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When looking for a new place to live, one of the biggest concerns for parents will likely be the schools in the area and there’s no doubt within a state there are some neighborhoods where schools are much better than others. But sometimes no matter how hard you look for a good school you may run into a problem because the state you’re living in just isn’t up to snuff, and according to a new report there are definitely some states where the education system is in need of major improvement.

Well, 24/7 Wall Street reviewed the 2018 edition of the Quality Counts report, released by Education Week, to determine the states with the best and worst schools in the U.S. The report looked at things like school finances, student achievement, and environmental factors to rate the strength of a state’s school system.

Overall, students in Massachusetts are getting the best education. Massachusetts schools lead in three categories, chances of success, school finance, and achievements, with the state having an 87.5% high school graduation rate, and 63.4%% of kids having at least one parent with a college degree, which is the fourth highest of all states. 

States With The Best Schools In The Country

  1. Massachusetts
  2. New Jersey
  3. Vermont
  4. New Hampshire
  5. Connecticut
  6. Maryland
  7. Wyoming
  8. Pennsylvania
  9. New York
  10. Minnesota

On the flipside, Nevada is the state with the worst schools in the country. Only 73.6% of high school students in the state graduate on time, which is the second-lowest in the country. Nevada also only spends about $8,801 per student per year, which is $3,700 less than most of the country. 

States With The Worst Schools In The Country

  1. Nevada
  2. New Mexico
  3. Mississippi
  4. Idaho
  5. Louisiana
  6. Oklahoma
  7. Arizona
  8. Alabama
  9. Arkansas
  10. South Carolina 

Source: 24/7 Wall Street

While most people think of Millennials being obsessed with social media, a new report reveals they may not be all that enthralled by it any more.

A new poll of Millennials ages 18 to 24 finds that many are turning away from social media sites. In fact, more than 50% say they are “seeking relief” from it. What’s more, 34% have deleted social media accounts, with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tinder the most popular apps to quit, with Snapchat still pretty popular.

But that's not all. Overall,  41% of Millennials admit they waste too much time on social media, and 35% say their peers are too distracted by their online activity.

Of course, not everyone has given it up, with those who are still active on social media using it for more than just sharing pictures and posting their thoughts. The survey finds that 65% use social media to follow brand profiles, with 43% making purchases through social media, and 57% saying a celebrity endorsement on social media influenced their decision to purchase an item.

Source: New York Post

There’s no doubt many parents fear the day their kids will be getting behind the wheel, but it turns out they may not be such bad drivers after all. In fact, a new study suggests teens may be more skilled behind the wheel than older drivers.

A study out of University of California at Los Angeles looked at 100 novice drivers preparing to take the driving test and found that younger male drivers actually had more skills behind the wheel than a similar group of men in their 20s. What’s more, even though female drivers said they felt “less confident,” they drove as well as the men in the test. 

If this is true, then why do drivers between 16 and 20 have more fatal, injury and property damage accidents than all other age groups? Well, the study suggests that it’s not because they don’t have the driving skills necessary to be safe drivers. The researchers hypothesize it’s “most likely due to inattention to safety considerations rather than lack of technical driving ability." 

Interestingly, the study also found that teens who participated in sports were the best drivers, noting that they were quicker on the brake when an accident was about to happen. And if you think your kids’ video game playing will help them with their reflexes behind the wheel, think again. The study finds that their driving skills were no better than average.

Source: CBS News

People are so busy at work these days many have little time to take an actual lunch break, which means folks are constantly eating at their desks. But while you may think those leftovers you brought from home are delicious, your co-workers who have to smell it, and see you eat them, and may not be feeling the same way. 

So, how do you pick a lunch that’s innocent enough to eat at your desk? Well, “Money” magazine has some suggestions for the ten things you should absolutely never eat at your desk, and some of them may surprise you. 

