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On Sunday most of us will be celebrating Mother’s Day, and it seems a lot of Millennials won’t have to travel far to spend the day with mom, because they’re still living with her.

A report by Zillow finds that nearly 22.5% of U.S. Millennials, ages 24 to 36, are living with mom, which is about 12 million young adults. That constitutes the largest amount in the past decade, with the number steadily rising since 2005, when only 13.5% lived with mom.

And there’s certainly good reason these Millennials haven’t moved out on their own. According to the report 12% of them are currently unemployed, while 28% consist of recent college grads.

Source: Business Journals

A recent report by the National Retail Federation says that Americans will spend $2.6-billion on flowers for Mother’s Day, with the holiday being the second busiest for the floral industry. So, what flowers will folks be getting for mom this year?

Well, a perennial favorite for a Mother’s Day arrangement is Peonies, with florists noting that rumors that it’s a favorite of royal bride-to-be Meghan Markle may make it even more popular this year. “It was already really popular, and I’m sure she’ll be putting it over the top,’’ Megan Bailey Darmody,spokeswoman for the Washington D.C.-based online flower delivery service UrbanStems, tells “USA Today.”

  • Another flower that's coming back in style is the carnation. Although previously thought of as old fashioned, the carnation, which was actually associated to the first Mother’s day in 1908, is hot again, especially because it now comes in a wide array of colors. In addition to red, pink and white, there are also a variety of purple hues as well. "It gets a bad rap as being a supermarket flower and being very cheap,'' Darmody notes, "but we work with farmers and we really incorporate these beautiful novelty carnations...You wouldn't even know they're carnations.''
  • There are also a lot of unusual options that are becoming popular for Mother’s Day like the “Dusty Miler,” which is a silver-toned, green flower, as well Eucalyptus plants, thanks to their fragrance, and geometric leaves.

Source: USA Today

The summer is fast approaching which means lots of folks are going to want to be taking vacation. In fact, a new report finds that the average summer vacation is twice as long as any other trip. Of course, because it’s such a popular time of the year, prices are usually pretty steep. But there are some ways to save dough, and the key is picking the right time to go away.

According to a report by Expedia, August is the cheapest summer month to travel, with average airfare prices about $100 less than travel in June. Specifically, August 21st to September 3rd are the cheapest weeks to fly, while June 26thto July 2nd are the most expensive.

Want another way to save money? Steer clear of the long holiday weekends. While it may seem tempting because you can go away longer without taking that many days out of the office, you’re going to pay for that. Not only will you be dealing with huge crowds, you’ll be dealing with huge prices. For example, car rental demands are highest on the Fridays before these holidays so they’ll be hard to get and expensive. This means you need to book way in advance to secure one, and Expedia found that the highest rates were paid by those who booked more than 60 days out.

Luckily, there are some destinations that aren’t all that expensive, regardless of when you decide to travel this summer, with Fort Lauderdale being the cheapest, and five of the Top Ten being in Florida. 

Top Ten Cheapest Places To Fly This Summer

  1. Fort Lauderdale
  2. Orlando
  3. Myrtle Beach
  4. Atlanta
  5. Las Vegas
  6. Chicago
  7. West Palm Beach
  8. Tampa
  9. Dallas
  10. Denver 

Source: Expedia 

Looking for a new workout but don’t want to join a gym again? There’s an exercise trend catching on and it’s way more convenient than a gym because you can actually do it almost anywhere: calisthenics. It’s not new, it’s just a solid old school workout that’s having another moment.

If you’re not familiar, calisthenics is almost all bodyweight-based and it’s a mix of strength training and gymnastics movements - but don’t worry, there are no back handsprings or anything you can’t actually do. The exercise program was popular back in the ‘80s, but as fitness technology and gyms took over, it kind of disappeared for awhile and now it’s making a comeback.

Calisthenics build strength, flexibility, and endurance and you don’t need any fancy equipment to do it. A lot of the exercises will be familiar if you’ve done circuit training or boot-camp class, so be ready for push-ups, jumping jacks, squats and yes - burpees, too.

You can tweak the workout plan to suit your needs, from basic exercises to more advanced ones. And you can find out more about getting started at

Source: PureWow

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