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Anyone who’s worked in an office has had to deal with that person who loves to throw around clichéd office phrases to try and get folks motivated for work. Of course, the constant use of such office jargon can have the exact opposite effect and some sayings are more annoying than others.

According to a new poll, 72% of people admit to using such overused phrases out of habit, which is certainly falling on deaf ears, since 60% say they don’t even understand what most of them mean. What’s more, 27% of employees tune out colleagues who use such jargon too often.

The survey also compiled a list of the 40 most cringe-worthy phrases used in the office, with “give it 110%” and “think outside the box” voted the most annoying ones out there.

Top Ten Most Cringe-worthy Office Phrases(click here for the complete list)

  1. Give 110%
  2. Think outside the box
  3. Hammer it out
  4. Heavy lifting
  5. Throw them under the bus
  6. Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched
  7. Pushing the envelope
  8. Let the cat out of the bag
  9. Let’s circle back
  10. Win-win situation

Source: Moneyish

Most of us want a nice white smile, and some are willing to spend a lot of time and money to bleach their teeth to get it. But now there’s a new way to make your smile more dazzling, but it uses bling instead of whitener. Teeth jewelry has been seen on the famous smiles of Katy Perry and Hailey Baldwin, and now it’s making its way to the rest of us.

Celebrity dentist Dr. Anjali Rajpal, who works on Perry and other stars, has been adding the gems to teeth of celebs who want a sparkly smile and she says this trend is a new take on the grills stars used to go for. Rajpal says the grills are hard to take out, eat, and talk with them in, so now famous folks are getting diamonds glued on their teeth instead and those can stay there all the time.

The dentist to the stars says there’s no damage to the tooth structure, so it’s easy for her to trade out jewelry by polishing the gem off and putting on a different one. She says she hopes this “cool new trend” will catch on, adding, “We put jewelry on our necks, noses and ears, and your teeth are pearls already, so it’s nice to jewel them out.”

Source: Fox News

Relationships have lots of ups and downs, but new research shows things tend to settle down after a while. According to a new study, happiness fluctuates and may even decline during the first 20 years of marriage, but after that point, it’s a walk in the park.

Researchers analyzed long-term trends related to marital happiness, shared activities, and conflict between couples. They found that during the first 20 years of a marriage, happiness gradually decreased over time, but stabilized around the 20th year. They saw that couples tend to do fewer activities together during the first two decades, but started doing more things together after 20 years of being married.

And maybe the best part of the research: disagreements steadily declined over time. So couples that can make it past 20 years can look forward to fighting less. Of course, not all relationships are built to last, but researchers found the couples who stay together are happy in the long run.

"Our results suggest that marriages that remain together show little evidence of deterioration in relationship quality over the marital life course," researchers Paul R. Amato and Spencer L. James write. So stick it out through the tough times to be happy together in the end.

Source: MyDomaine

Do you have an Amazon Alexa at your house? These “smart speakers” are in 39-million homes and the newest version of the voice assistant, the Echo Dot Kids Edition, was designed to entertain and educate your little ones with music, answering questions, telling jokes and telling stories.

The new kid-friendly Alexa will even promote politeness by encouraging kiddos to say “please” and “thank you.” This version has basically the same software as other Dots, but the kid one comes in three colors - red, green, blue, and it’s got a durable case, just in case.

But possibly the greatest selling point for parents is that this device won’t let a kid shop with their voice or place phone calls outside the house. Kids might not appreciate that feature, but moms and dads will, especially any who have had to cancel a credit card order for 16 dollhouses their kid ordered by mistake.

Parents also have control over the Dot, so they can schedule when it’s locked, set daily limits, and review every single request on an “Amazon Parent Dashboard” app, so they’ll know exactly how the children are using their technology. And voice-operated technology could mean less screen time for kids, which we can all probably agree would be a good thing.

Source: PopSugar

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