Things you should never eat at your desk include:

  • Leftover Fish – While this may be a healthy option, it will likely stink up the whole office so leave those leftovers at home.
  • Pasta – Yes it may be delicious, but all those carbs will likely leave you useless for the rest of the day, plus, there’s a really good chance you’ll make a huge mess of yourself with that red sauce.
  • Fast Food – You might as well be telling your co-workers you’re hungover, or that you have the tastes of a high schooler.
  • Corn on the Cob – Unless you bring your own corn holders, corn on the cob is a messy proposition. Plus you’ll probably wind up with lots of bits in your teeth.
  • Cereal – The mag suggests that cereal is something that should be left for a relaxed environment like your home, not your workspace.
  • Sushi – You’ll come across as trying too hard to look cultured.
  • Ribs – As good as ribs are, it isn’t exactly pleasant to watch people eating them, which is why they aren’t good for the office.
  • Fried Chicken – While it may smell good at first, the remnants that wind up in your garbage are bound to make everything stink, and your co-workers won’t appreciate that.
  • Tacos – As delicious as they are, the chances of filling not falling out are pretty slim, which means you’ll be making a mess at the desk.
  • Pancakes – No one wants to watch their co-worker eating something sticky and messy at their desk, not to mention the sweet smell that will permeate throughout the office. 

Source: Money

Ready or not, daylight saving time starts again this weekend. That means we’re springing forward and losing an hour of sleep and when we drag our kids out of bed at seven, it’ll feel like six. As adults, we can cope with caffeine, but what about our little ones? Here’s what sleep experts and pediatricians advise to make the transition easier on everyone:

  • Do get a head start on a smooth transition - Clinical psychologist and sleep researcher Sara Nowakowski suggests making the transition easier by shifting your kid’s bedtime forward by 15 minutes for the nights leading up to the time change, then going back to normal bedtime on Sunday night, the first night of daylight saving time.
  • Adjust your family’s wake-up time, too - She also suggests shifting your morning routine by waking your kids up earlier, ideally 15 minutes earlier each day, so it’s not so much of a shock Monday morning.
  • Start your day with sunshine - Getting some morning light can help reset the body’s internal clock and help signal that it’s time to wake up. So open the curtains and turn on the lights, or better yet, go outside, if you have time.
  • Don’t cut corners at bedtime - Stick to your usual routine, don’t skip reading or any other rituals to get kids to bed earlier. Just start the routine sooner so you still get it all in and your little ones have a consistent routine.
  • Think like a vampire in the evenings - Darkness helps turn on melatonin - a hormone our bodies make to help induce sleep. Close the curtains and dim the lights to ease little ones to bedtime.
  • Don’t worry about adjusting nap time - If you’re lucky enough to still have a kid who sleeps during the day, don’t bother adjusting that time for daylight saving.
  • Make screen time DST friendly - The blue light from devices can mess with melatonin production, so shift them to night mode to minimize blue light in the evening.
  • Don’t forget about your own sleep needs - The time change can be tough on adults, too, so make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

Source: The Stir

Women in their fourth decade are in a good place, fashion-wise. They know their own personal style and are more comfortable in their own skin. But you can’t dress like you’re in your 20s when you’re fortysomething, so here are some fashion tips for the over-40 set.

  • Show off your clavicle, not your cleavage - In your 20s, a plunging V-neck was perfect, but now it’s time for a super sophisticated, sexy look that shows off your clavicle instead.
  • Go for mid-length sleeves - Show off your forearms at any age with cropped sleeves or by rolling up your long ones.
  • Don’t give up on heels - Flats have their place, but there are all kinds of sensible heels that are as comfy as they are stylish.
  • Opt for darker denim - Light-colored jeans can look dated, but a fitted dark-wash is slimming and flattering.
  • Solids over prints - Not that you should toss every floral print in your wardrobe, but it’s easier to look elegant in a neutral solid with excellent accessories.
  • Find a good tailor - You know what works for your shape, now find someone reliable to take in an inch or hem a pair of pants to make clothes fit even better.
  • Stylishly camouflage the areas you don’t love - Not into your neck? No problem, just wear a turtleneck or a trendy scarf to cover up while still looking amazing.
  • Put a modern spin on your old favorites - If you still want to rock your Dr. Martens, update the look you wore with flannel shirts in your 20s to wear the boots with on-trend raw-edge denim and a tailored blazer for an look that’s sophisticated and still cool.
  • Invest in accessories - You deserve a bag that’ll last forever and never go out of style, just stick to neutral colors so your investment piece doesn’t look dated soon.

Source: PureWow

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