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We’re a little less than two weeks away from Memorial Day weekend, and if you’re looking forward to getting away thanks to the extra day out of the office, know that you will not be alone. According to AAA, 41.5-million people will travel this Memorial Day weekend, which is a 5%, increase in travelers, or about two million more people than last year and the highest amount in almost a dozen years.

And with all those travelers there's bound to come traffic, with 36.6-million Americans driving to their destination, an increase of 4.7% from 2017. Those getting in their cars better pack their patience because AAA and INRIX predict congestion will be at its peak in the late afternoon on Thursday, May 24th and Friday, May 25th.

And if you live in a city it will be particularly bad, with travel times double what it would normally take you, and in New York it could be three times as bad. Drivers will also pay the highest gas prices for Memorial Day weekend since 2014, an average of $2.72

Of course, the car isn’t the only way people will be escaping to their Memorial Day weekend destination. Another 3.1-million folks will be flying, which is a 6.8% increase over last year, and the fifth straight year air travel has increased. Plus, 1.8-million will take either a cruise, train or bus, which is a 2.4% increase.

Top Ten Memorial Day Travel Destinations 

  1. Orlando, FL
  2. Seattle, WA
  3. Honolulu, HI
  4. Las Vegas, NV
  5. Anchorage, AK
  6. Phoenix, AZ
  7. Anaheim, CA
  8. Boston, MA
  9. Denver, CO
  10. New York, NY

Source: AAA

It’s no secret that being a parent isn’t easy, but regardless of the horrors that may come with child-rearing, that isn’t stopping people from having kids. Well, now a bunch of parents are confessing to the horrible things most people won’t tell you about having kids, and we think it actually may make some people think twice.

  • The confessions started via a thread on the Internet forum Quora, with one parent comparing having kids to being “in prison,” since it's basically just forced labor, that lasts an 18 to 25-year sentence, with the parents not being able to go out anymore.
  • Other people called kids “little monsters,” and noted that parents need to get used to boredom, and accept having to deal with biting and kicking, while one person added, “If you’re a woman, it ruins your life and your body.”
  • One father even admitted that kids “smell bad” especially when they kiss you while “they are stinking of whatever the odor-causing-bacteria did to the leftover food in their mouth."
  • Of course not all the confessions were bad...One person noted that sometimes they “regret” having kids, but the unconditional love they give makes up for it.

Source: Daily Mail

These days, most people are lucky if their doctors remember their names, let alone actually have a great relationship with them. But it turns out, a lot of folks not only want better relationships with their physicians, they even want to have social media relationships with them

A new survey finds that 54% of Millennials and 42% of all adults say they want to be friends with or follow their healthcare providers on social media. What’s more, 65% of Millennials and 43% of all adults think it’s perfectly okay to contact their doctors through social media, like say post something to them directly on their page, or direct message them. 

  • And while some doctors may not be comfortable directly chatting or diagnosing patients via Facebook or Instagram, there may be good reason for doctors to at least be more active on social media, say by sharing important health information with their patients. The survey finds that 32% of Americans say they’ve been motivated to do something about their health, whether they change their diet, or take a medication, based on something they saw on social media.
  • What’s more, 15% of parents with kids under 18 say they self-diagnosed a health problem based on info from social media. 

Source: Market Watch

Exercise is important for keeping your body healthy, but it’s beneficial to the mind as well. And according to new research from the University of Limerick in Ireland, weight training is one workout that can boost mental health.

Weight training is great for strengthening and toning the body, but this study shows it can improve mental wellbeing, too. Researchers analyzed the results of 33 existing clinical studies to find out if weight training helped improve the symptoms of depression. They concluded that it “significantly reduced symptoms among young adults.” And the best part? It didn’t matter how much or how little they did.

The study found that the more someone has feelings of depression, worthlessness, and disinterest, the more likely they are to benefit from weight training. Of course, study authors say more research is needed to determine why weight training in particular brings such positive results to people dealing with depression. And while the weights are not a magic wand, if they could make you feel a little better, why not give them a try?

Source: Cosmopolitan

We love coffee to get us going in the morning, but there’s another buzzy beverage we should be sipping on as well: green tea. It’s got all kind of health benefits, and this is why we ought to drink more green tea.

  • It boosts weight loss - Research has shown drinking green tea is linked to weight loss, especially around the abdominal area. We can thank the compounds called catechins in the tea that stimulate fat oxidation and the effect is stronger when combined with exercise.
  • It lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease - Several studies have shown that green tea can combat some of the biggest risk factors for cardiovascular disease, by lowering cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • It boosts brain function - When the afternoon slump hits, try green tea instead of your usual sugary pick-me-up. Research has shown that drinking green tea can boost cognitive function, especially out working memory, that’s why it’s believed to help reduce the risk of neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer’s.
  • Lowers risk of developing cancer - Green tea is full of antioxidants, which research shows can help slow or even kill cancerous cells. Observational studies have shown green tea drinkers had a lower risk for developing breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer.
  • Reduces risk of developing type 2 diabetes - A review of research on more than 286,000 people found that green tea drinkers had an 18% lower risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

Source: Women's Health

We love having a bright, white smile, but getting those pearly whites looking their best can be tricky. There are all kinds of teeth whitening treatments at the drugstore and DIY hacks online, but do they work? These are some of the biggest myths out there about teeth whitening that we all need to stop believing.

  • Active charcoal is the best way to whiten teeth - This trendy ingredient is popular, but is it good for our teeth? Uchenna Okoye warns charcoal can be very abrasive, so if you use it, apply it with your finger instead of a toothbrush, so it’s gentler.
  • Whitening toothpastes are the safest option - The problem is that some are too abrasive and can wear the outer enamel of teeth, exposing the inner dentine, which is more yellow and more likely to be sensitive. Dr. Okoye recommends Oral B whitening toothpastes that remove stains and seal teeth to help prevent new stains.
  • Oil pulling can remove stains - The practice of swishing oil in your mouth for 20 minutes is an ancient Ayurvedic one, and fans say it removes stains and toxins, leaving teeth whiter. But Dr. Okoye points out that there’s no research showing these benefits.
  • Teeth whitening is permanent - Even if you shell out for professional whitening, you’ll need to get touch-ups. According to, “the effects of whitening are thought to last up to three years.” Of course, staying away from known tooth stainers like tea, coffee, and red wine can help your smile stay white longer.
  • Home whitening kits are just as effective as professional treatments - These vary from country to country, and some are more abrasive than others, so it really depends.

Source: Stylist

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