Lose Weight with Coffee!

People are always worried about which diet will best help them shed some pounds, but it turns out, we can make it happen with something we already hold near and dear: coffee. Research shows our beloved buzzy brew could help us drop 10 pounds a year, as long as we time it right.

Registered dietitian nutritionist Karen Ansel explains that drinking eight-ounces of coffee can rev your metabolism by as much as 4% over two and a half hours. For reference, a tall Starbucks coffee is 12-ounces, so we’re not talking about a lot of coffee.

There are two things that help coffee burn calories: caffeine and the antioxidant chlorogenic acid, which helps break down fat and sugar. But to get the metabolism boosting-effect, you can’t just down a Venti coffee at 8 a.m. and expect to see results. Because the body starts breaking down caffeine after an hour and a half, you need to sip smaller cups, up to four times a day.

So just by tweaking your coffee routine, you could keep that gentle buzz going and burn an extra 100 calories a day. And at the end of a year, that gets you 10 pounds dropped. Not bad for doing something you already love.

Source: Women’s Health Magazine

When folks get engaged you’d think they’d be anxious to start their married lives together, but it turns out more and more couples are delaying saying “I Do,” and you can blame it all on money.

Although on average people get hitched about nine and a half months after getting engaged, according to a survey of 5,000 married adults, 30% of those engaged in the last two years delayed their wedding for financial reasons, an increase of 8% from a decade ago.

And money becomes a big issue for all aspects of weddings. The survey find that couples engaged in the last year ara also more likely to downsize their event because of money, including the wedding, reception and bachelor/bachelorette parties. They are also 12 times more likely to say money problems had an effect on the romance of the wedding.

Source: New York Post

As much as they know it’s probably bad for them, sometimes parents just can’t avoid buying their children a Happy Meal at McDonald’s, but soon moms and dads can feel less guilty about it.

The fast food giant just announced plans to make Happy Meals healthier by the end of 2022. The goal is to have at least 50% of all Happy Meals contain no more than 600 calories, with 10% coming from saturated fat, 10% coming from added sugars and with each meal having only 650 milligrams of sodium.

As for whether your kids will be happy with the changes, that’s another story. To meet their goals, McDonald’s plans to only put a cheeseburger in a Happy Meal at a customer’s request, plus they're cutting the size of a French fry order that comes with Chicken McNuggets, and reducing the added sugar in chocolate milk, with bottled water promoted on the menu board as the featured beverage for the item.

  • Plus they may start offering new, healthier food options in the meals, like a Junior Chicken, which is a grilled chicken sandwich.
  • And while the goal is to have all the changes made by 2020, folks will see some improvements as early as this summer. The chain says that 100% of the changes, with the exception of the sodium decreases will be adapted by June, with 78% of the sodium goals met by then as well.

Source: USA Today

Before we were parents, we could do anything we wanted on weekends. Sleep in as late as we felt like, get up slowly, read the paper, drink coffee and do it all at our own pace. But as moms and dads, we have to be up and at em, even on weekend mornings, otherwise the kids may empty the sugar bowl for breakfast and decorate the walls with Sharpies.

So lots of us parents miss our lazy Saturday and Sunday mornings, some while our partner is blissfully snoozing away in bed and we’re up solo refereeing the kiddos. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Some parents have a perfect plan to battle the loss of lazy weekend mornings: they take turns sleeping in.

It’s just that simple, but somehow we never thought of it. One parent sleeps in on Saturday morning while the other gets up and tends to parenting duties, they swap and the other parent gets to sleep in on Sunday. And even if you’re not a late sleeper, your partner could watch the kids while you lounge in bed and leisurely drink coffee and watch TV or read.

As parents, we need those moments to ourselves and we need to feel like our partners support us and do their fair share, too. So this sounds like an amazing way to make that happen and we can put it to the test this weekend.

Source: Mamamia

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