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It’s no doubt that having a fancy title at work can certainly sound impressive to people, but the truth is, just because someone’s title may be bigger than yours doesn’t necessarily mean they make more money than you.

A new poll by OfficeTeam finds that 39% of hiring managers say it’s pretty common for companies to offer employees a promotion but not give them a salary bump, with 6% saying it’s very common and 33% saying it’s somewhat common.

And while you’d think employees would be frustrated at getting a promotion in name only, you’d be wrong. In fact, the survey finds that 64% of workers say they’d be willing to accept a promotion that didn’t come with a raise, which is up from 55% in 2011.

Overall, men are more willing than women to accept a title bump without more money (72% vs. 55%), while those ages 18 to 34 are also the most likely to accept the new title (72%), as compared to those 35 to 54 (61%) and those 55 years and older (53%).

Source: OfficeTeam

Everyone has a bad day at the office every now and then and when that happens, it’s hard not to let it take over and ruin the rest of your day. So the key to bouncing back from a bad day at work is unplugging and unwinding, in whatever form works best for you. Here are a few ideas to help you rebound when a bummer day at work wipes you out.

  • Remind yourself why you do what you do - Maybe you love your job, or maybe it’s what you do to afford living in a city you love, or maybe it’s just a stepping stone to get you where you really want to be. But whatever it is, remind yourself that your job doesn’t define you and remember the big picture when you’re having one of those bad days.
  • Get up and move your body - Go for a walk, take a yoga class, or whatever you feel like doing to help shake off the negative energy of the day and get some endorphins goingfor that feel good feeling.
  • Work is over, so let it go for the day - Take a deep breath, shrug it off for the night and then get back into problem solving mode tomorrow.
  • Don’t let yourself be defined by the feedback - Compartmentalize work life from personal life and try not to take the feedback to heart. It doesn’t define you and it might not even be true, so try to take the concern for the business without letting it get you down personally.
  • Remember your track record and give yourself some credit - A crummy day can be overwhelming, but try to think of all the success stories in your career and let them boost your confidence when you’re feeling insecure at work.
  • Just do the best you can - It’s a simple idea, but it’s important to do your best every day, with integrity and good intention, that way it’s harder for others to shake your confidence.

Source: Elite Daily

We all pick up bad habits, but what you could handle in your 20s, like staying out too late drinking too much and eating too many ramen noodles, catches up to you as you approach 40 (and beyond). So if you’re nearing the big 4-0, ideally, here are some of the unhealthy habits you should ditch soon so you feel even better.  If you're over 40, stop doing these things ASAP:

  • Crash Dieting - It’s tempting to drop a few pounds in a hurry when you’ve got a cruise coming up, but the Obesity Action Coalition warns some risks of crash dieting include poor nutrition, gallstones, dehydration, hair loss, and it’s terrible for your metabolism too.
  • Sitting All Day - The Mayo Clinic reports that sitting all day can be as bad for your health as smoking, so make time to get up, stretch, and walk every so often.
  • Never Reading Books - We love Netflix too, but reading books keeps your brain sharp, wards off dementia, and there are a lot of great books out there you don’t want to miss.
  • Eating a Low-Fat Diet - Eating healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, and avocados has been linked to better cognitive function and can fight off brain degeneration.
  • Using on Artificial Sweeteners - Fake sugars can raise your risk for Type 2 diabetes, so don’t go there.
  • Staying Up Too Late - Your body needs plenty of sleep, so unless you get to sleep until afternoon, get to bed early enough for all the rest you need.
  • Avoiding Dairy - Unless you’re allergic or intolerant, don’t skip dairy because it’s an important source of calcium and you need plenty of it to avoid fractures or osteoporosis.
  • Never Flossing - Gum disease starts appearing when people are in their 30s and 40s, so protect your smile and floss every day.
  • Eating Canned Foods - It’s the BPA in the can linings and the sodium in the canned foods that cause health problems, so limit your intake.
  • Drinking Lots of Soda - There’s nothing nutritional here, just a lot of sugar and sodium, and it puts you at risk for diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions, according to the Harvard School of Public Health. Going for the diet version has other negative health effects, so you’re better off without it.
  • Forgetting Sunscreen - It’s not just wrinkles you should be worried about, skipping sunscreen means getting sunburned and that significantly raises the risk of skin cancer.

Source: The Daily Meal

Lots of us try to eat healthier, so we bring our lunches to work to avoid restaurants. And that means we eat a lot of sandwiches because it’s easy and portable, but it’s not always healthy. So here are pointers from nutritionists for making healthier sammies for us and the kiddos.

  • Add some avocados - Not only do they taste great, they also help your body absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K.
  • Pile on the pickles - Get a little crunch and extra flavor from pickles, which are low-cal, full of fiber, and made with vinegar, which is all good for the waistline.
  • Switch to whole-grain bread - Whole grains have more nutrients and fiber and they take longer for the body to break down, so you feel fuller longer.
  • Or skip the bread altogether - Swap bread for lettuce and make wraps to get some more produce into your diet. Or use leafy greens instead of a tortilla for a healthy beans, rice, and avocado burrito.
  • Stack on the veggies - Add some color to your sammie with fresh veggies and you’ll get more phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals from your lunch.
  • Be wary of deli meats - Highly processed meats, like the ones in the grocery store deli case, are packed with preservatives and chemicals like nitrates and added sodium.
  • Try meat-free proteins - Meatless sources of protein like beans, hummus, or nut butters made a delicious sandwich that’s also healthy. Get crafty and upgrade your standard PB&J to one with almond butter and sliced berries instead of jelly, so you get less sugar and more iron and vitamin E than peanut butter.
  • Think beyond meat and cheese - Break free from the turkey, lettuce, and cheese combo and try a fancy spread like pesto or add some sliced apples or pears to liven up your regular sandwich.
  • Add flavor with low-calorie extras - Add lemon juice, fragrant herbs or spices to boost flavor without adding many calories

Source: Today

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