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Most folks dream of the day a pile of money suddenly falls into their lap, and while you’d think most people would take that newfound dough and splurge on something huge, a new poll finds most folks are actually more fiscally responsible than that.

A new survey asked 1,000 adults what they would do if they were given $5,000 and folks across all demographic said 48% of the money would go towards savings, while 42% would be spent, and 10% would go to charity.

Among the top things adults would do with that new cash, 63% would put it right into savings, while 55% would use it to pay bills and 41% would put it towards their debt. Other uses for the money include: 

  • Save for retirement (23%)
  • Treat themselves to a vacation (19%)
  • Pay for a car (14%)
  • Save for education/college (14%)

Source: Street Insider

We all know that powering down before bed is better for sleep, but most of us are still guilty of staring at our phones prior to going to sleep. While we’d be better off putting the phone down for a few hours before we lay our heads on our pillows, there are some sites we should be staying away from pre-bedtime because they’re actually worse for us.

A new survey from Mattress Advisor of 1,000 people reveals what their phone habits are before bed and how this affects their sleep. It turns out, most people like scrolling through social media before bed, instead of playing games or reading, with 77% of respondents saying they look at apps like Instagram and Twitter as part of their normal nighttime routine.

But some apps are worse for our precious sleep.

  • If you’re looking at YouTube, Pinterest, or Facebook before bed, you might want to consider a change. The survey finds folks who use those three apps before bed had lower sleep quality and lower sleep quantity, too.
  • For some reason, Snapchat, Tumblr, and Instagram users slept longer, but didn’t have ideal sleep quality.

And the survey shows that some apps kept people up longer because they spend more time on them. The worst? YouTube. Only 11% of those who check out social media before bed look at YouTube, but those people spent an average of 50-plus minutes watching videos on it before bedtime. That’s almost an hour of time they could’ve been sleeping, and who can afford to lose that?

Source: Shape

While a lot of gals go weak in the knees for a man with a foreign accent, have you ever wondered how those overseas feel about American accents? Well, the language learning app Babble has the answer.

The app asked more than 4,000 European hostel staffers (who come across the most American travelers) from 43 countries, to rate seven different regional tones, and you may be shocked to find out which ranks sexiest.

Overall the Deep Southern accent tops the list with 20% of the vote, followed by the New York accent, with 18%. New Yorkers were the top choice of French voters (57%), while folks in Britain and Sweden preferred the Southern California sound, and the Boston accent is a fave of folks in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. 

Top Seven American Accents, According to Europeans

  1. Deep South (20%)
  2. New Yorker (18%)
  3. Bostonian (17%)
  4. Southern Californian (16%)
  5. Texan (14%)
  6. Midwestern (10%)
  7. Minnesotan (5%) 

Source: Today

When Christine Burke and her friends were planning their annual New Year’s Eve party, they decided to wear their wedding dresses, bring their wedding photo albums, and drink champagne in their gowns while laughing at old pictures. They had so much fun laughing at how much hair their hubby’s had back then and even though some of them couldn’t even zip their dresses up anymore, the ladies all loved wearing their white gowns again.

And after the writer shared pics on Facebook of her besties at their wedding dress party, other women have shared photos of their squads having their own wedding dress parties. Now the trend has gone viral and why not? We pay hundreds or thousands for a wedding gown, wear it once, but keep it forever just collecting dust in the attic? It’s time to dust off the dresses and veils and wear them once again, even if it’s been 20 years.

What a perfect girls night in: some wine, your old wedding photos, and you and your BFFs, trying your best to fit into your old wedding dresses. You can laugh about the wine stain on the front of the gown that you got at your reception and your husbands can shake their heads in disbelief as you have a living room dance party wearing your old white dresses. Life is short, when else are you gonna wear that thing again?

Source: Scary Mommy

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