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There’s no doubt that Americans love pizza, and while these days you can find all sorts of gourmet pizzas, with exotic toppings, when it comes right down to it, most people are pretty traditional when it comes to what they want to eat on their pizza.

Online delivery service Caviar analyzed data from more than 20 U.S. cities over the last four months to determine the most popular pizza toppings, other than cheese and tomato, which were the overall favorites, and the choices aren’t all that shocking. In fact, coming in at number one is the go-to topping peperoni, followed by the equally standard sausage. 

Top Eight Pizza Toppings, According to Caviar

  1. Pepperoni
  2. Sausage
  3. Garlic
  4. Olives
  5. Mushrooms
  6. Onions
  7. Chicken
  8. Oregano

Source: Huffington Post

We like to look good when soaking up sun and fun and the beach, but there’s one fashion accessory that could be making your skin more vulnerable to sun damage, so they should stay off the shore: aviator sunglasses. Yes, as stylish as they may be, dermatologists warn that wearing these at the beach could actually put you at higher risk for wrinkles.

It’s the metal frames on most aviators that are to blame because they “reflect sunlight on the tops of the cheeks, causing them to burn,” explains dermatologist Vivian Bucay. She says women who wear this style of shades often get sun spots on their cheeks as a result.

So what makes a dermatologist-approved beach-worthy pair? Go for plastic frames to avoid damage and get mirrored lenses, too. Bucay says they block more UV rays than regular tinted lenses, which is key because of the sensitive skin around your eyes that’s more prone to sun damage and wrinkles. So protect your eyes and your skin with the right pair of sunnies.

Source: Allure

We all know our families are unique, but sometimes we don’t realize just how strange some of our family’s habits may be. But when podcast host Georgia Hardstark put out a call on Twitter asking: “What’s a weird thing your family did that you thought was normal till you moved out,” folks had all kinds of stories to share.

Hardstark started things off by sharing that her family kept birthday candles in the freezer, but the responses just got stranger from there. Here are a few of the 2,000-plus responses from the Twitterverse.

Some families stored things in appliances:

  • “The dishwasher was used strictly for storage. Not dishes either.”
  • “OMG, my grandma used to keep potatoes in the dryer. She would only hang dry clothes.”
  • “My family kept stuff in the oven - nearly every baking pan plus all the snacks like chips and crackers and the bread. We had to unload it all onto the clothes washer to use the oven. We accidentally melted stuff on occasion. Miraculously no fires.”

There were some interesting family holiday traditions:

  • “My sister and I got gifts from the "New Years Baby" every Jan 1st. (we still do) Usually a calendar and another small item. It wasn't until my now husband got a new years baby gift and was like "um what is this?" that I realized the New Years Baby doesn't visit everyone.”
  • “We had a ‘Valentines Day Frog’. Like the Easter bunny or Santa. My mom just really liked giving us presents.”
  • “We always sang “Happy Birthday” to Jesus and blew out candles on cupcakes for him on Christmas. We are not religious.”
  • “We left bourbon out for Santa instead of milk.”

TV remotes had some unique nicknames:

  • “Called the tv remote the channel changer”
  • “Parents occasionally call it the zapper”
  • “We called it a flipper”

And this family had an interesting way to deal with swearing:

  • “Family Dinner ‘cuss out’ we could say whatever horrible words we wanted for 3 minutes once a month at dinner (simultaneously), then couldn't curse the rest of the month.”

Source: Scary Mommy

Some trendsetters and fashion influencers out there may have an unlimited clothing budget, but most of us don’t have that luxury. We’re not dropping thousands on outfits, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look like we are. These tips will help make your clothes look more expensive.

  • Get things tailored - The perfect fit makes everything look like it was made for your body not off the discount rack at the mall.
  • Tuck in your tops - Polish your overall look by tucking your shirt into your pants or skirt.
  • Wear all one color - Monochromatic dressing is easy and chic.
  • Stick to basics - A white button-down, black pants and a black blazer never goes out of style, but piling on too many trends can take your outfit from stylish to cheap.
  • Keep your wardrobe in great condition - Even if your outfit is on point, a scuffed up handbag or dirty sneakers will downgrade your ensemble.
  • Invest in one really nice bag - This is one place you should splurge. Your jeans could be from H&M and your T-shirt from Target, but if you’re carrying a timeless quilted Chanel bag, that’s all anyone’s going to see. Invest in a classic piece you can wear day or night to elevate any look.
  • Be smart with prints - When you’re going for elegant, stick with bold, straightforward prints, like leopard, and wear them with neutrals like black, white, and gray.
  • Go for longer hemlines - You’ll almost always look more refined in a midi-length skirt or dress than in a short mini.

Source: PureWow

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