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There are a lot of things people do before heading into a job picking out the perfect outfit, doing some background on the company their interviewing for, and even giving themselves a little pep talk. But it turns out there’s also one thing that lots of women do, and it may shock you. 

A new survey finds that 29% of married women actually take off their wedding band before heading to a job interview, out of fear their marital status will result in some sort of discrimination.

The survey also reveals other ways men discriminate against women in the workforce, with 59% of employers thinking women should disclose whether they’re pregnant during an interview, and 46% of employers believing it’s okay to ask women if they have young children while interviewing them.

Source: The Sun

We’ve all had those moments we want to remember forever, but often our memories play tricks on us and specific details escape our brains as soon as they enter. Well, a new study suggests staying quiet right after something happens may help you remember those things later. The study out of Heriot-Watt University finds that calm surroundings help in memory retention, while silence helps strengthen those memories, which makes them easier to recall later. “We think that quiet resting is beneficial because it is conducive to the strengthening of new memories in the brain, possibly by supporting their automatic reactivation,” Dr. Michael Craig, a research fellow who led the research, explains “However, we don’t know exactly how this rest-related memory strengthening works. Specifically, it remained unknown whether quiet resting only allows us to retain more information, or whether it also helps us to retain more detailed memories.” 

Source: New York Post

Mother’s Day is next Sunday, so it’s the perfect time for moms to treat themselves to some self-care. While your little ones are giving you macaroni necklaces and hand drawn cards, here are some free things you can do for yourself this year.

  • Sleep in, where your kids won’t find you - As much as you love your partner, if you can sneak away to the guest room and sleep in a whole bed alone until your kids discover where you are, you might get to snooze until eight or nine a.m.
  • Send everybody else out to breakfast - This is all about getting some alone time. You could go out and wait in line at the new hot brunch spot, or you could send the family out while you drink coffee and read in silence. Or do whatever you’d love to do with some me-time.
  • Sign yourself up for a class at the gym - Lots of moms feel out of touch with their physical selves, like their bodies don’t belong to them anymore, so reclaim yours by going to a Pilates or yoga class you’ve been wanting to try.
  • Play master remote controller - If you’re usually rocking out to the “Moana” soundtrack in the car or watching “Daniel Tiger” on TV, make Mother’s Day your day to pick what to listen to and watch, which might be nothing at all.
  • Have a gratitude session - Of course your kids love you, but they might not know how to express their appreciation, so sit down for a family game of “I’m thankful for” and get them to share their feelings. Is it a shameless way to get praise from your kiddos? You deserve it, mama!

Source: PureWow

Moms are often the ones who cook most of the meals and then clean them up, too, so Mother’s Day is the perfect time to give her a break from the daily chores!  Mother’s Day is next Sunday, May 13th.

  • Ruth's Chris Steakhouse - Bring mom to get a steak at Ruth’s Chris on May 12 or 13 and get a $25 gift card to use at her next visit between May 14 and July 1.
  • TCBY - Free froyo for moms at TCBY on Mother’s Day. Sweet!

Source: Romper

Dining at Disney theme parks can be really expensive, so a lot of Disney employees bring their own food to work. But being around all of those fun foods is tempting, so “cast members” do splurge on themselves from time to time. Business Insider asked former participants in the Disney College Program what their favorite treats were at the parks and here’s what they loved to eat at the “happiest place on Earth.”

  • Mickey pretzels - Former cast member Devin Melendysays she didn’t eat in the parks much because it was expensive, but she always loved the Mickey-shaped hot pretzels with cheese.
  • The Citrus Swirl - Former cast member John Quaglianosays he only bought food in Walt Disney World twice as a poor Disney employee, but he was impressed with "The Citrus Swirl" ice cream — which has since been replaced by "The Orange Swirl," a similar frozen treat.
  • Anything from Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café - Jake Kleckner says when worked at Disney World he loved this Old West-style spot. "If someone told me, 'You can only eat at one restaurant at Disney for the rest of forever,' I would say, 'Okay. Pecos Bill it is, I guess,'" Kleckner "I love being in there, eating the Tex-Mex food, and being in Frontierland. I am such a nerd for Frontierland now."
  • Brunch at Trail's End - Former cast member Chantelle Judd loves brunch so her favorite was the brunch buffet at Trail’s End at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. With options like brown sugar-glazed applewood-smoked bacon, Mickey-shaped waffles, omelets, Canadian bacon Benedict, mashed potatoes and gravy, fried chicken, French toast bread pudding, and apple cobbler, it’s no wonder.
  • Dole Whips - When former Disney cast member Missy Farni splurged on Disney food, she loved Dole Whips. These frosty treats have a cult-like following, come in pineapple, vanilla, or a swirl of both and they’re totally refreshing in the hot Florida sun.

Source: Business Insider

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