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Being a parent is never easy, and any little bit of help that may make your day go smoothly is certainly welcome. Well, Buzzfeed has just compiled a list of 23 hacks every parent with young kids should know and we bet a lot of them will come in handy.

Among the suggested hacks (click here for all 23):

  • Use shower caps to prevent the dirty wheels of your folded-up stroller from making a mess.
  • Use an egg carton as the palette for your child's finger paints or paint pots.
  • If your kid is the messy artist type, just put them in the tub with their paint and let them have at it; then just rinse the tub afterwards.
  • Stick a trimmed pool noodle on the door to prevent fingers from getting jammed and doors from getting slammed.
  • Write your child's name with a glue gun on the soles of their shoes. The dried glue will also act as an anti-slip grip.
  • Make your own ball pool using a laundry hamper and a few plastic balls.
  • Instead of using "shushing" noises, try to calm your screaming baby with an "OMMMMMMMMMMM" (as if you're meditating). The sound is supposedly a lot like the sounds that babies hear in the womb.
  • If you want to slowly wean them off their pacifier, slowly cut off little pieces of it – eventually your child will find it too weird to use anymore. 

Source: Buzzfeed

If you ever felt like your mom was hiding all the best treats in a secret hiding spot no one else in the family knew about, you were probably right. According to a new survey, two-thirds of American moms admit they have a secret stash of snacks they don’t share with their loved ones.

The private snacking habits were revealed as part of a study of 2,000 women between 21 and 45. It turns out secret snack stashes are so common, one in four of respondents admit to having some kind of snack hidden in their home right now. And 73% say they enjoy having a quick snack “in secret.”

Sadly, even though we all snack and most of us hide our goodies away, too, a lot of women say they have felt guilt over just eating a snack and 42% say they’re embarrassed about their snacking habits. Some have snack guilt, but most women (58%) say they’re not embarrassed by their overall eating habits, so maybe they just like taking a moment for themselves every once in a while, and treating themselves to a snack when they do.

As far as what we’re snacking on, these were the top 10 snacks from this research:

  1. Chips
  2. Candy
  3. Cookies
  4. Fruits/Veggies
  5. Nuts
  6. Popcorn
  7. Crackers
  8. Ice cream
  9. Yogurt
  10. Pretzels

Source: Fox News

There’s no shortage of fitness devices out there that promise us abs in a flash, but we’re always skeptical about how well they actually work. One of the newest on the market is the Simply Fit Board, which you may have seen on “Shark Tank” recently.

The device is pretty much just a curved, unstable surface that you stand and twist around on. And the idea is that you’re stabilizing your body using your abs with all that twisting, so you get a “Fun, easy, and effective workout in just minutes a day,” according to the Simply Fit Board’s website. But is it really that easy to get a six-pack with this thing?

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Alissa Rumsey says that standing on this uneven surface does really work your core muscles and help you build better balance. But as far as sculpting a six-pack? “This board absolutely will not help you get a six-pack,” says Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Gregory Johnson. But he adds that no amount of abs work, including planks or crunches will get you there in most cases.

Rumsey agrees that the Simply Fit Board can help strengthen your core and ab muscles, but that doesn’t mean defined muscles. She explains that you have to lose a lot of fat, like under 10% body fat, to be able to see those ab muscles come through. And she warns that might not only be challenging, it could be unhealthy for women.

So use this exercise tool to help you get a stronger core, which can help with back pain, and improve balance, but if it’s abs definition you really want, that takes full-body strength and proper nutrition. And this thing is no shortcut to all that hard work.

Source: Women's Health

If you’ve spent any time with a kid under the age of four, you’ve probably noticed how much they love Elmo. Big Bird and the Count are great for a laugh or a song sometimes, but nothing gets a toddler going like that red furry friend from Sesame Street. And experts explain there are scientific reasons little ones can’t get enough of Elmo.

It turns out the magic of that monster has a lot to do with the color of his fur. Elmo is red and that’s the very first color your baby can see, usually around a week after birth. So it makes sense that babies and toddlers are drawn to his fuzzy red form.

Elmo also displays personality traits that our kids are rewarded for at home, so they relate to him more than say, Oscar the Grouch, explains child and family therapist Shanna Donhauser. "Elmo is typically bright in personality, and always kind," she notes. "Children are usually drawn to these characters because they reflect the positive feelings they know personally and the characteristics (like kindness) they appreciate."

Plus, Elmo speaks like a little kid and asks questions they might ask, explains Licensed Clinical Social Worker Kaleigh Boysen. And when he speaks directly to them, they feel like their TV friend is actually interacting with them one-on-one, which makes him the coolest monster on Sesame Street.

Source: The Stir

Kids who lose their teeth aren’t raking in the dough the way they used to. According The Original Tooth Fairy Poll conducted by Delta Dental, the Tooth Fairy has been tightening its belt, with kids getting an average of $4.13 per tooth in 2017, which is down from a record high last year of $4.66, or a drop of about 11%

Even with the decrease, the Tooth Fairy handed out $271-million for lost teeth last year. And kids who lost their first tooth are doing even better than the norm, with parents paying out about $5.70 for that first loss, which is just a two-cent drop from last year.

Overall, 84% of homes with children get a visit from the Tooth Fairy, with 95% of kids getting money for their teeth. Not every kid gets their treat right away though, with 55% of parents admitting the Tooth Fairy sometimes forgets to visit. And not every Tooth Fairy leaves behind money. Believe it or not, 47% of kids get a small toy or game, while 35% get a letter from the Tooth Fairy, and 31% get a toothbrush, but these could be in addition to money as well.

  • Of course a child’s gift does vary depending on location. It seems the Tooth Fairy is most generous in the West, paying an average of $4.85 for a tooth and $6.76 for the first tooth, followed by the Northeast, with an average of $4.35 per tooth, $6.45 for the first tooth. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

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