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Double dippers be on notice, science is shutting you down. We all know that public double dipping is gross, but now it’s been proven you can literally make someone sick by doing it. Microbiologists did a test on three types of party dips: sour cream, hummus, and the Greek taramasalata.

The test was done for “Food Unwrapped” on Britain’s Channel 4. A presenter doubled dipped into each of them and the results were a bit shocking. It turns out even a hint of saliva contains thousands of types of bacteria and it goes right into the dip. Then, depending on the dip, it multiplies up to 100 times. In that bacteria is herpes, norovirus, or maybe countless other things that can make you sick!

By the way - the runnier the dip, the faster the bacteria multiplies. And sorry sour cream lovers, that means you're at the biggest risk. On the flip side, hummus spread bacteria the least because it was the thickest.

You can avoid the havoc double dipping causes, or at least slow down the process, by not leaving the dip out for long periods of time. Bacteria thrive in warm temperatures, which means they’ll grow faster.

Source: Daily Mail

Helen Granier turned the big 105 on Friday, so naturally, everyone's asking the Florida woman about her secret for long life. They were surprised at her answer. It turns out Helen didn’t live “clean,” she just lived it up.

Helen has a terrific memory, so talked about barely remembering WWI and then got to the juicy stuff like staying out late, drinking beer, smoking, dancing, and then heading to work. She loved gambling too, but never got to Las Vegas until her husband passed away. That’s because he knew she liked slots too much.

Honestly, the centenarian-plus doesn’t know why she’s lived this long considering her lifestyle and the fact that no one in her family even got close to this age. Helen may be a sweet looking old lady, but under that layer is a party girl and long may she live! Rock on, sister!

Source: Daily Mail

We all know that not getting enough sleep can wreck our day. It turns out that 33% of Americans don’t get enough sleep, but the Army is out to help us be alert anyway. They wanted to maximize troops’ neurobehavioral performance, so they turned to caffeine and science.

The researchers discovered they can optimize cognitive function by monitoring sleep patterns and coffee intake and the algorithm was born! They believe that following the formula can increase cognitive benefits by as much as 64%.

The good news? You don’t have to drink a gallon of coffee a day and in the end you can reduce how much you drink by 65%. It’s not as easy as “drink the coffee at this time.” It’s going to require an app. So the Army is hooking up with 28-Alert to add the algorithm to their app so you can find out when and how much is best for you. The app will monitor you, feed the info to a computer, and spit out what you need to know.

Basically, it will tell you what the best “dose” of caffeine is for you and when to drink it. As a bonus, the app will help you figure out the best sleep schedule for you too.

Source: New York Post

Making friends as a grown up isn’t as easy as it was when we were younger and good friendships really are hard to find. But trying to reconnect with an old buddy can be tough, especially if you haven’t talked in a while because you had a big falling out. So if you’re ready to reach out, here are some tips for getting started.

  • Take a leap of faith and make that first move to reconnect - Just reach out and send that text or email. Take the first step, even though it’s scary, and chances are that person has thought of you over the years and will be happy to hear from you.
  • Ask to meet up in person - If you’re serious about clearing the air and reconnecting, do it in person. Emails, messages, and texts can be misinterpreted or taken out of context, so meet face to face to talk.
  • Address the issue early on in the conversation - You both know why you’re there, so get it out in the open at the beginning.
  • Own up to your faults - It’s so easy to blame the other person, but no one is totally faultless, so if you sincerely want to reconnect and repair your friendship, acknowledge your mistakes. Don’t be defensive or make excuses or you could end up in another fight.
  • Decide what you both want moving forward - Do you want to stay in touch and rebuild your friendship? Or is the meeting just to get closure? Talk about what you both want so one person isn’t trying to give the friendship another try while the other isn’t on board.
  • Be patient and keep your expectations in check - You can’t snap your fingers and make things the way they were before, so be patient. Take it slow, let it happen naturally and see where it goes.

Source: Hello Giggles

Makeup can do amazing things, like make your eyes look bigger and give you a pillowy pout, but it has its downsides too. And as we age, there are some products and applications that can actually make us look older. So here are tips from makeup artists for enhancing our youth with our makeup bags.

  • Use a dewy foundation - As we age, our skin doesn’t produce as much oil, so it’s important to choose a foundation with a “dewy or velvety finish.” Anything that reflects light gives a more illuminated, healthy look.
  • Use a cream blush - A super-blendable cream blush can add radiance to the face that a powder blush doesn’t.
  • Pay attention to your brows - Eyebrows thin out and get sparse as we get older, so beefing them up can take years off your face. Try a tinted brow gel for quick results.
  • Try a nourishing primer - A velvety primer can help foundation look smoother on mature skin by minimizing fine lines and keeping makeup in place longer.
  • Less is more - For aging skin, less really is more. Heavy makeup settles in lines and creases when we laugh, chew, squint, or raise our eyebrows and that just makes us look older.
  • Avoid heavy concealer - Too much coverage can actually highlight the wrinkles and lines we’re trying to hide, so keep your touch light with concealer under the eyes.
  • Try to skip powder - Setting powder could magnify lines, aging us. So keep things “dewy and luminescent” and use a sheer translucent powder or a mineral-based one.
  • Use shimmer sparingly - The sparkle can fall on your face and settle into lines, which only makes them stand out more. A tiny dot of shimmer on your lid can create brightness in the eyes and a shimmery lip gloss can make your pout appear plumper, but a little goes a long way.

Source: Byrdie

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