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It’s no secret that there’s an obesity problem in America, and while we may think that more folks are concentrating on eating healthy and exercising, the truth is things are actually getting much worse.

New data gathered in a large-scale federal survey finds that close to 40% of U.S. adults were considered obese between 2015 and 2016 which is up from 33.7% between 2007 and 2008. What’s more, 7.7% of adults were considered severely obese during that same time period, which is up from 5.7%.

The survey considered obese people as anyone with a BMI of 30 or more, while someone with a BMI of 40 or more fell into the severely obese range. And of course an increase in obesity brings an increase in heath risks, like heart disease, diabetes and cancers.

On a positive note, young people seem to be doing a bit better than their older counterparts. The study found that 18.5% of those ages two to 19 were considered obese between 2015 and 2016, while 5.6% fell into the severely obese category. That is only a slight increase from ten years earlier. Although there is reason to worry about kids ages two to five, where obesity rates rose to 13.9% from 10.1% in 2007 and 2008.

As for why there’s such an increase, the research didn’t say, but experts suggests it’s likely due to lifestyle, genetics, and, of course, poor diet. You're kidding.

 Source: Miami Herald

We all know phone addiction probably isn’t good for us, and it’s not just our mental health that we should be worried about. All that time bent over a phone or tablet is causing our bodies a lot of pain, which has resulted in a series of new ailments popping up.

Well, they aren’t exactly new ailments, but many of them now have new tech-related names and the primary care physicians network Imagine MD has just released a list of some of the most frequently searched tech-related ailments based on Google search trends, and we bet a lot of people are probably suffering from them.

New names for tech-based ailments include:

  • Texting thumb, gamer's thumb or smartphone thumb – Formally known as De Quervatein's tenosynovitis or stenosing tenosynovitis, it’s when repetitive use of phones or gaming devices cause tendons in the thumb to become inflamed resulting in pain, swelling or a sticking sensation when the thumb is in motion. 
  • Selfie elbow, cellphone elbow  - Formally diagnosed as cubital tunnel syndrome or ulnar tunnel syndrome, which is caused by holding arms up and bent for long periods of time, like when you’re taking selfies. It causes pain, weakness and numbness, as well as tingling in the ring and pinky fingers.
  • Text neck, tech neck or phone neck – According to docs the formal diagnosis is pour posture, and all that leaning forward over your tech is putting stress on the spine and surrounding muscles, causing chronic pain, and tightness in the back and neck muscles. 
  • Computer eyes, eye fatigue and eye strain – Formally diagnosed as computer vision syndrome, which is basically eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes and more from looking at the glare from a screen too long.
  • Mouse shoulder, computer shoulder or gorilla arm syndrome – The formal diagnosis is repetitive strain injury, caused by hunching over tech paired with constant mouse or touch screen use. It results in tightness of the neck and back muscles, as well as chronic pain and inflammation.

Source: USA Today

Easter is less than a week away, so kids are getting ready for egg hunts and coloring eggs and all that candy their baskets will be filled with. But some parents like to go all out on holidays and those who are a little extra might even want to get their kiddos a pet rabbit, like a real Easter bunny.

Sure, they’re cute and all, but before you go get your little ones a live animal for Easter, know that the stats are NOT in your favor here. It turns out, 80% of bunnies purchased as Easter presents are abandoned. And according to the Humane Society, rabbits are the third most abandoned pet, after cats and dogs, because people like to give them as Easter presents.

So as much as you want to be the hero of the holiday, just stick to jelly beans, Peeps, and other Easter goodies that aren’t exotic pets that require a lifetime of care. But if you do decide to go with the live Easter bunny, do your research first. Make sure you know how to care for this animal before you add it to your family. You don’t want to have to try to find Peter Cottontail a new home, or worse. And kids love candy, anyway.

Easter is next Sunday, and there’s a lot of celebrating happening for the holiday. Your family probably has plenty of Easter traditions of their own, but here are some more fun ways to get in on the festivities.Get creative - Kids too clever for the traditional Easter egg hiding spots? Challenge them with a scavenger hunt instead where each egg has a clue inside leading them to a final prize. Or if that’s too much work, stick slips of paper with jokes inside each egg. Or do puzzle pieces inside each egg to give your kids’ teeth a break from all the sugar.

Make it toddler-friendly - If your kids are too young for a traditional Easter egg hunt, bring it down to their level. You could tie balloons to the eggs to make them easy to find, or set up a trail of candy-filled eggs that lead to a basket. Or just “hide” the eggs in plain sight for them to find.

Check out an Easter event - There are Easter festivities happening all over Northwest Arkansas!

 Source: My Domaine

Whether it was having one too many at the bar last night or a car alarm on the street that kept you up all night, we’ve all had to face a day at work after a night of the worst sleep. It feels impossible when you’re exhausted, but filling your body with the right foods can help kick your energy up a notch and help you make it until quitting time. Eat these energy-boosting foods to help keep you awake.

  • Add some salmon to your salad for a protein-packed boost - Your body can easily convert all those omega 3 fatty acids into energy.
  • Aged cheese will wake up your brain - There’s an amino acid in aged and fermented food called tyramine, which helps stimulate the brain and makes you feel more awake.
  • Dark chocolate helps you focus - But it has to be really dark, the darker the better because the higher cacao concentration will increase energy levels, ease feelings of stress, and boost your ability to focus.
  • Chia seeds help you stay hydrated - You feel more awake when you’re more hydrated, and chia seeds can hold up to 12 times their weight in water, helping you hold onto the water you’ve been drinking all day. And they’re full of protein and fiber, so you get the pick-me-up without the crash later.
  • Bananas might work better than an energy drink - One study found that bananas give you a better boost in overall performance and energy levels than an actual energy drink does.
  • Almonds help you maintain energy levels - These nuts are easy to keep in a bag or desk drawer and according to Harvard Health, almonds are packed with healthy, monounsaturated fats, which will help you keep your energy levels up at a steady pace.
  • Kale contains vitamins to help you stay awake - Kale and other leafy greens like watercress are high in vitamins C and K, along with beta-carotene and calcium, and all of those help keep energy levels up.
  • Edamame can snap you out of your afternoon slump - These tasty beans make a great energy-boosting snack because edamame is packed with fiberfolate, and it’s an unprocessed form of soy, all of which makes it an energy-boosting treat.

Source: Elite Daily

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