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These days a lot of people are perfectly happy parking themselves in front of the TV for hours and hours binge-watching their favorite TV show. But it turns out, while they may seem happy doing it, a new survey suggests it’s actually bad for their mental health. 

A new survey finds that more than half of the 2,000 people polled experienced some sort of mental health issue after they finished watching a complete series. Not surprising, younger folks are more susceptible. In fact, as compared to those 55 and older, 18-to-24-year-olds are five times more likely to admit they feel depressed after a binge watch, and they’re twice as likely to feel empty, anxious or sleeplessness.

And sleep definitely suffers when you binge-watch, with three quarters of people saying they’ve skipped sleep to watch another episode, with 10% saying they’ve actually lost for or more hours of sleep because of their binge. 

Source: New York Post 

We are officially in March which means soon a lot of office workers will be too caught up in March Madness to concentrate on doing their job. And while you may think it’s perfectly okay to spend a few minutes a day chatting with the guys about last night's game, the truth is you are wasting a lot of your employer's time.

According to a new OfficeTeam survey, workers spend about 25.5 minutes per day on sports-related activities in the office during March Madness. While that may not seem like much, with the tournament stretched over 15 workdays, that translates to about six hours for each employee.

Not surprising, male employees are most guilty of forgoing work for tournament-related activities, spending about 36 minutes a day, as are those 18 to 34 who spend about 34 minutes.

  • Overall the activity most employees are guilty of is checking scores and team rankings (62%), followed by sports talk (59%). Although some activities are encouraged by the office, like sports-themed decorations (55%) and employees wearing jerseys and other fan attire (48%)
  • And while 46% of employees enjoy celebrating such sporting events in the office, 21% would rather just focus on their work.

Source: OfficeTeam

Most people don’t expect to go out to dinner and not have to open their wallets, but it turns out there are a lot of folks who aren’t above a little dining and dashing.

A new survey finds that one in 20 diners admit they’ve skipped out on the bill  after getting impatient waiting to get the check. What’s more, 25% say they’d consider bailing on the bill if they waited more than 30 minutes to get it. 

It’s almost understandable why people would be ready to walk out after waiting so long for the bill, especially since the average wait time for a check is only nine minutes and 57 seconds. 

But soon folks may not even have to wait for the bill at all. The survey was conducted in conjunction with a new "invisibill" payment app that’s being tested in London. The app, called Dine & Dash, will allow customers to leave right after they finish eating, with the bill automatically charged to their card.

Source: Fox News 

While we've been sharing photos using Instagram for years, it seems a lot of people are embracing a new way to share their pics online. The three-year-old Vero app has suddenly seen a huge risein popularity. In fact, it seems to have added about 500,000 users in just days, and is now the most downloaded free app in the Apple Store. As for why folks are suddenly defecting to Vero, experts suggest it could be that people are upset with all the ads and sponsored posts on Instagram, as well as their non-chronological news feeds. If this sounds good to you better act fast. The app is currently free but once it reaches a million users they are going to start charging.

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