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With Memorial Day weekend the unofficial start of summer, lots of folks will be getting into their car for a holiday road trip, and it seems summer overall is a particularly popular time to take to the highways.

A new poll finds that overall, 48% of Americans say they prefer to spend their summer Saturdays on a road trip, with 72% of people taking that road trip with their significant others or families. Family is also the reason most people will be driving this summer, with 36% of people saying they are taking a road trip to visit family and friends, while 32% want to experience the adventure of the open road.

So, where is everyone going? Well the survey finds that Denver and Miami are two of the most popular destinations (26%), followed by New York City (18%), and Atlanta and Palm Springs, California (15%). 

Of course, no road trip would be complete without some tunes, and apparently a lot of folks like to stick to the road trip theme when it comes to songs. The survey finds that the most popular road trip tune is “Life is a Highway” (33%).

Source: Hankook Tire

It’s no secret that consumers can be loyal to certain brands and a new survey finds exactly which brands are the most trusted by the public.

More than 15,000 American shoppers voiced their opinion for the fifth annual BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards, naming their most trusted Food & Beverage, Personal Care & Beauty, Household & Pets and Over-the-Counter Health brands.

Among the winners (click here for a complete list):

  • Adult Sunscreen – Coppertone/Neutrogena (tie)
  • Antacid – Tums
  • Lip Balm – Chapstick
  • Body Wash - Dove
  • Allergy Relief – Claritin
  • Soft Drink – Coca-Cola
  • Bottled Water – Dasani
  • Coffee – Folgers
  • Tequila – Patron
  • Mayonnaise - Hellmans
  • Air Freshener – Febreze
  • Dish Soap – Dawn
  • Dog Food – Purina
  • Fabric Softener – Downey
  • Landry Detergent – Tide
  • Paper Towels – Bounty
  • Tampons (Feminine Product) - Tampax
  • Toothpaste - Crest
  • Women’s Deodorant – Secret
  • Mouthwash – Listerine 

So, what do brands need to do to gain their customers trust? Well, the survey finds that 95% of folks want them to respond to serious issues quickly, while another 95% want transparency about a product or service, and 86% say their trust increases when they see unfiltered customer reviews online. Pricing also plays a big role in customer’s trust, with 91% of people saying consistent or competitive pricing makes a company seem respectful and fair.

Source: Omaha World Herald

Anyone who’s ever worked in an office will tell you that once summer hits the battles over the office temperature begin. There will always be people who think it’s too hot, while others are freezing because the air conditioner makes it feel like it’s below zero. Well, according a new CareerBuilder survey, all these temperature issues could be bad for business.

The survey finds that 46% of workers say their office is either too hot or too cold, with 51% saying that when it’s too cold it affects their productivity, while 67% say the same about it being too warm.

And being uncomfortable can lead to arguments in the office, with 15% of workers saying they’ve actually fought with co-workers about temperature, although only 7% of men have, as compared to 22% of women. What’s more, 19% admit they’ve secretly changed the office temps during the summer, 13% to make it colder and 6% to make it warmer. 

So, what do people do, besides argue, to combat the temperature issues in the office? Well, some have found ways to personally solve the issue, including:

  • Drink cool beverages: 42%
  • Dress in layers: 27%
  • Use a personal fan: 26%
  • Drink hot beverages: 20%
  • Wear a jacket all day: 19%
  • Use a space heater: 13%
  • Use a blanket: 6%

Source: Market Watch 

We’ve all been told time and time again that the only real way to protect our information online is to have a really secure password, but according to a new report, most people are failing in that department.

The digital security company Dashline just released an analysis of over 61-million passwords and it turns out there are some definite patterns when it comes to mistakes people are making with their passwords.

Mistakes include: 

  • Password Walking - This is when folks choose passwords that contain combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols that are adjacent to one another on the keyboard, like "qwerty" and "123456.” Other popular ones include “1q2w3e4r” and “1qaz2wsx,” all of which can be typed using just your left hand. 
  • Love & Hate – Lots of passwords are made up of words pertaining to love, as well as aggressive and vulgar language, with the most popular ones being “iloveyou,” “f*ckyou,” “a**hole,” “f**koff,” and “Iloveme.”
  • Recurrent Brands – Certain brands, like Coca Cola, Skittles and even company names like Lilnkedin have seeped into folks' passwords. The most popular include “Myspace,” “mustang,” “linkedin” “Ferrari” and “playboy.” 
  • Music & Movies – A lot of people tend to include their favorite moves and music in passwords, with the most frequent ones used being “superman,” “pokemon,” “slipknot,” “starwars” and “metallica.”
  • Champions League – Sports-related terms are always quite popular for passwords, but it seems soccer fans are the most guilty of this, with the most popular sports-related passwords all referencing popular Champions League football clubs, like “liverpool,” “chelsea,” and “arsenal.”

Source: Dashline 

There are all kinds of different diets and theories for how to drop pounds, but some say losing weight is more about when you eat, rather than what you can and can’t eat. Our internal body clocks, also called the circadian rhythm, are affected by the time we eat, and it seems that can have a big impact on our waistlines.

You probably know that eating a huge meal right before bed isn’t great for your metabolism, and according to nutritionist Helen Bond, we should be eating our biggest meal at lunch. “There’s evidence coming through that having the majority of your calories earlier in the day seems to be more beneficial than having a heavier evening meal,” she explains.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can eat anything you’d like, as long as it’s at lunchtime. Calories are not all created equal, so it’s important to fill your plate with foods that are nutritionally dense, no matter which meal you’re eating. Calories in, calories out still affects whether we gain or maintain, regardless of what time of day we’re eating.

And you still need to eat a healthy breakfast and dinner, Bond says. She points out that a good breakfast refuels you after fasting overnight and gives you energy to concentrate. Then if you have a heavier meal at lunch, she says you’ll have the afternoon to use all those calories. And maybe the best part, you won’t be going to bed with a heavy stomach, so you’ll sleep better and your body can metabolize those calories more efficiently.

Source: New York Post

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