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Lots of guys will be running to their local florist on Wednesday and shelling out a ton of dough for the perfect Valentine’s Day bouquet, but it turns out getting flowers for your honey doesn’t have to cost all that much. Believe it or not, a lot of grocery stores are offering special Valentine’s Day flowers which will definitely score guys brownie points, without breaking the bank.

Among the grocery store Valentine’s Day deals:

  • Aldi – The chain is selling a dozen roses for just $13, and the deal runs until the 14th. Plus, you can also pick up sweet holiday chocolates and more there.
  • Whole Foods – Customers can go to Amazon and Whole Foods until Valentine’s Day to get a special discount on Whole Trade Certified roses, at $24.99 for two dozen at Whole Foods, while Amazon Prime members can get the same flowers for just $19.99.

Source: Fox News

While a lot of people are probably excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day this week, there are plenty of people who absolutely don’t care at all. In case you missed it, a new Groupon survey finds that 25% of couples actually think Valentine’s Day is pretty boring.

So, why is the holiday boring? Well, 53% of folks say they do the same thing every year, with the same amount being able to predict the gift their partner will get for them. What’s more, 26% of respondents say Valentine’s Day traditions are pretty dull.

But regardless, 80% of couples still plan to celebrate on Valentine’s Day, with the same amount saying the perfect Valentine’s Day will see them sharing an experience with their partner after dinner. Experience is pretty key to a lot of people, with 80% of those surveyed saying they want an experience for Valentine’s Day, so they can share it with their partner. As for the top experiences they’d like to try, they include: 

  • Attending a concert
  • Getting locked in an escape room
  • Touring a cultural attraction
  • Taking a cooking class
  • Of course one experience that’s expected is a little nookie. The survey finds 70% of participants expected to get lucky with a partner on Valentine’s Day.

Source: New York Post

Time is running out for creating the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever. But if you haven’t made plans yet because you despise all the cheesiness related to the holiday, you just need to get a little creative. A new Groupon study finds that a quarter of couples say their Valentine’s Day celebrations have gotten a little boring and 53% feel they celebrate the same way every year. So if you’re looking for something different to show your love this year, here are a few fresh ways to spice up Valentine’s Day.

  • Enjoy a breakfast date - Why wait until dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you can wake up a little early and whip up some breakfast in bed or grab a quick bite at your neighborhood spot before heading to work? And starting the day right sets you up for a great day.
  • Squeeze in some exercise - The freezing weather outside makes it easy to slack on those fitness resolutions we made, so sneak in a workout with your Valentine and it won’t be work at all. Go ice skating, head out for a hike, or even just an after-dinner stroll, anything that gets the blood flowing is good for heating things up romantically, too.
  • Go somewhere new - Have a picnic in a park you’ve never been to, check out a new music venue, find a new coffee shop to grab a cup, or sneak away for the weekend if you’re lucky enough to escape together.
  • Host a paint and wine evening - Spice up an evening in by having your own wine and painting evening. Treat yourself to some new paints, a bottle or two of vino, some tasty cheese and you’re set for a fun night that’s cheaper than a night on the town.
  • Recreate your first date - There’s nothing as sweet as remembering where your love story all started and even if you can’t recreate it exactly, your Valentine will love this romantic gesture.

Source: NY Post

While some people find love at a bar, and others online, there are still plenty of people who meet and fall for each other at the office, and while that may seem like a good idea to some, if things fall apart it can have dire consequences.

A new survey reveals that there’s a good chance finding love at the office will end with at least one person unemployed. The survey, by hiring firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas, finds that one-in-three office relationships will result in at least one person getting fired. What’s more, 17% of companies chose to move an employee to another department because of an office romance, while 5% of affairs have resulted in some sort of litigation.

Of course these figures don’t stop office romances from happening. In fact, reports suggest that 25% workers have been in, or currently are in, a relationship with a colleague.

For this reason a lot of offices have set policies about office romances. About 60% of companies say they have some formal policy, while 10% say that they don’t have a policy, but office romances aren’t encouraged. For those with policies, 70% have banned relationships between managers and subordinates, with 47% discouraging them. And there’s good reason for that, since two-thirds of HR execs say they’ve had to handle some sort of fallout from a bad office romance.

  • ONE MORE THING! With the current #MeToo movement, you’d think companies would be looking over their policies, but the survey finds that two-thirds are comfortable with their current policy, with only 25% updating their policy.

Source: New York Post

Moms are great and all, but when you really need to know how to get a stain out or why a recipe isn’t working, nothing beats the advice of a grandma. Grandma has lived through it all and she’s definitely been there and done that, so she knows best. And when it comes to throwing parties, here’s the advice real-life grandmothers gave their granddaughters on being the best hostess.

  • “My grandma always wrote down what she served so that she wouldn’t serve the same thing too often. It also helped her remember exactly what she made for particularly good parties if she wanted to reference them later.” – from grandma Torborg
  • “Homemade bread is easier than it looks and is guaranteed to make your house smell amazing and so welcoming.” – from grandma Anne
  • “Nothing should ever go on the table in the container it came in. For instance mayonnaise or other condiments would always get put in a little bowl. The idea of putting food in Tupperware on the table would’ve had her screaming.” – from grandma Barbara
  • “Go ahead and talk about politics. Let people get fired up. Tame parties are boring parties.” – from grandma Baba
  • “Forget the ‘don't make a recipe for the first time’ rule. If it sounds delicious and you think you can do it, go for it! You probably wouldn't bother making it just for you and your family.” – from grandma Judith
  • “Plan, plan, plan! Make lists of oven temperatures and cooking times to be sure that your oven capacity can accommodate the various recipes you are considering. A timed-out cooking schedule is the best way to get everything done and on the table at the same time.” – from grandma Harriet
  • “Choose types of flowers that have no scent and that won’t dust your table with falling pollen. And if you can, have fruit as a dessert option along with whatever indulgent dessert you might be serving. Berries with a little whipped cream are some comfort if you have to turn down that chocolate cake.” – from grandma Fuj
  • “Always use cloth napkins. For dinner and for cocktails. Paper is for cookouts.” –from grandma Cathryn
  • “You can never have too much wine on hand.” – from grandma Dot

Source: PureWow

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