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Mother’s Day is just a few days away, and for most people it’s a time to celebrate the most important person in their life. Moms have to deal with a lot in their day to day lives, which is why they are likely stronger than most people and it seems that's not going unnoticed.  

A survey by Planet Fitness finds that 74% of folks say that their mom is the strongest person they know. And strength is definitely important to most mothers, with 76% saying they’d rather be strong than skinny, and 79% saying they felt stronger after they had their kids.

Being that this is a survey by Planet Fitness, some of the questions had to do with a woman's body, and apparently most people don't care whether gals get their figures back after having kids. In fact, 59% of Americans see women with “mom bods” as being comfortable in their own skin, while 36% say they are confident and 31% say they are strong.

Now, as for Mother's Day, if you want to know what moms really want, it seems a little “me” time is a good start. The survey finds that 73% of moms don’t make room for enough “me” time, and they are so desperate for it, many would do anything for some. For example 48% would be willing to stand in line at the DMV if it meant having more “me” time, while 26% would be okay running into an ex. 

As for what they’d do with that time alone, moms say they would:

  • Watch TV (41%)
  • Do something special with their S.O. (37%)
  • Go shopping (35%)
  • Catch up with friends (32%)
  • Curl up with a good book (29%) 

Source: Planet Fitness

While we’d like to think that in this day and age men and women share household duties equally that’s just not the case, but a new survey reveals why men should think about taking on more of the responsibilities.

A survey by CreditLoan finds that overall, women are still doing most of the household chores. For example, while women spend an average of four hours and 52 minutes cooking, men spend about half of that, two hours and 33 minutes. And while women spend two hours and 22 minutes doing laundry, men only spend one hour and two minutes.

Of course, there are a few chores that men spend more time doing including, household repairs (one hour and 18 minutes for men vs. 20 minutes for women and yard work (one hour and 14 minutes for men vs. 19 min for women).

All that extra work can add up for gals. The survey finds that most women will spend spend an additional 25,800 hours doing housework across their lifetime. But here’s the thing, both men and women would benefit from sharing the load, with reports suggesting couples who share chores wind up with better romantic lives. Couples who split tasks more evenly were more satisfied with their lives, and that’s particularly true when it comes to childcare and grocery shopping.  

Of course another way to be happier is simply to do less chores. The most satisfied women spent 3.6 fewer hours on chores than unsatisfied women, and for men, those who were satisfied with their lives spent almost seven hours less on chores than unsatisfied men.

Source: CreditLoan

If you haven’t gotten your mom a Mother’s Day gift you still have a little bit of time, but not all mothers want, or need, the same type of token of appreciation. What stage of motherhood a women is in is a good indicator of what may be the perfect gift, so if you’re still trying to come up with something you may want to listen up.

  • Stage I: Sleep-deprived and overwhelmed: Most new moms can identify with this one. Since their baby rarely sleeps, and they don’t either, and whenever they have a minute of free time, it’s usually spent on some sort of chore, rather than doing anything for themselves. The perfect gift for this mom is simply a day to herself. Dads, take the childcare reigns for the entire day, and leave the house to encourage mom to relax and pamper herself with a hot bath, a good book or even a nap. 
  • Stage II: Underappreciated, and still sleep-deprived: This busy mom has older kids who she rarely sees because she’s either working, they’re in school or playing sports, or just hanging with friends. And when they do see her they’re rarely nice. A great gift for this type of mom is one that involves spending time with family, sans any arguments, like say at a great brunch, or a hike, or even take out at home with a movie, as long as everyone is smiling and getting along. You could also do something nice for this mom, like say wash her car, or fill up the gas tank in her car, or maybe even create a playlist for her on her iPod.
  • Stage III: Well-rested, but pining for the days of yore: For these moms, their kids don’t need her quite as much, and she’s missing the time they counted on her, no matter how frustrating they may have been. She actually misses all those responsibilities she had to juggle, until one day she’s accepted being an empty nester and ready to enjoy life. These moms don’t need a lot, maybe a card where you actually let them know what’s going on in your life. Or even a commitment to come visit over the holidays.

Source: The Washington Post

From the office fridge raider to unrecognized overtime, there are plenty of things to complain about in the workplace. But most of us think there’s no point in griping about office issues to coworkers or that it’s not appropriate to vent at work, but it turns out we’re wrong. According to University of Melbourne researcher Dr. Vanessa Pouthier, whining at work is actually good for us.

She studied a team of nurses and health professionals over a year and found that joking and complaining can help build bonds among staff and improve moods as well, when used in a certain way. Pouthier found that when the doctors and nurses she was observing griped as a group, they felt better about the situations and got rid of some of their negative feelings.

“It helps people reduce stress and frustration and you notice palpable changes when team members engage in these activities,” Pouthier explains. “By engaging in those little rituals in their care planning meetings they processed some of that negative energy and left feeling more energized.”

But she warns these venting sessions can turn toxic if you’re not careful. So she advises not griping about anyone in the room and keeping the target of the complaints something that everyone can agree on, like the difficulties the team is facing, and not an individual on the team. Aside from that, keep complaining to keep building those bonds with coworkers.

Source: Women's Health

Have you heard of a reducetarian? We hadn’t either, but it turns out it’s someone who is purposefully trying to cut back on eating meat and animal products, like dairy and eggs. It’s a movement with roots in an environmental cause, but it could be a great option for someone who wants to eat a more plant-based diet without committing to giving up meat altogether.

The term reducetarian was coined by Brian Kateman, who wrote The Reducetarian Solution,” a book about how cutting 10% or more meat from your diet can help the environment, animals, and improve your health. And the appeal is that unlike going vegan, you don’t have to go all in with the all-or-nothing approach.

“Reducetarianism is inclusive of vegans (no animal products), vegetarians (no meat) and flexitarian (a little meat) and semi vegetarian (some meat), and anyone else who reduces the amount of animal products in their diet,” Katemen explains.

So if you’d like to eat less meat for your health, or for the planet, or to save a chicken, fish, or cow, this could be the new thing to call yourself. So if you do Meatless Monday, you too could be a reducetarian. There are no rules and a lot of us really like that.

Source: PopSugar

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