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"Fortune" magazine is out with their annual Fortune 500 list of the nation’s top corporations and the top spot looks exactly the same as it has for years.

Walmart sits at number one on the list for a sixth year in a row, especially since last year the retail giant was the first U.S. company in history to reach $500-billion in annual sales. 

The Fortune 500 Top Ten (click here for the complete list)

  1. Walmart
  2. Exxon Mobil
  3. Berkshire Hathaway
  4. Apple
  5. UnitedHealth Group
  6. McKesson
  7. CVS Health
  9. AT&T
  10. General Motors

Source: Fortune 500

Vacations are something we should all look forward to because, let’s face it, we all need some time out of the office or we’re bound to go insane. But, as we’ve heard time and time again, most Americans aren’t taking advantage of their vacation days, and when they do go away, few completely disconnect from the office.

According to a new survey by Accountemps, the average worker plans on taking nine vacation days during the summer, which sounds great, but the truth is most of those folks will still be tied to the office somehow. In fact, while 44% say they don’t check in with the office at all while on vacation, most folks do, with 70% of those ages 18 to 34, and 39% of those 55% and older maintaining some contact with their job.

But it turns out how much time you spend checking in could vary depending on where you live. The survey finds that employees in New York, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Miami and Seattle are the most likely to be constantly checking in with work, while folks in Cleveland, Minneapolis, Denver, Philadelphia and Salt Lake City are the most likely to disconnect. Meanwhile, workers in Nashville, Dallas and Los Angeles, really can’t disconnect from work even for a moment, with those cities having workers most likely to not take summer vacation at all.

Source: Accountemps

Ask any kid and they’ll tell you that five days of school each week feels endless, but in some parts of the country kids don’t have to deal with such torture because they are only going to school for four days each week.

In Oklahoma, 97 of their 513 school districts only have a four-day school week. Administrators say the shortened week helps the districts deal with budget cuts, and also provides them the ability to recruit more high-quality teachers. And kids don’t lose out on schooling, since most public education is governed by hours, so they still get the required hours of schooling a year.

Oklahoma isn’t the only state willing to try the shortened week. Several other urban districts facing budget issues and teacher retention problems are looking to the shorter week as a way to solve their problems. In fact, 24 states, including Colorado, Montana and Oregon, have schools with the four-day weeks, and more are expected.

  • And it’s not just good for the school districts, parents, teachers and administrators say kids’ performance and attendance has improved, as has morale among students and teachers. What’s more, it’s a definite perk to help land high-quality teachers who like the idea of a three-day weekend. 
  • Of course, not everything is perfect. Experts warn that as more urban areas try to adopt the policy, problems like finding childcare for kids when they aren’t in school, or trouble kids could get to with that extra day off can increase. Experts say in rural areas where the short week has been adopted, there is usually at least one parent or grand parent at home, which takes away the childcare issue, but that’s not usually the case in urban areas. 

Source: NBC News

There’s a lot to consider when buying a house, like the neighborhood, how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, etcetera, and according to a new survey, it isn’t only adults weighing in on such decisions.

A survey by SunTrust finds that when buying a new home, 55% of folks with kids under the age of 18 factor in the opinion of their child. And for younger parents it’s even more, with 74% of those ages 18 to 34 with kids considering their child’s opinions when making he purchase.

Not surprising, kids have certain wants that may be totally different than what’s on their parents’ wish list. Among kids’ biggest requests when buying a house:

  • Their own bedrooms (57%)
  • Large backyards (34%)
  • Proximity to parks/activities (25%)
  • Schools (24%)
  • Friends (24%)
  • Swimming pools (21%)

And apparently folks who are currently renting put even more stock in their kids’ opinions than those who already own a home. Overall, 83% of renters say their kids’ opinion will play a huge role in which home they will buy.

Source: Market Watch

Trying to lose weight is never easy, and most of us wish there was an easy way to jut take off the pounds. Well, now a new study suggests that the secret to slimming down may be as simple as taking your shoes off when you come home.

Okay, it’s probably not that simple, but a study out of the Universities of Aveiro and Beira Interior in Portugal suggest that environmental chemicals we bring into our homes on our feet, known as “obesogens,” are wrecking our hormones, which could be causing us to put on some pounds because fat levels are building up in our tissues.

Another way to fight against these contaminants is to have wood floors instead of carpet, and if you do have carpet to regularly vacuum in order to stop them from accumulating in household dust.

Source: Daily Mail

As we previously told you, lucky members of the public who were invited to the grounds of Windsor Castle for the royal wedding were sent home with a goodie bag commemorating the nuptials. And it didn’t take long before some of those gift bags ended up being auctioned online.

The cute blue and beige tote bags were monogrammed with Harry and Meghan’s initials and included a wedding program, a large chocolate coin with the couple’s initials, shortbread, a fridge magnet, and a bottle of water, along with a coupon for 20% off at a gift shop. They’ve been spotted on eBay, and one seller who’s advertising it as “a piece of history and memorabilia” has bids up to 490-pounds so far, which is over $657.

But it seems not all royal wedding swag bag sellers are just trying to make a quick buck. At least two of the sellers say all proceeds will go to charity, and that seems to be a good tactic because the winning bag for one of those was a whopping £1,020 (which is $1,368)!

Source: Cosmopolitan

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