Top Signs It's "National Clean Your Room" Day

  • The dust bunny under your bed turned out to be an actual bunny
  • After organizing some drawers, you're now $24.54 richer than you thought you were when you started
  • You're not sure how long that Jolly Rancher has been there, and it's chewy now, but it still tastes good
  • Based on the amount of hair you've swept up, you should probably be bald
  • You found a t-shirt that belongs to an ex, but it worked out because you used it as a dusting rag
  • All this time you thought your windows were tinted but it turns out it was just a layer of dust
  • Your Mother's Day gift to your mom is just a before and after shot of your room
  • "Skeletons in your closet" takes a literal meaning when you find a mouse skeleton in your closet
  • Turns out all those missing socks were in your sock drawer under all the other socks and were never missing after all
  • You’ve combined your four junk drawers into one junk drawer and you won’t go back in there for another year
  • You’re not sure why you’ve been saving your prom dress in the back of your closet and when you try it on you’re even more unsure why you’ve saved it
  • After clearing the pile of clothes on top of the chair, you realized you had no idea what that chair looked like until this moment
Jay and Dawn

Jay and Dawn

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