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Researchers from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland have confirmed what some of us have suspected all along: people who wear glasses really are smarter than everyone else. They analyzed genetic data of nearly 45,000 people for their study and found that those classified as “intelligent” were almost a third more likely to have genes that would require glasses than those with lower intelligence scores.

So science backs up the stereotypes that nerdy kids and professors peering through their specs really are smarter than those who have excellent vision naturally. And while researchers can’t really explain why this link exists, they also found that those with a higher cognitive ability also had genes linked to better cardiovascular health.

The research team examined 148 genomic regions related to better cognitive function, including 58 that haven’t been previously reported. Researcher Dr. Gail Davies says this is the largest genetic study of cognitive function and these results could help understanding the declines in cognitive function that happens as people age or with illness.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you can just slip on a pair of spectacles and boost your IQ score. But it does mean if you need to wear glasses, chances are you’re probably smarter than your eagle-eyed pals.

Source: Women's Health

Even the best parents in the world probably let a swear word slip from their lips in front of the kiddos sometimes, we’ve all been there. But according to Dr. Emma Byrne, a scientist in the field of artificial intelligence and the author of “Swearing is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language,” we shouldn’t worry one bit because teaching kids to swear can have a lot of upsides.

Byrne has found teaching kids to curse can help them understand language better, and she’s linked swearing to honesty, having a more robust vocabulary, better credibility, and helping kids process and handle anger. So this self-proclaimed “Sweary Scientist” says we should reverse the idea that we should keep strong language from little ones until they know how to use it effectively.

“Learning how to use swearing effectively, with the support of empathetic adults,” Byrne says, “is far better than trying to ban children from using such language.”

In her book, Byrne also explains that swearing has been shown to ease the effects of physical pain, reduce anxiety, help trauma victims recover language, and promotes “human cooperation” in kids. Of course, moms and dads don’t want junior dropping an F-bomb in English class every day, but teaching our kids that not only is it okay to swear in certain situations, but that it can actually be good for us, could be a good thing. Plus, it’s a lot more fun, isn’t it?

Source: Scary Mommy

Anyone who’s worked at a fast food restaurant will tell you that customers can often be rather irritating, which can make an already thankless job even more dreadful. Well, now a group of McDonald’s workers have taken to Reddit to reveal the most annoying things customers do, and there’s a good chance you may be guilty of some of them. 

Irritating customer behavior includes:

  • Expecting crew members to make something that’s not on the menu - despite what you’ve heard, there isn’t a secret menu.
  • Ordering complicated “special requests”
  • Hacking the system to get fresh fries – people ask for fries without salt thinking they’ll get fresh ones, but employees say it’s easier to just ask for fresh fries.
  • Placing a drive-thru order in a noisy car 
  • Dawdling by the cash register – They want to get people out fast, so once you’ve ordered step aside.
  • Dumping change when it comes time to pay
  • Acting condescending towards crew members
  • Leaving a big mess – come on, clean up after yourself.
  • Forgetting to think through your order
  • Cutting the line at the drive thru
  • Failing to control their kids

Source: Business Insider

Now that most colleges are out for the summer, with high schools ending soon, a lot of teens and 20-somethings will be looking for summer jobs, and there’s some good news for them.

According to a new Careerbuilder report, 41% of employers plan to hire seasonal workers this summer, with 25% saying they’ll pay, on average, $15 an hour, which is twice the federal minimum wage. And what’s even better is that 88% of those hiring expect those summer hires will transition into permanent gigs.

As for where folks will have the best chance at finding a summer job, the survey finds that employers in the Northeast are hiring the most seasonal workers (47%), followed by the West (41%), the South (39%) and the Midwest (37%)

  • And while you may think of summer jobs as working at the beach, or maybe a fast food joint, when you’re desperate for a summer gig, you’re often willing to take almost anything. Well,  the survey asked people to describe some of the more bizarre jobs they’ve had over the summer, and a few of them may surprise you.

Unusual summer jobs include:

  • Teaching ice skating classes
  • Ambulance driver
  • All-girl valet parking crew
  • Assembly line worker for loose-leaf binders
  • Candling eggs
  • Detasseling corn
  • Killing mosquitos
  • Picking pineapples in Hawaii
  • Scaring seagulls off roofs
  • Senior citizen softball league umpire
  • Worm farmer

Source: The Street

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