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Comfort Dogs Help FL Students Return To School After Shooting

As students and teachers from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School returned to school after the mass shooting that happened there on February 14, they were greeted by a team of golden retrievers there to give comfort and support. Comfort dogs from Colorado were there to ease the pain of traumatized teens and teachers and it seemed to help.

Bonnie Fear, with a team from Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dogs says both students and faculty would smile and get down on the floor when they saw the pups, like Cubby, who came with one job to do.

“You saw that relief of forgetting what happened when they see the dog,” she explains. “She’s called a comfort dog, and that’s exactly what she did, bring comfort to people who were hurting.”

Source: Denver Post

Man Uses Jeep To Save People Trapped By Burning Car

Ralph Giles and his wife Doris were driving home in the early morning hours in their Jeep Wrangler when they saw a Ford Fiesta get hit head-on by a Ford Edge SUV in Addison Township, Michigan. She called 911 while he tried to help the Fiesta passengers get out of the car, but the doors wouldn’t open.

Giles decided to move his Jeep out of the way, but just then another car crashed into the Fiesta, pushing it into the SUV, causing the SUV’s engine to catch fire. So he got back in the Jeep and used the four-wheel drive setting to drive it into the SUV, pushing it away from the other two cars to save those trapped inside.

First responders arrived and took the Fiesta passengers to hospitals and called Giles a hero for his quick response, but he disagrees. “I am NOT a hero,” he writes on Instagram. “I think most people would have tried to help somehow.”

Source: Good News Network

Musher Saves Sled Dog With CPR

During the CopperDog 150 sled dog race in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a musher used his emergency medical training to save a choking dog. Anny Malo’s team from Quebec came in second and she shared the story about the scary moment at the race awards banquet.

Malo says she was about 25 miles into the first leg of the 150-mile race when one of her dogs stopped breathing. She thinks he tried to grab a bite of snow and got an ice chunk caught in his throat. Malo was trying to save the dog when another competitor saw the situation and offered assistance.

Frank Moe, of Minnesota, used his EMT skills to blow air into the dog’s nose, reviving him. The dog rode safely in Malo’s bag for the rest of that leg of the race. And Moe got a standing ovation along with the Good Sportsman Award for saving his competitor’s dog.

Source: MLive


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