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Father’s Day is Sunday, and while most folks will be celebrating the big day with pops, it won’t be nearly as big of a deal as it was for mom on Mother’s Day.

According to the National Retail Federation, Father’s Day spending will reach about $15.3 billion this year, which is well below the $23.1 billion consumers spent for mom on Mother’s Day. Overall, 77% of folks will celebrate Father’s Day, as compared to 86% who celebrated mom, with most people spending about $133 on dad, again, much less than what was spent on mom, which was around $180. 

As for why, well, it seems like most people just feel Mother’s Day is more important. In fact, a LendEDU survey finds that 24.2% of people believe Mother’s Day is more important than Father’s Day, with only 1.8% thinking Dad’s day is the more important holiday. What’s more, over 13% of folks would be okay with eliminating Father’s Day, as opposed to only 8.8% who want Mother’s Day gone.

The difference in amount spent could also be chalked up to what people by for dad as opposed to mom. While Mother’s Day gifts like jewelry, flowers or a spa day are quite pricey, dad gifts like clothing, gift cards, and even sporting events, are cheaper.

Source: CBS News

We all know life as a working parent isn’t easy, but it seems most Americans believe they have conquered the issue of work-life balance. In fact, according to a new CareerBuilder survey, 78% of parents say it is possible to have success in your career and as a parent.

Overall, 51% of parents say they feel equally successful at work and in their role as a parent, but that number differs by gender, with 56% of dads feeling that way, and only 47% of moms saying the same. For moms, 33% say they feel more successful as a parent, while only 22% of dads feel the same way. 

And while you may think a lot of working parents are doing it just for the money, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Only 25% of working parents say they’d be willing to give up their job if their spouse made enough money to support the family comfortably. What’s more, 65% of employees with a child say they wouldn’t take a decrease in pay to spend more time with the kids, a sentiment felt by 65% of dads and 66% of moms.

But not everything is perfect for most working parents. The poll finds that 38% have had to miss a big event in their child’s life because of work, and 21% have missed three or more. If that wasn’t bad enough, 24% of parents say their children have asked them to work less, while 23% of parents believe their work has had a negative impact on their relationship with their kids, and 18% say work has had a negative effect on their relationship.

Source: Business Journals

If you’re still trying to figure out what to get for Dad this Father’s Day, stop scouring Amazon for something he doesn’t need and spend some quality time with him instead. Chances are your dad already has a shaver he likes and doesn’t need another tie, so go do something fun with him instead, like one of these.

  • Zip-lining - You may have to get out of town to find this kind of thrilling adventure, but zip-lining is a fun way to spend time outside with Dad and bond, so it’s worth the trip.
  • Brewery tour - Craft breweries are everywhere these days, so if you and your pops are beer drinkers, hit one up and take the tour. You learn something and get to drink beer, so it’s a win-win.
  • See “Ocean’s 8” - Escape the heat and check out the fierce women plotting and carrying out a heist in this new movie. Or if you want to avoid the crowds, find something you and Dad want to see on Netflix and have a movie night in.
  • Indoor VR skydiving - If you always wanted to try skydiving but the expense and thought of jumping out of an airplane made it too scary, indoor skydiving with virtual reality could be the thing for you. You whip around in a wind tunnel and with the VR video, you actually feel like you’re soaring over a beautiful destination. Check it out on
  • Go surfing, kayaking, pedal boating, or stand-up paddle boarding - So pretty much anything that gets you into the water. Even if you don’t live near the coast, there are lakes everywhere that offer fun options like these.
  • See a live sports game - If you or your Dad are big fans a sports team, Father’s Day weekend is the perfect time to go support them together. And if there’s nothing happening locally, check out the game on TV and cheer on your team with Dad.

Source: Hello Giggles

There are few things more heartbreaking than finding out that a spouse or significant other cheated, and while some folks will react by crying and wolfing down a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, others are more devious, and find ways to exact revenge.

Well, a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks revealing the crazy ways they got revenge on a cheating ex, and it may put some ideas in your head for the next time you encounter a cheat.

Wild ways people got back at a cheating ex include:

  • “He cheated on me so I put tuna fish in his bedposts and he never knew where the bad smell came from. He even moved to another place it got so bad.”
  • “I put heavy duty hair removal cream in my ex-boyfriend’s shampoo bottle after he cheated. Let’s just say he looks awful bald now.”
  • “I added Justin Bieber and ‘Glee” to all of his Pandora stations after we broke up. (he cheated).”
  • “I divorced my ex-husband after he cheated on me. I’d say taking half his paycheck and pension now is the best revenge ever.”  Click the link below for more...

Source: Whisper

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