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At the end of Justin Timberlake's halftime performance he took a selfie with a kid in the audience, and now that kid, 13-year-old Ryan McKenna, has become a viral sensation. “It’s been so crazy,” McKenna told the Twin Cities Pioneer Press. “I don’t even know what to think. All my friends have been texting me and stuff. It’s insane.” Ryan, who’ll appear on “Good Morning America” this morning, adds, “My phone is almost dead. I’ve gotten so many notifications. I’ve got like 36 Snapchats, like 21 DMs, and like 150 follower requests on Instagram.”


Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, and while you may not think it’s all that important, a lot of people actually celebrate the made up Hallmark holiday. A new poll finds that two-thirds of Americans will celebrate the holiday this year, with 48% going out to dinner for the occasion and 28% celebrating at home.

Of course there will also be gifts involved, and it really isn’t something you should wait until the last minute to get. Overall, 34% of Americans are happy with a night out as a gift for Valentine’s Day, with 32% saying chocolate is an ideal gift, while 26% enjoy a thoughtful card, and 23% are okay with a gift card.

And there are certainly some gifts you don’t want to get your significant other. The poll finds that the least desirable gift is a gym membership (24%), followed by sporting equipment (19%), kitchen appliances (16%) and a stuffed animal (15%). So, you better go return that Valentine’s Day bear.

Source: Moneyish 

There’s no doubt that work can be stressful for some people, and it seems some companies are taking notice of that. Apparently more and more companies are shelling out big bucks to help their employees de-stress, and they’re doing way more than just giving them the occasional 10 minute break.

For example, the New York company Immersive Sanctuary is offering employers the option of getting virtual reality headsets for employees so they can take a break in their very own cubicle and escape to a tranquil setting. Those headsets don’t come cheap though, at a cost of about $3,000 to $5,000 a month.

Some employers are going a little less high-tech, but just as relaxing. New York-based company Shutterstock offers on-sight, bi-weekly 15 minute massages to their employees, and also offers discounted gym memberships, plus on-site after-hours classes like hot yoga, meditation and more. Another company, Namely, offers employees sabbaticals where they are encourage to “completely unplug,” and they also offer unlimited vacations, although two-week trips aren’t encouraged.

  • And some companies try and help employees take the stress out of finances. For example, SmartDollar offers an online program with a personal financial coach, which helps employees with financial planning. As for wy they do it, the the company notes, “employees respond as if they are being cared for without the negative stigma.”

Surce: New York Post

According to a new study from the Mayo Clinic, we could all get more fit just by standing up while we work. Researchers found that standing burns 0.15 more calories a minute than sitting. So over six hours, that adds up to 54-calories burned for a 143-pound adult. And a year of standing for six hours a day at the office adds up to 5.5-pounds lost.

Stats show most of us spend an average of 12-hours sitting over the course of a day and it’s not just bad for our waistlines. Excessive sitting has been linked to decreased productivity, increased risk of disease and even premature death! So we should all be getting out of our seats and staying on our feet more.

And standing at our desks isn’t the only thing we can do to burn calories at the office. Try these easy ways to help you stay healthy and burn calories at work:

  • Walk to someone’s office to talk instead of sending an email
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Use resistance bands to get a mini-workout at your desk
  • Measure your steps with a fitness tracker and challenge coworkers to a “steps challenge”
  • Practice deep breathing since stress can make you pack on pounds.

Source: Moneyish

When Donna Lisle downloaded a game for her four-year-old daughter on her tablet, she chose one in her daughter’s age range and related to her daughter’s favorite show, “Blaze and the Monster Machines.” But when the mom stepped in the other room, she was horrified by what she heard coming from the tablet in the next room. It was a “demonic” voice threatening to cut her little girl!

Lisle took a video of what the app said and posted it to Facebook, warning other parents that it’s “no joke.” “Hi kids, I’m your new friend! You see, I want to play with you, kiddo. Maybe we could perform some fun games together," says a super creepy voice. "You look afraid, is it this knife in my hands? Making you a little nervous? This knife is going to improve your look when it's sticking right out of you."

Terrifying, right? The unofficial app is based on a Nick Jr. show and was listed as appropriate for three-year-olds, but clearly it was not. “This app looks completely harmless,” Lisle writes on Facebook. She explains that the app has a PEGIrating of three, which is the European video game content rating system used to ensure games are age-appropriate.

Since her post, other parents have shared that they also found their kids playing this app and thanked Lisle for her warning. She says Apple hasn’t responded to her complaints about the app yet, but Google told they’d “look into it,” after removing it from Google Play.

Lisle also created an online petition calling out Apple and Google for other inappropriate apps she discovered that were disguised as Elsa, Shrek, SpongeBob, LOL Surprise Dolls, Santa, and more. And to their credit, many of these apps have been removed.

Source: The Stir

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