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While some people don’t get the hype surrounding Valentine’s Day, the romantic holiday is still pretty important to some folks, especially women.

 A new poll by Summer’s Eve finds that 61% of women plan to spend the holiday with a date or significant other while 30% will spend it alone and 9% will be with a friend.  But just because Valentine’s Day is important that doesn’t necessarily mean women need to be taken out to have a good time. In fact, 58% of women say they’d rather chill at home on Valentine’s Day then deal with crowds.

Now, if they are planning a night out for Valentine’s Day, women will be going all out to make sure they are ready for the evening. Overall, 47% of women say they’ll spend at least an hour getting ready for their date, and that includes a whole host of beauty prep. Top ways women get ready for a date include:

  • Shaving or waxing (63%)
  • Picking the perfect scent (50%)
  • Selecting special lingerie (43%)
  • Using feminine hygiene products (36%)
  • Buying a new outfit (35%) 

And all that prep will most likely lead couples to the bedroom, where they could be in for a surprise. The survey finds that 58% of women believe Valentine’s day is the best time to try new things in the bedroom, with that number going up to 67% for moms.

Source: Yahoo Finance

We treat Valentine’s Day like it’s just for couples, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Sure, those with boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, hookup buddies, and crushes may exchange tokens of affection on February 14, but if you don’t have a special someone in your love life, why not treat yo’ self instead? It’s the perfect excuse to splurge a little on yourself, and if anyone deserves that kind of appreciation, it’s you!

So this Valentine’s Day, why not buy yourself:

  • Something to up your selfie game - There is no selfie shame anymore, so get yourself the best tool to take the best photos of yourself. The LuMee case can take your selfies to the next level and it works for the Kardashians, so it’ll work for you, too.
  • A break from your daily routine - Pamper yourself with something luxurious you’d never normally afford yourself, like a month of blowouts at DryBar. A Barfly Membership is only $80 a month and think of how happy you’ll feel after having your hair professionally styled on the regular, not to mention how great your locks will look.
  • Something to inspire creativity - Buy yourself a pretty journal, sketchbook, or notebook you can personalize and use to express yourself artistically. And don’t forget the fancy pens you’ll need to write in it.
  • Something that blings - Nothing says I love you like jewelry, and you don’t need a Valentine to buy it for you. Plus, you can pick out exactly what you like and won’t ever have to feel awkward wearing it post-breakup.
  • That vacation you’ve been dreaming about - Even if you can’t afford to take your dream trip right now, you can still put away money to save toward making it a reality.

Source: Elite Daily

While some people look forward to February 14 and all the heart-shaped, romance-related things that go with Valentine’s Day, others can’t stand what they consider nothing but a commercial nightmare. And since everyone is free to celebrate or not celebrate Valentine’s Day as they wish, it’s not usually a problem. Except if you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t share your opinion of the holiday.

For those who expect a romantic day filled with affectionate gestures and presents on Valentine’s Day, but their partner would rather ignore the whole thing, it can be pretty disappointing. So how can we celebrate the love holiday with a partner who despises it? Psychologist Lisa Aronson Fontes recommends forgetting the stereotypical ways people show their love that day and finding something that feels right to you as a couple.

But both partners need to be interested in pleasing each other, even the one who isn’t into Valentine’s Day. The holiday is about getting your own way, and it’s okay to push yourself a little to do something outside your comfort zone that you know makes your partner happy.

"So what if it's a stretch? We stretch ourselves for the people we love," Fontes explains. "Your partner wants to be honoured on that day, so you honour them. People don't stop being their authentic selves because they give their partner something their partner wants."

So your Valentine’s Day-hating sweetie might not be down for a crowded, expensive candlelight dinner, but if it’s important to you to celebrate the holiday, they should be willing to find a way to. Especially when they know how much it matters to you.

Source: Business Insider

Is there a more annoying chore to do at home than changing the sheets? Well, some people may think so, but judging by a new survey, it seems a lot of people hate doing it, because they aren’t doing it all that often.

A survey by the website Mattress Advisor finds that the average person sleeps on their sheets for 24 days before changing them. And while that sounds bad, most people say they don’t think their sheets are “gross” until they’ve slept on them for 35 days. 

Not surprisingly, women are more likely to change their sheets than men, with gals saying they usually change them after 19 days, while men waited as long as 30. And married people are also more concerned about their sheets, changing them every 20 days, as oppose to single people who change them every 37, although single men are likely to wait 45 days, while single women change them every 35.

Source: Study Finds 

Ice cream lovers who are watching their weight just can’t seem to get enough of Halo Top, but now the low calorie ice cream giant is going to have some major competition. 

Ben & Jerry’s just announced they will be launching their own low-calorie ice cream, which they are calling Moo-phoria. The new pints, which will come in three flavors, all have between 140-160 calories per serving, and like all Ben & Jerry’s flavors, they will have no artificial sugar substitutes or sugar alcohols, and be made with organic milk.

The new Moo-phoria flavors include:

  • Chocolate Milk & Cookies—Chocolate and vanilla light ice cream swirled with chocolate chip cookies. 140 calories per half cup serving.
  • Caramel Cookie Fix—Vanilla light ice cream with shortbread cookies and salted caramel swirl. 150 calories per half cup serving.
  • PB Dough—Chocolate light ice cream with gobs of chocolate chip peanut butter cookie dough. 160 calories per half cup serving.

One thing that’s important to notice. Just like Halo Top, Ben & Jerry’s is promoting the calorie count of their ice cream right on the front of the packaging. But unlike Halo Top, they are only pushing a serving size, as opposed to the calorie count for an entire pint, since the company is trying not to encourage someone to eat the whole pint in one sitting. 

Ben & Jerry's says Moo-phoria flavors will be in grocery stores nationwide “soon.”

Source: Multivu

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