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It’s certainly not a secret that it costs a lot to raise a kid, especially if both parents work and need to spend money on childcare. Well, as you can imagine, the cost varies from state to state, and there are certainly some states where those costs may break the bank.

Well, Business Broker Network just revealed a new map showing the price of childcare in each state, basing their numbers on a national survey of childcare providers, and let’s just say the numbers can be quite shocking. 

Overall, folks in Washington, DC shell out the most for childcare, a whopping $35,782 a year, or $2,982 a month, followed by Massachusetts ($29,426 annually/$2,452 a month) and New York ($24,102 annually/$2,009 a month).

Top Ten States With The Highest Childcare Costs(Average monthly cost)

  1. Washington, DC ($2,982)
  2. Massachusetts ($2,452)
  3. New York ($2,0009)
  4. Connecticut ($1,983)
  5. Colorado ($1,868)
  6. Minnesota ($1,792)
  7. Washington ($1,790)
  8. Maryland ($1,772)
  9. Arkansas ($1,759)
  10. California ($1,683) 

Of course, not every state is so costly. Folks in Mississippi have it the best, spending only $7,981 a year, or $665 a month.

Source: Business Broker Network

These days it isn’t uncommon for parents to shove an electronic device in their kids’ faces to keep them quiet during a meal or while running an errand, but believe it or not, there’s a good chance that phone the kid’s using doesn’t actually belong to their parents.

A new survey by musicMagpie finds that about 25% of children six and under actually own their own mobile device, which represents a 300% increase year-over-year in people buying phones for their kids. This number is huge, considering most parents believe 11 is the “ideal” age for kids to get their first smartphone.

As for why parents are buying their kids their own tech, a third say their kid simply asked for it, while 20% did it to keep them entertained.

And while it’s smart for parents to keep limits on how long their kids use their tech, that doesn’t really seem to be happening. The truth is, 80% of parents say they don’t limit the time their kids are on their smartphones, with half of kids six and under spending as much as 21 hours per week on their devices.

Source: Study Finds

High School graduations will be happening in just a few weeks, so it’s likely most seniors already know where they’re going to college. But if your soon-to-be graduate is still deciding, a new report reveals which schools are the best out there, so it may just sway their decision, if they are smart enough that is. 

College Consensus has just come out with their list of the Best Colleges and Universities 2018, making their picks based on a combination of the latest results from the most respected college rankings and thousands of real student reviews, kind of like a “Rotten Tomatoes” for colleges.

The site ranks more than 300 colleges, but coming out on top is, shocker, Harvard University, with Stanford University coming in second, and MIT coming in third.

Top Ten Best Colleges For 2018(click here for the complete list)

  1. Harvard University - Cambridge, MA
  2. Stanford University - Stanford, CA
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, MA
  4. Amherst College - Amherst, MA
  5. Yale University - New Haven, CT (tie)
  6. Pomona College - Claremont, CA (tie)
  7. Williams College - Williamstown, MA
  8. Bowdoin College - Brunswick, ME (tie)
  9. Princeton University - Princeton, NJ (tie)
  10. Claremont McKenna College - Claremont, CA

Source: College Consensus

Lots of women are pumping iron these days, and we’re not just talking 20-somethings. While women have avoided lifting weights in the past because they didn’t want to end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger, more ladies are learning that they won’t give you a bulked-up body, just a lifted butt, sculpted arms and toned thighs. And who doesn’t want that?

Lifting small weights also helps improve balance, flexibility and core strength, which is helpful for women as they age, and none of us are getting any younger. Norma Kamali, the famous fashion designer, is 72 and has been going to classes every day at barre studio Physique 57 for about 10 years. She says she’s watched her body go from weak to defined and through lifting weights, she’s reversing the aging process.

Weight training is great for women because it helps preserve much-needed lean muscle mass, according to a 2016 study by researchers at Wake Forest University. And other research has linked weight training to a lowered risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease and falls later in life. And the bone density women start to lose during menopause can be stopped with weight training.

And while it’s never too late to add weights to your fitness routine, it’s better to start as soon as possible. “The more you can lift weights when you’re younger,” rehab medicine specialist Dr. Jaclyn Bonder says, “the more likely you’re going to be able to do it for the rest of your life.”

Source: New York Post

While previous reports suggest more Americans are turning away from carbonated beverages, judging by Coke sales, they haven’t given them up all together. The company saw increased sales this past quarter, thanks to Coca-Cola Sugar, and Diet Coke, which recently launched new flavors and a major redesign. In fact, the recent growth is the first the soda company has seen since 2010, with new the new flavors making up about a third of the brand’s growth. 

Source: Bloomberg 

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