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As parents, we love all the sweet giggles and proud moments of witnessing childhood wonder, but raising kids can be challenging, too. The job of guiding humans through growing up is frustrating and it’s so easy to let our frustrations with parenting affect our precious kids, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’ve all raised our voices and lost our tempers when we’re past exasperation and then we feel terrible afterwards. But if we try to remember that our kids are struggling, even if it seems like they’re doing something on purpose, and that we’re there to help them, we can stop yelling and actually help our little ones.

Most kids want to do the right thing, they just can’t always manage their immediate impulses. So if we get down on the kid’s level and say something like: “I can see that you want to do your personal best right now. How can I help with that?” instead of yelling at them, it’s more effective and doesn’t humiliate or shame them into doing what we want them to do.

So reassuring our kids we’re there for them and reminding them that we want them to do their best helps motivate them the right way. And it saves your voice and possibly your sanity. Unless yelling or fear-based motivation is working for you, then carry on, mama.

Source: Scary Mommy

We know we should be going to bed earlier and getting more sleep, but some nights, quality shut-eye seems like the most elusive thing in the world. And there are no shortage of tips and suggestions out there to help you get it, but don’t overthink it. Because science says one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to fall asleep is actually reading a book.

A new study finds that reading a book before bed can lower stress levels by as much as 68%, which is more than other nighttime habits like sipping tea, listening to music, or taking a walk. And it doesn’t take much reading to reap the benefits - researchers found that six minutes of reading can significantly relax the body and mind and get you well on your way to dreamland.

But don’t pick some boring book you’re really not interested in and think it’ll bore you to sleep. Research shows that you’re better off reading yourself to sleep with a “comforting, yet captivating” book, otherwise your mind will wander and you’re no closer to sweet slumber.

It’s as easy as replacing your pre-bedtime TV watching or social media catch-up with a literal page-turner. You’ve probably got books you want to read on your shelf collecting dust right now, so what have you got to lose?

Source: Elite Daily

It’s no secret that most non-smokers look down on folks who are still addicted to that cancer stick. But not only do some of them feel disdain, when it comes to the workplace, many non-smokers are feeling cheated by smokers.

How so? Well, it’s because of all the breaks they get so they can feed their gross habit. In fact, a new survey finds that 42% of non-smoking workers think they should get between three and five extra vacations days a year to make up for the difference, and 28% of smokers actually think that sounds accurate.

While that may seem a bit extreme to you, it does make sense when you consider that the amount of time an average cigarette smoker uses for breaks translates to about six working days a year. And it could be even more depending on what industry they're in, with folks in tech, retail, finance and insurance taking 20 days per year in cigarette breaks. As for whether taking smoke breaks is fair, 81% smokers say it is, while only 25% of non-smokers agree.

And if bosses wanted to get their employees to quit they should maybe consider incentives like extra vacation. The survey finds women would be willing to quit the habit for 11 more days, while men would need 12.

Source: Halo

Even if you’re not a constant selfie-taker, you know that the idea is to snap and share these photos because you think you look good in that moment. But according to new research, taking a selfie might actually make your nose look bigger than it is in real life. Not that there’s anything wrong with big noses, but you probably want your photos to look like you do IRL.

This important scientific discovery was made when researchers from Rutgers University and Stanford University took data from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health to figure out average facial proportions. They used mathematical modeling to evaluate the difference in nose size in photos taken 12 inches from someone’s face - that’s the average distance of a selfie - and photos taken five feet from the face.

And it turns out, selfies “significantly distort” people’s appearances by making our noses look much bigger. How much are we talking? The average base of the nose looks about 30% wider in selfies and the tip appears about 7% wider than if the photo was taken from five feet, the average portrait distance. So remember that when you’re critical of your next selfie and don’t let your self-worth take a hit over it.

Source: Women's Health

If you love looking for a bargain now have a new website to go to. eBay has just launched a new site called “Under $10,” which, as you can guess, sells items that are all $10 and less. Plus there’s no bidding, you just click and purchase. The site features everything from watches, to fitness apparel, footwear, earphones and more.

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