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While health is something that’s incredibly important to most people, a new survey shows a lot of people are constantly risking their health, and unfortunately it’s all because of money.

Believe it or not, a recent survey finds that 40% of Americans have skipped recommended medical tests or treatment because of the cost, while 44% didn’t go to a doctor when they were sick or injured because of money.

As if that’s not scary enough, 30% of people say that in the last year they had to choose between paying a medical bill or paying for basic needs like food, heating or housing. And while getting sick is scary, it turns out that for a lot of people the bills are even scarier. In fact, while 33% of folks fear getting an illness, 40% fear the bills that come with that illness.

  • And these aren’t the only ways finances are getting in the way of people’s health. The survey also finds that about one-in-tree respondents either didn’t fill a prescription or took less than prescribed in order to save money.
  • You can also forget about the dentist. Close to half of people say they went without a cleaning or check up in the last year, with 39% skipping the dentist even when they needed treatment.

Source: Business Journal

According to reports, the average American throws away $1,600 worth of wasted food each year, and there’s a good chance most are doing so because they don’t know how to store the food they buy properly.

There are a few easy things folks could be doing to make their food last longer, so it doesn’t wind up in the garbage, so if you want to start saving yourself some dough, start taking notes.

Some food storing tips include (click here for a complete list):

  • Berries – Rinse them in a solution of one part vinegar, 10 parts water to kill berry-infecting mold spores. This will help keep our raspberries up to one week, and strawberries up to two.
  • Bananas – Wrap their stems in plastic wrap, and if you want them to last even longer, separate them and wrap each banana separately.
  • Bread – Never store it in the fridge. It’s better to wrap it in a paper bag or dish towel and keep it in a dry spot, where it should last for two to four days. To keep it even longer, you can freeze it and then toast it when you need it.
  • Lettuce – Store in an airtight bag with a paper towel to absorb water.
  • Avocado – Store at room temperature until ripe, and then you can put them in the fridge in a bag for three to five days.
  • Tomatoes – Keep the in a bag or box in a cool dry place until ripe, and then store on the counter. Don’t put them in the fridge.
  • Fruits and Veggies – Don’t cut them until you’re ready to use them, since they’ll dry out.
  • Potatoes - Store them with apples to keep them from sprouting.
  • Cheese – Wrap it in parchment paper or wax paper so it can breathe, not plastic wrap.
  • Milk – Don’t store it on the fridge door. It can spoil faster due to fluctuating temperatures.
  • Eggs – Keep then in the back of the fridge, which is the chilliest.

Source: Business Insider

Kids of all ages love the colorful marshmallow Peeps candies that fill Easter baskets, but now there’s a new sugar-free way to celebrate with Peeps. Meet the Peep on a Perch, a little stuffed yellow chick that comes with a book telling kids the story of the Easter Peep, who helps the Easter Bunny get holiday surprises ready for little ones.

The story explains that the Peep helps decorate eggs, fill baskets, and watches kids at home, hoping to see them on their best behavior before Easter. The better behaved the kids are, the happier the little chick becomes.

Sound a little like Elf on the Shelf? Yep. The Peep on a Perch can move around the house just like that Christmas Elf and they’re both supposed to emphasize there’s more to the holidays than getting presents. Want to start this new tradition with your family? Peep on a Perch is $15 on Amazon.

Source: Real Simple

While some of us stand in line at Starbucks waiting for our caffeine fix to help us find enough energy to get through the day, others are paying to sleep at nap cafes. In New York City, Nap York is a new place tired folks can come pay $10 to sleep for half an hour in a nap pod.

The dimly-lit napping pods come with a single mattress, adjustable LED lights on the ceiling that look like a starry sky, plants to purify the air, soundproof curtains, essential oil diffusers, and noise-cancelling headphones so you can rest, meditate, read, or whatever you do to recharge and feel refreshed. And they change the sheets on the vegan leather sleep pod after every use, so it’s nice and clean.

Nap cafes like this one are catching on because research shows that taking naps during the workday makes us more productive. A Harvard study found that taking a 45-minute nap improves learning and memory and NASA studyobserving tired astronauts and military pilots found that a 40-minute nap improved their performance by 34% and alertness by 100%.

And as much as we love coffee for a pick-me-up, it’s not really helping our problem. Dr. Jordan Josephson points out that caffeine doesn’t fix your exhaustion and he says it’s better to use a healthier alternative like taking a quick nap. But experts advise not sleeping for more than 20 or 30 minutes, or you’ll wake up groggy and disoriented.

Source: Moneyish

When you’re falling in love, it’s easy to get totally consumed by your new partner and spend all your time with them. It feels great at the time, but when things fall apart, it can make it even harder. And one way to avoid that is by maintaining some aspects of singleness while you’re in a relationship. According to Dr. Irene S. Levine, psychologist and professor of psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine, this is how staying independent in your relationship actually makes it stronger.

  • Having great friends takes the pressure of your partner to be everything - No one can be everything to you, even if your partner is amazing, you still need your friends, so don’t forget about them while you’re head-over-heels for your new sweetie.
  • Having a good social life outside your relationship keeps you from getting bored - Spending time with your besties helps enrich your relationship and it lets you both have new experiences that broaden your interests.
  • Having your own hobbies makes you feel more secure about everything - Research shows that "self-complexity"- which is splitting your life up more evenly between your friends, family, relationship, career, hobbies, and such, eases symptoms of depression and lowers stress. Basically, if your relationship is your whole life, when you have a fight, it really feels like the end of the world. But with a solid group of friends, strong family bonds, and a job you’re passionate about, it keeps it all more in perspective.
  • Spending time on your own helps you maintain the mystery - Of course you want to be super close and know everything about each other, but it gets boring if you don’t keep a sense of surprise or spend time apart.
  • If you do all these things and still break up, it won’t feel like you lost a huge chunk of yourself - Breakups are painful no matter what, but “the hurt is worse if the relationship is your whole world,” Dr. Levine explains. So set yourself up for success by acting a little single, even when you’re not.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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