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Nobody really likes getting up in the morning and facing another stressful day of work and family and more. While each new day may seem like a chore, especially first thing in the morning, there are a few things you can be doing the night before that will make your new day go just a little easier.

Nighttime habits that will make your mornings easier include: 

  • Fill the coffee maker  –Most people don’t function until they have their first cup of coffee, but who’s awake enough to take the steps to get a pot brewing first thing in the morning. If you do it the night before all you need to do is flip the switch and you’ll have that first cup of Joe in no time.  
  • Empty the dishwasher – If your dishwasher’s still full in the morning, you’ll leave dirty breakfast dishes in the sink and then you have to come home and do dirty dishes after a long day of work.
  • Take the chicken out of the freezer – Okay, it doesn’t have to be chicken, but it’s smart to start defrosting whatever you plan to cook the next night for dinner so the item will have plenty of time to do it safely. Plus, make a list of what else you might need so you are ready to cook when you get home. 
  • Clean up crumbs and spills – These little cleaning steps will keep you from having to do a massive cleanup later. 
  • Prep for breakfast – Just like the coffee, get everything you’ll need for breakfast ready so you won’t have to think about it in the morning. For example, you can put your smoothie items together or get your oats ready the night before.
  • Rinse out your water bottle – Clean and scrub your water bottle to get rid of all those nasty germs. This way you just have to fill it and go in the AM. 
  • Make a “Go Tray” – Put all the items you need to get out of the house, like your keys, phone, and bag, in one designated place so you’re not spending the morning searching for anything. 

Source: Food Network

We can all do a decent job of tidying up before we have friends over for dinner, but how does your home look from -day-to-day? If an unexpected ring of the doorbell sends you into a panic because you don’t know if you should hide the piles of dirty laundry or stack all the dirty dishes into the oven to hide them, you’re definitely not alone.

But what do people actually notice most when they come to your house? Here’s what guests definitely see in your space, according to “My Domaine” readers.

  • Cohesiveness and flow - How your furniture is placed makes more of an impression than you might expect. A lot of people admit to mentally rearranging other peoples’ furniture while at their place.
  • Cleanliness and clutter - It’s really no surprise that the real-life mess all over a place makes an impression on guests. So if you only have a few minutes to clean up, stash all the papers and miscellaneous clutter in drawers and closets, or anywhere out of site.
  • Art and books - People are scanning your walls and shelves to size up what kind of culture you’re into, just like you do when you go to someone’s house.
  • Scents and smells - Good or bad, the way your home smells makes a strong impression on guests. So if your place stinks like you haven’t taken out the trash in weeks, remove the smelly garbage and burn a scented candle or cook something in the oven to provide an inviting scent when someone comes over.

Source: MyDomaine

We’re in what some consider to be the best time of the year - Girl Scout cookie time. And as great as it is to devour a box of your favorite minty, chocolate, or caramel cookies, for our health we can’t eat them all the time. But now we can get our favorite Girl Scout cookie flavors from our coffee run because Dunkin’ Donuts now has a line of Thin Mint, Coconut Caramel, and Peanut Butter Cookie, flavored coffees.

The coffees inspired by Samoas, Thin Mints, and those peanut butter sandwich cookies are all available in iced or hot, as lattes, or macchiatos. Or the Thin Mint Flavored Frozen Chocolate, which looks amazing.

And the partnership with Dunkin’ and the Girl Scouts doesn’t stop there. The chain is also going to allow the Scouts to sell their cookies outside select locations across the country. So some lucky folks could get their fix with Girl Scout cookie flavored coffee and boxes of actual Girl Scout cookies all at the same spot. These really are amazing times we live in.

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Self-care should be a top priority for us, but we don’t have to empty our bank accounts for a day at the spa to see the benefits. These old-fashioned self-care tips that prove spending a little time taking care of you can help you manage stress, anxiety, and exhaustion. Give these a try to feel relaxed and recharged.

Read an actual book - Reading an old-fashioned book can help reduce stress and according to Dr. Joseph Mercola’s blog, “When you read, your mind is distracted from everyday worries and anxiety, while your muscles tend to relax. In addition, research shows reading leads to improvements in brain function, including significant increases in connectivity that persist for several days after the reading takes place."

Drink a warm beverage - While reading that book, why not sip on a warm mug of tea? Research shows that warm drinks can even make you more friendly and drinking it from a heavier mug could make your warm drink feel more therapeutic.

Take a nap - As adults, we don’t often get the chance to nap, which is too bad, because napping is really good for you. Studies have linked midday naps to improvements in cognitive function, according to the University of California Berkeley.

Give yourself a massage - If you can treat yourself to an appointment with a massage therapist, you absolutely should. But there’s a practice called Abhyanga in Ayurveda, an ancient mind-body health practice, of self massage with oils and it’s supposed to make you feel like you’re “saturated with love” with a “deep feeling of stability and warmth.”

Meditate - We know...but it really works. Meditation won’t fix your life, but it can help you relax, it’s free, and you can do it anywhere. You can wing it on your own or use a guided meditation app to help walk you through, it helps with anxiety and it’s worth trying.

Go for a walk - We’re inside all the time, research shows we spend 87% of our time indoors and another 6% in our cars! So one great way to get back to nature is to go for a walk outside. It’s easy exercise and walking can give your mental health a boost, too.

Turn off your technology - Being constantly connected has its downsides and sometimes we just need to unplug for a little while to reset. Nothing is so urgent it can’t be dealt with in a few hours while you read a book, take a walk, meditate, and drink a cup of tea. Think of how recharged and refreshed you’d feel after all that and a mini-digital detox!

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To successfully lose weight, we understood that it takes eating less and exercising. But according to new research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, that exercise part is still important, but weight loss has less to do with cutting calories and reducing portion sizes than we thought. According to this study, it’s ditching refined grains, highly processed foods, and foods with added sugar that really help us drop pounds.

By eating a diet of mostly whole foods with lots of vegetables, calorie content and portion size isn’t important because everything you’re eating is healthy. Christopher D. Gardner, director of nutrition studies at the Stanford Prevention Research Center, led the research on 600 participants. Dietitians taught them to eat home-cooked meals made with whole foods that were minimally processed and highly nutritious.

And the volunteers lost weight, saw their waistlines shrink and body fat percentages go down - all without cutting their portion sizes or calories. They just made sure they ate quality, wholesome food and they could eat as much as they wanted and still lost weight. The results actually shocked the participants themselves.

So it really is all about quality, not quantity. Eat when you’re hungry, just make sure it’s the right stuff and that it includes a lot of plant-based food.

Source: Delish

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