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Nobody goes into a marriage thinking they’ll get divorced (we hope), but inevitably some couples just can’t make it work. Well, there are some parts of the world where folks have a harder time working things out, and a new report reveals which ones they are. looked at data on marriage and divorce rates for 50 countries across Europe, America and Australia, to determine which countries are the most unlucky in love and Russia tops the list. The divorce rate in Russia is 4.7 per 1,000 people. Interestingly, Russia has the fifth highest marriage rate, 8.3 per 1,000, which means that a lot of them try to find the perfect partner, while many don’t succeeded.

As for America, things aren’t exactly great either, with the U.S. landing at seven, with 2.5 divorces per 1,000 people, although we do marry at a rate higher than other countries, with 6.9 marriages per 1,000 people.


Countries With The 10 Highest Divorce Rates

  1. Russia
  2. Belarus
  3. Lithuania
  4. Moldova
  5. Latvia
  6. Ukraine
  7. USA
  8. Georgia
  9. Denmark
  10. Sweden 

On the flipside...Ireland is the country where marriages are most likely to last, with a divorce rate of only 0.6 per 1,000. Of course this doesn’t mean they’re all happy, since Ireland has some very strict divorce laws, with the country demanding proof couples have lived apart for at least four of the previous five years.

Source: Business Journal

We all know weddings can be really, really expensive, but sometimes it’s hard to realize just what that big day is doing to your bank account. Well, a new report has put it into some perspective, and it’s downright shocking.

According to a new report by HotPads, most couples will spend the equivalent of TWO YEARS worth of rent to say “I Do.” In fact, an average wedding, including engagement rings, ceremony, reception and honeymoon, sets couples back $36,000 which is almost $500 more than two years worth of the median rent across the U.S., which is about $1,480 a month. 

Of course not everyone’s wedding budget would pay for two years of rent. Folks in San Francisco and San Diego will only spend about a year’s rent on their wedding, not because they have smaller budget though, because rent prices are just that much higher.

Source: HotPods 

Let’s face it, as much as we think we are hip and in tune with the latest trends, we all get older and tend to love the things we’ve always loved growing up, especially when it comes to music. Well, a new survey just proved that last point, finding that most people stop discovering new music by the time they turn 30.

According to a British poll, which could easily translate here, 60% of people admit to being in a musical rut that has them listening  to the same songs over and over, while only 25% would be open to experiencing new music outside their preferred genre.

Folks interest in discovering new music certainly wanes over time, and 24 being seems to be the peak age for it, with 75% of respondents that age saying they listen to 10 or more new tracks a week, while 64% discovered about five new artists a month. Adding to that, a 2015 survey found that people’s musical tastes “matured” in their early 30s, and by 33 they stopped listening to new music altogether.

As for why folks stop discovering new music, it wasn’t for lack of interest, it’s more about time, with 47% saying they wish that had more time to discover new music. The survey also finds that 19% of folks are overwhelmed by the amount of choices available, while 16% have a job that’s just too demanding, and 11% are too busy caring for their children.

Source: Business Insider

Starbucks fans may have noticed that their coffee fix just got a little more expensive. Earlier this week, the coffee giant raised the price of its coffee anywhere from 10 to 20 cents, depending on the location. Not every item on the menu went up in price. In fact, most drinks, including lattes, mochas, tea lattes, iced coffee, Frappuccinos, iced tea, cold brews and Nitros, didn’t change at all. 

Source: USA Today

A new study from Ohio State University finds that drinking coffee makes employees more positive to their coworkers by making them more alert. Lots of us start the day with a cup or five of the buzzy brew and now we know there’s another perk to drinking coffee at work.

Researchers found that participants who drank coffee – the real, caffeinated kind - before discussing a controversial topic rated themselves and their team members more positively than those who didn’t get coffee until after the discussion. And when they did the test again, this time with half getting full-strength brew and half getting decaf, it was the caffeinated coffee drinkers who ranked themselves and their team members more positively, stayed on topic more, and were more likely to say they’d be willing to work with their group again.

So what does this all mean? Study co-author Amit Singhsays the good vibes are steeped in the caffeine buzz. He says, “We suspect that when people are more alert they see themselves and the other group members contributing more, and that gives them a more positive attitude.”

And for us, it’s another reason to enjoy pouring that cup of coffee in the morning. We all want to get along well with our coworkers, after all.

Source: Moneyish

If you're looking for a reason to visit New York, now we hear a Nutella Cafe is opening in New York City by the end of the year. Ferrero, the company that makes the beloved hazelnut spread, is set to open the space near Union Square, and they’ll be serving up Nutella menu items and espresso drinks.

There have been Nutella pop-ups around the city before, and even a Nutella Bar inside Eataly, but this will be the city’s first permanent brick-and-mortar Nutella Cafe. Details about specific menu items are still under wraps, but if it’s like the Nutella Cafe that opened in Chicago last year, diners can look forward to a croissant filled with - what else - Nutella, a grilled baguette topped with Nutella and toasted hazelnuts, and a liege waffle with fruit, Nutella and toasted hazelnuts. Is your mouth watering yet?

“As a multicultural epicenter, New York gives us the opportunity to explore and offer new ways for our local fans to enjoy Nutella, while reaching millions of tourists visiting the city,” the cafe’s vice president of operations, Rick Fossali, says in a statement.

And we say bring it on!

Source: New York Post

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