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Nobody wants to live in a state with a bad reputation, especially when it comes to safety,  but there’s no doubt that there are some places in this country that are way safer than others. But which ones are they?

Well, WalletHub has just come out with their list of the Safest States in the Country, ranking the 50 states based on 48 key safety factors, in five different categories – personal & residential safety, financial safety, road safety, workplace safety and emergency preparedness.

So, where should you want to live if safety is your biggest concern? Apparently Vermont, which earns a 66.02 out of 100 and lands in the Top Ten in four of the five categories, including number two for personal and residential safety, and three for financial safety.

Top Ten Safest States In The Country

  1. Vermont
  2. Maine
  3. Minnesota
  4. Utah
  5. New Hampshire
  6. Connecticut
  7. Rhode Island
  8. Hawaii
  9. Massachusetts
  10. Washington

As for the state that is the least safe, that “honor” goes to Mississippi with a score of 32.90. Mississippi ranks dead last for emergency preparedness, and in the bottom ten in three other categories.

Ten Least Safe States In The Country

  1. Mississippi
  2. Louisiana
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Texas
  5. Florida
  6. Arkansas
  7. Alabama
  8. Missouri
  9. Alaska
  10. South Carolina

Source: WalletHub

While we’d all like to think that if we work hard and are good at our job we’ll earn that raise we so richly deserve, but a new study finds that there are some groups of people who are less likely to earn that raise regardless of whether they deserve it or not.

A new report by Payscale finds that compared to white men, men of color are the least likely to get raises when they ask for them. In fact, they were 25% less likely to get that bump in salary, while women of color were 19% less likely. Meanwhile, overall, women asking for raises are less likely to receive them then men, but the survey found women are also less likely to ask, with 26% saying they are uncomfortable negotiating salaries, as compared to 17% of men.

The study of more than 160,000 respondents found that in general, no particularly group, racial, ethnic or gender, was more likely to ask for a raise, which, as study author Ruchika Tulshyan, notes “supports growing evidence that simply expecting people from underestimated backgrounds to ask for a raise will not close the wage gap.”

  • But on a brighter note, overall it seems as though most people will get a positive outcome when asking for a raise. The study finds that 70% of workers who asked for a raise got one, while 40% got the amount they requested.
  • As for the biggest reason workers are denied raises, about half say it’s “budgetary constraints,” although only 20% of workers don't believe that excuse. 

Source: Payscale

Men out there, it looks like you don’t have to worry about hitting the gym to get a six-pack. Last year a Planet Fitness survey found that women were totally into dad bods, and it turns out things haven’t changed in the past year. 

Overall, the new Planet Fitness survey finds that 21% of adult men, or 25.1-million, self-identify as having a dad bod, which is up from 21.5-million last year. What’s more, most are proud of their dad bod, with 70% of people saying they are more universally accepted, while 62% of men saying having one has improved their lives because they are less concerned about their appearance (43%), they are more accepting of themselves (42%) and more confident (25%).

And it doesn’t hurt that women seem to be into them. According to the poll, women find men with dad bods more attractive (67%) and sexy (62%). Plus, 65% of women say they’d rather have a hubby with a dad bod than a six-pack.

  • Along those lines,  70% of women believe men with dad bods have happier marriages, while 83% of gals say it shows a sign of true confidence. Gals also think those dad bods make their men make an amazing father (46%), a provider (40%) and a fantastic partner (39%).

Source: Market Watch

So you’re eating right and working out regularly, but you’re still not shedding those pounds you hoped to lose. As frustrating as that is, personal trainer Marcus Rice says you’re probably making one of a few common mistakes. He says these are the top reasons people go astray when trying to lose unwanted weight and get more toned and sculpted.

  • Lacking a good plan - Eating right and working out don’t just happen, you have to find a plan that’s healthy and sustainable and stick with it.
  • Too much program hopping - You might not see results right away, but give it a chance for a few weeks.
  • Eating 'clean' but not aware of calories - Eating healthy is great, but overdoing it on the calories can make you gain weight.
  • Too many liquid calories - All those fresh-pressed juices, protein shakes and smoothies add hundreds of calories to your day.
  • Uncontrolled weekend eating and drinking - If you can stay on track all week, but overdo it on the weekend, you’re undoing all that good work you did Monday through Friday.
  • Not trying to develop muscle - Muscle mass speeds up your metabolism and helps you burn more calories.
  • Not managing sleep and stress enough - Eating a healthy diet and working out regularly won’t help if your cortisol levels are high from stress or not getting enough good sleep.
  • Not controlling hunger well - Sweets and processed carbs will leave you feeling hungry soon, but fiber-rich foodsand drinking lots of water can help you feel full longer.
  • Not avoiding your trigger foods - If you know you can’t say no to something, don’t make it harder on yourself by bringing it home or going to a restaurant where they serve it.

Source: PopSugar

We’ve all met narcissists, and some of us probably have a few in our lives. But it isn’t always easy to tell whether someone is one until you really get to know them, and by then it's probably too late. Well, a new study finds it may not actually be that hard to identify a narcissist, and all you have to do is look at their eyebrows.

The study, published in the "Journal of Personality," had subjects look at the faces of folks across the narcissistic spectrum, and most of them were able to identify ones just by the picture. And they were also pretty good at picking them out based soley on their eyebrows. 

So, what type of eyebrows do narcissists have? Well, subjects noted femininity, grooming and distinctiveness, when identifying them, but more specifically, they noted that narcissists usually have darker, thicker and more distinctive eyebrows. The study even used photoshop to put the narcissists’ eyebrows on other people and the eyebrows were still considered identifying features.

Source: Business Insider

Romantic relationships are great and all, but dating can me messy and confusing too. On the other hand, your relationship with your best friend is pretty much the best thing ever and probably makes you happier than any boyfriend or girlfriend could. These are just a few of the reasons you wouldn’t trade your bestie for anything.

  • You never have to overthink things - You know your bestie so well, you don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing or misinterpreting her behavior. And unlike that new guy you’re seeing, you don’t have to obsess over every text she sends.
  • You can be completely yourself - So you can wear what you want, say what you want and do what you want when you’re with your best friend.
  • Your best friend will always tell you the truth - Your boyfriend might not want to tell you that your new haircut is unflattering, but you know your bestie will.
  • You unselfishly support each other's goals - Seeing you happy is what matters to your BFF and she’ll do anything she can to help you achieve your goals.
  • Your best friend gets your obscure pop culture references - You have to explain them to your partner, but your best friend will always get your obscure ‘90s rom-com references and shoot back the next line too.
  • You can eat whatever you want - A whole box of cupcakes, an entire pizza, whatever you’re into, you can eat it in front of your BFF.
  • Best friends make the best shopping partners - She knows your wardrobe better than you do and will stop you from buying another floral shirt that looks just like every other summer top you own.
  • You can be petty and judgmental - You may try to keep up a nice girl facade in front of your S.O., but your bestie knows everyone you hate and why you can’t stand them and knows when to join you in judging them to be supportive.
  • If you fight, you always make up - It can happen to even the best of friends, but it never lasts for long.
  • Your best friend won't break your heart - You’ve been through thick and thin together and you know your BFF won’t cheat on you or ghost you, but can you say the same thing about your partner?

Source: Elite Daily

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