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There’s no doubt a lot of us wish we could go back in time and handle our money differently and a new survey confirms just that. According to a poll by Bankrate, lots of Americans have some major financial regrets and the top regret has been number one for the past three years. 

Overall, 84% of people have some sort of financial regret, with only 15% saying they have absolutely no financial regrets at all. For those who do have regrets the most common is not saving enough for retirement (18%), followed by not saving enough for emergency expenses (14%). Other common financial regrets include: 

  • Taking on too much credit card debt (10%)
  • Taking on too much student loan debt (8%)
  • Not saving enough for children’s education (7%)
  • Buying more house than you could afford (2%) 
  • And it’s not like folks are doing much about it. Overall, about 49% haven’t taken steps to change up their situation, with 25% having no plans to address the issue. Meanwhile, 10% say they’ll deal with it in the next six months, 9% between six and 12 months, and 6% in about a year.

Source: Bankarate

Having an Amazon Prime membership may soon translate to big discounts at Whole Foods. Amazon, which owns Whole Foods, just launched a program in Florida that will offer 10% discounts on sale items, and deals on other selected items to their Prime members. The program is expected to expand nationwide this summer, and to get the discount, Prime members will either need to download the Whole Foods app and enter their Amazon login, which will give them a code on their phone for scanning, or they can link their Prime account to their phone number, and just give the number at checkout. 

Source: USA Today 

There’s always some new trendy diet to try, but that’s kind of the problem. The buzzworthy eating plans tend to be so restrictive that no one could stick to it for long, so they move on and back to less healthy eating. But there’s a different kind of diet gaining popularity because it’s easy to maintain. Meet The Scandi Sense Diet.

The Scandi Sense Diet started in Scandinavia and it’s all about sensible eating, hence the name. Created by Suzy Wengel, who lost more than 85 pounds in 10 months and kept it off, the idea is to understand portion sizes and stick to them. On this diet, each meal is made up of four handfuls of food: two are veggies, one is protein, and one is carbs.

The diet is focused on whole foods, so you want to avoid processed stuff, but your choices within the categories are up to you. Your carbs can be fruit, pasta, rice, bread, or cereal, of course, the more complex the carb, the better it is for you. And if you’re wondering where the fats are, they don’t get their own handful, but the diet allows one to three tablespoons of fat in each meal, so bring on the avocados, nuts and seeds.

And while this is called the Scandi Sense Diet, it’s not just something you’re supposed to follow for a few months and abandon. It’s easy to adapt this eating plan to your lifestyle because it’s not restrictive and you can choose foods you like that satisfy you. It’s easy and flexible enough 1 in 50 people in Scandinavia are on this diet, so it could be worth a try.


Summer is a popular time to move, so next time your bestie or sister gets a new place, why not welcome the new chapter with some luck. Even if you’re not superstitious, there are certain symbols that have been considered lucky for centuries. Here are some objects that homeowners can use to bring good fortune and would make excellent housewarming gifts.

  • Crickets - These insects are considered signs of luck in both Eastern and Western culture. In China, crickets have been symbols of luck for thousands of years and in Europe, Charles Dickens’ book “Cricket on a Hearth” helped make them popular. Give a small bronze cricket that can sit on a shelf as a fun lucky charm.
  • Horseshoe - The Irish have been hanging horseshoes over doorways for centuries to ward off evil spirits, and brass ones make good paperweights, too.
  • Pineapples - They’ve been a universal symbol of welcome for hundreds of years and for a housewarming gift can always go with a fresh one or something that’ll last longer, like a brass pineapple candle holder.
  • Crystals - These are being used more in home decor to promote healing and health, so a gift of colorful stone mugswith rose quartz, citrine, or other crystals could bring in the positive energy, without feeling too new agey.
  • Large plants - Green plants help absorb toxins and pollutants in our homes and purify the air, which helps with the room’s energy flow. Plus, a big plant really brightens up the space and is always a welcome housewarming gift.

Source: Vogue

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