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Doctors had always told Rick Chappell that odds were one in a million he’s be a match for his wife Barbara, who needed a kidney transplant. The couple from White City, Oregon never even had Rick tested because medical professionals told them it’s almost impossible for unrelated people to be a perfect match, but after his boss urged him to get the test anyway, he found out he was the perfect match for his wife.

Barbara was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease at 14, but she’s been declining more rapidly recently and even though she’s been on the donor list for about two years, her declining health and advanced age makes her less likely to get a transplant. But the couple doesn’t have kids because her condition is hereditary and Barbara doesn’t have family she can ask for a kidney, so Rick got the test. Now that they know he’s a perfect match, they’re preparing to have the surgery next week.

Source: Inside Edition

When Millie Sawyer found Stitch, an American Staffordshire Terrier mix, she was in a shelter, only one day away from being euthanized. Sawyer is a foster mom for Habitat for Paws and had saved more than 70 dogs, so she found Stitch just in time.

The rescue dog was turned away from three homes before coming to Kaitlyn Johnson, who introduced the dog to the sport of fly ball, where dogs run a short course. When Stitch first tried it, she had a super fast time and soon she started placing at competitions.

Stitch is great at fly ball and seems to have found the perfect home with Johnson, who says, “Every time I set a goal for her, she just leaps over it.”

Source: Fox 13 Memphis

When Thomas Robert Duboyce was born 18 years ago, a police officer helped deliver him on the side of the highway in Maryland. Montgomery County Officer Robert Hunt helped bring the kid into the world and he recently surprised him by coming to see him graduate from Oakdale High School.

Hunt, a 24-year veteran officer, says the day he helped deliver Duboyce, way back on November 13, 1999, was “probably the best thing that has ever happened to me in my career.” And because of that, he wanted to come watch the young man graduate and be there for the special occasion.

Mom Melissa Duboyce says Officer Hunt did a great job delivering her son and she even gave him the middle name Robert as a tribute to the officer. She says they’ve kept in touch over the years through Christmas cards and having Officer Hunt come to graduation was a really nice surprise.

Source: Fox News

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