on a bowl of raw, tossed vegetables.

As CBC News reports, the Canadian police did eventually arrive at his door.

They did not, however, intervene on the quality and substance of the family’s dinner. Rather, they used the unexpected house call as an opportunity to educate the boy about the appropriate uses of 911.

“Hopefully this will be a learning lesson,” Corporal Dal Hutchinson told CBC News.

Meanwhile, the kid’s parents were reportedly “not impressed” by their son’s over-the-top cry for help.

But was it a Caeser or a Waldorf? Sadly, Hutchinson had very little to say about the composition of the salad.

“Obviously [it was] one to dislike because he called 911."

Source: NY Post


David Hargis wanted to sell his Presidential Rolex. So, he turned to where all reputable business people goCraigslist. He found his prospective buyer, and they agreed on a price of $15-thousand. They met at a Starbucks inside a local Target store, where the buyer handed over 15-large in $100 bills. But it wasn’t until Hargis went to a gas station later on that he realized the cash was fake, and he’d been duped. For future reference, there might be better places to go than Craigslist for a deal like that.


How many times have you been trying to enjoy a drive…even cruising in the fast lane…only to have someone literally slow your roll? Enter Sgt. Stephen Wheeles. The Indiana State Trooper posted a picture of a car he’d pulled over – one that had been traveling SUPER slow in the left lane…with 20 cars stuck behind.

"I was driving southbound on I-65 and I noticed that there was a line of traffic in the left lane going a little slow,” he writes. “I gave her plenty of chances to move back over to the right lane and she just did not do it. I used it as an opportunity to educate her on what the law is.”

The Twitterverse has since gone bananas – and cheered Sgt. Wheeles. Of course, they were also curious if that gave them permission to speed. And that answer is NO. “The spirit of the law is that since many people drive well above the speed limit, it creates an “accordion effect” as traffic starts backing up behind the slower vehicle,” he explains. “This is where many of our crashes occur on the interstates. It’s all in the name of safety.”

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