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As we previously told you, one worker’s live tweeting of the mystery of a colleague’s stolen shrimp friend rice lunch recently captivated the Internet, having been re-tweeted over 173,000 times. And while the drama surrounding the missing lunch may have been unique, the idea of a stolen lunch isn't exactly new.

According to a poll, about 18% of workers admit they’ve eaten someone else’s lunch out of the office communal fridge. In fact, “Ask A Manager” blog writer Alison Greennotes that stolen food is a “constant” theme among those who write in to her. “It's such an unusual thing to be so widespread," she says. "Who are these sociopaths who are stealing lunches across the land?"

Of course, not all of this lunch stealing is on purpose. In some cases it’s as simple as picking up someone else’s yogurt thinking it’s your own, or maybe someone cleaning out the fridge and not realizing the food is new. 

And you while you may think it’s funny to get away with snagging someone else’s meal, it actually could have consequences on the job.  "People don't forget it — and you see these people every day," career and workplace expert Dan Schawbel, author of the forthcoming book "Back to Human,” says. “It becomes a trust issue. This person might not ever be promoted, or when it's bonus time, they might not get a bonus."

Source: CNBC

When you think of a visit to iHop you probably think of a delicious stack of pancakes, with all sorts of yummy toppings, but the chain’s latest menu additions may have you reconsidering your order.

The restaurant just announced a new partnership with King’s Hawaiian sweet bread for a new line of French toast. That’s right, from now until June 10th, iHop has added four new French toast menu items, which all start with that yummy King’s Hawaiian bread dipped in vanilla batter and then grilled until golden brown.

The new menu items feature three sweet flavors and one savory. They include: 

  • Original King's Hawaiian French Toast -- Two King's Hawaiian Original sweet rolls sliced, dipped in  vanilla batter, French toasted and topped with real butter and powdered sugar
  • Strawberry Banana – The same French toast topped with glazed strawberries and fresh, sliced bananas
  • Cinnamon Toast – The same French toast topped with warm cinnamon spread and sweet cream cheese icing and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar
  • Big Island Breakfast Stack – Four King's Hawaiian Original sweet rolls sliced, French toasted and filled with sliced ham, Swiss cheese, sweet lingonberries and two fried eggs and served with a choice of golden hash browns or two Original Buttermilk Pancakes

Source: Yahoo Finance

When you’re lucky enough to sleep for a solid eight hours, you expect to wake up feeling fully rested and ready to take on the day. But sometimes, even when we go to extremes and get tucked into bed by nine p.m., we still wake up sleepy and don’t why. If this happens to you, one of these could be to blame.

  • Your pajamas are uncomfortable - You might want to rethink your pjs if you wake up hot and sweaty or have those pink elastic lines on your skin. Avoid fabrics like polyester and rayon because they hold heat and moisture and get some jammies in breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and bamboo. Or maybe you could try sleeping in the buff, which some claim has a host of benefits.
  • Your room is too hot - We all like to be cozy when we’re sleeping, but according to the National Sleep Foundation, the ideal sleeping environment is actually around 65-degrees. So turn down that thermostat, open a window, or get the fan going to cool it down.
  • You had a big dinner right before you fell asleep - Dietitian Chloe McLeod explains that eating a big meal before bed causes your body to produce more energy for digestion, which could disrupt your sleep cycle. She also says it’s not good to go to bed starving and suggests eating something light like a veggie omelet or soup if you need to eat late.
  • You're not timing your REM cycle correctly - You might feel groggy even after eight hours of sleep if you wake up in the middle of your REM cycle. The National Sleep Foundation says all REM cycles are a little bit different, but they last about 90 minutes on average. So they advise planning sleep in 90-minute blocks so you time it right and don’t wake up in the middle of the REM cycle.
  • You're scrolling through your phone immediately before bed - Lots of us scroll through our news feeds right before we go to sleep, but that’s a habit that could keep us from a good night’s sleep. It’s the blue light that phones and laptop screens give off that can confuse the body and trick it into thinking it’s not bedtime, so you stay up later than you normally would.

Source: Elite Daily

Some people don’t learn about how to budget and pay bills until they start earning paychecks when they’re out on their own, but one mom started early with teaching her little girl about financial responsibility. Lynn Brooks shared in a Facebook post the smart budgeting lessons she came up with for her daughter and parents are loving her idea.

Brooks created a poster board with a “work schedule” – which includes chores and school. Her daughter, Londyn, earns $1 a day and gets “overtime” rates on weekends of $2 and bonuses for good grades in school. She even gets a weekly paycheck on Fridays from mom and everything, showing how all her earnings add up.

But Brooks is also teaching little Londyn about contributing to the bills. She gets money taken out of every paycheck, $1 each for power, water, and Internet. But that money really goes into a savings account for the girl.

This mama says she got the idea from another mom on Facebook and that her daughter has been learning a ton with the project. “Not only is my daughter learning responsibilities, she’s also learning her math in the process,” Brooks explains. “If she gets in trouble, she’ll have to forfeit a weeks’ pay.” Seems like good motivation to us.

Source: Scary Mommy

It started with the clear plastic purses at Céline and Helmut Lang fashion shows. Then see-through boots came down the runway at Chanel. And now this season’s “Total transparency” theme has moved to accessories and the next clear wardrobe must-haves are jewelry.

This spring, everything from hoop earrings, thick bangles, and bulky rings are all going clear. The translucent, Lucite look is fun and goes with anything, but doesn’t get as casual as costume jewelry. Some of the coolest styles also come in soft colors, like pale pink and yellow, to give it an extra pop.

And the best part about this trend is that unlike those see-through purses that show everyone in the world what you’re carrying, hello blotter sheets and hair ties, these accessories give you the trendy look without oversharing. Plus, you can find pieces to fit any budget, like this square ring from Express for less than $12.

Source: Glamour

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